Wantobe Quilters Guest Pages

I thought it would be nice to have a page
where you can see all the guests, winners and sponsors
each week.  SEW here you are! 
This will be updated weekly! 

64th guest Heather-journal covers

63rd guest Yetunde- frog applique

62nd guest Dena- reverse applique

61st guest Des-Perfect Retreat

60th guest Annie-stamps

59th guest Nan- Paris inspiration

Recap of our 12th week winners, sponsors and guests

58th guest-Pfaff Machine

57th guest Michele-Quilting Gallery

56th guest Linda- Crooked Geese

55th guest Cheryl-Mammy Dolls

54th guest Bisa Butler-Art Quilts

53rd guest Katy Brown-ruler

Recap of our 11th week winners, sponsors and guests

52nd guest Deonn-Hen Party

51st guest Kelly-scissors

50th guest Penny-paper pieced soda bottle

49th guest Melissa-Whirly Gig

Recap of our 10th week winners, sponsors and guests

48th guest Elaine-Freezer Paper-Paper Piecing

47th guest Annette-Boho Animals

46th guest Corrie-Speedy Monkey Quilt

45th guest Carol-Ladies

Recap of our 9th week winners, sponsors and guests

44th guest Helen-  Colourque Technique

43rd guest Karen- Hippy Square Block

42nd guest Barb- Go Cutter Fun

Recap of our 8th week winners, sponsors and guests

40th guest Shell-Friendship Star

39th guest Lynne-Dead Simple Pillow

38th guest Bec-Binding

37th guest Jen-Starflower Block

36th guest Nan-Iron Cozy

Recap of our 7th week winners, sponsors and guests

34th guest Jane- Spool--Klosjes Blocks

33rd guest Geta- pieced binding tips

32nd guest Linda-Ticker Tape Block

31st guest Mark- Flower Arrangement

Recap of our 6th week winners, sponsors and guests

30th guest KD-Eiffel Tower Paper Piecing

29th guest Jeni-Log Cabin Coasters

28th guest Michelle-Car Caddy

27th guest Dorian-Strip piecing

26th guest Rashida- Patchwork binding tape

Recap of our 5th week winners, sponsors and guests

25th guest Jane-The 9 patch block

24th guest Laura- Drawstring bags

23rd guest Nel- Why I Quilt

22nd guest Mary-quilt on the floor

21st gueat Allison- Stack N' Whack Blocks

Recap of our 4th week winners, sponsors and guests

20th guest Amy-Tush Cush

19th guest Jennie-embroidery & quilting

18th guest Steffi-miniature quilts

17th guest Karen-The red quilt that grew and grew!

16th guest Lisa-embroidery hints, tutorial, free patterns

Recap of our 3rd week winners, sponsors and guests

15th guest-Nancy Zieman-Why Quilt

14th guest Jennifer -Why I quilt..New book-Girl's World

13th guest Jilll-Yo Yo's

12th guest Amanda-covering a lampshade

11th guest Jen-darling beginner quilt tutorial

Recap of our 2nd week winners, sponsors and guests

10th guest Monica-quilting through the generations

9th guest Mary-Accuquilt Go Baby-drunkard's path table runner or wall-hanging

8th guest Em-it's a cinch backpack tutorial

7th guest Annie-paper pieced ice cream cone

6th guest Nan ( our very own Erma Bombeck)

Recap of 1st week winners, sponsors and guests

5th guest Staci-why I quilt

4th guest Heather-quilters grid

3rd guest Joan-storage bags

2nd guest Susan Branch-why quilt

1st guest  The  beginning-Me- Madame Samm