Wednesday, October 12, 2016

Life can be a CROCK and Meatballs can SWEETEN YOU UP---

It's funny how our home smells different in the fall and winter over the other seasons.
I love looking in a crock pot especially this fall since I purchase a shallow 3.5 crock pot...
It is a perfect size for 2-4 servings...
Can be found here, check ebay and local walmart, I have seen them as low as $30.00

I did say I would begin sharing CROCK POT recipes and like our patterns, I like to show you with photos, so you too will get the same results as the meals I prepare in our kitchen...

As cool nights are upon us, David loves coming home to a home filled with aromas that awakens his senses from a hard day of surgical talk.  This is what he came home to last evening. The only instruments he needed was a fork tonight.

SWEET and SOUR Meatballs on a bed of sticky Japanese rice!  He laughed when I got my camera out to take this photo, you can see the steam coming off my serving....  

Ok, list of ingredients…

for meatballs

1 pound of ground meat ( I use ground chicken, but you can use turkey, pork or beef with great results) 

1 cup of chopped onions..( I used sweet onion)
1 cup of  grated parmesan cheese 
1 cup of oatmeal ( not instant in packages  USE flaked oatmeal)
1 cup of dark raisins ( yes even if you do not like them, add them they tenderize the meat and keeps the balls moist and you will not taste them...) 
1 large egg

ground pepper ( no salt needed as the soya provides plenty) Add this once all the meatballs are made

for sauce

2 tablespoons of butter to brown meat balls

IN a small pot add

1/2 cup of brown sugar
1/4 cup ketchup
1/4 cup of soya ( this is why you do not need to add salt to meatballs) 
1/4 cup of rice vinegar ( can be swapped for apple cider vinegar too)
1 tablespoon of cornstarch
1 can of pineapple chunks, juice and all

simmer till it starts to thicken takes 2-3 minutes

Pour on meatballs and let your crock cook them for 6-hours on low..
serve on 2 cups of rice for us…

serve with hot bread...

Now if you are cooking for more than 2-4 , DOUBLE THIS RECIPE....

We usually have leftovers so I will serve them on a baguette tonight with a salad! 

They are sweet and sour and very filling! 

Let me know what your family thinks...David likes to have these every couple of weeks...
so this is a staple in our home and I always have all of these ingredients in my pantry.

From my kitchen to yours....

p.s when cooking in a crock pot, you never have to worry about them burning, but to pay attention to the gauge, KEEP THEM ON LOW....I cooked mine for 6 hours. 

Let's CROCK Again!

We both are enjoying our fall with these very cute dolls


I just reduced pattern  size to 75%
Again, our patterns should come with a warning..
YOU won't be able to stop at just one...

I am up to 6 and I worked on a few more MINI faces last evening...

update on the riot boys...Monchat turned 1 year old last week...
This was taken yesterday, what you cannot see-his paws were on 
the window sill like he was praying to go outside...

He is up to 15 pounds, all muscle and he always seems to have this 
"AWE" expression. His personality is sweet as can be, he is not as smart as Sumo
but loveable in a class of his own. 

Sumo, is getting much darker in his colouring, his coat is changing from the soft white to coffee colours. He is much smaller at 11 pounds but still growing very slowly, which is fine by us, we figure 
with his heart condition he will never be as big as Monchat...

Ragdolls continue to grow till they are 3 years old. Their coats get longer and thicker
and they get very bulky, Monchat is already showing these characteristics now...

Sumo is so tender sweet, he is so intelligent and loves lounging on our bed
each morning after it's made. The duvet has been replaced by our lighter chenille covers.
And he will have a cat nap here for a couple hours while I get this post up...

They have my heart in theirs that is for sure...

get your Crock POT out, I think it is a meatball day!


  1. Your recipe sounds delicious. I had my crockpot out over the weekend. Cheese soup which cooked up nicely. Then I tried apple sauce. Ron is in heaven. It is so good. I added some cinnamon candies the last few minutes to add a little color and spice. Time to keep the crockpot out for the fall and winter. I am off to make potato soup.
    Have a great day.

    1. Hi Mary...well the season is upon us....crockpot has not been out of the kitchen for days now...lol...cheese soup....not sure I have ever tried that or heard of it...what else is in it? lol cheese........ now apple sauce sounds wonderful, love the idea of cinnamon candies in it...mmmmm and vichyssoise....yep count me in for that..

  2. OH Samm, this sounds delicious, and I love your new show and tell format with the recipes. I have some ground turkey in the freezer ready to try them out next week. While visiting friends in Wisconsin last week, she made my recipe for spareribs and sauerkraut in the crock pot and we enjoyed it, especially since the cooler weather is upon us. It's time to start making soups in my 16 quart stockpot to tide us over during the winter months. We just love homemade soup and along with fresh from the oven bread, it makes a very satisfying meal.

    Hugs to you both.

    1. Good Day Sylvia...yes my show and tell....it just works better for my family too...stops them from calling " what do I do now lol" spareribs in a crock pot is fabulous...and yes soup pot have been out here too..I made butternut squash and apple soup last week...took pics of that..will have to show as it only has a few ingredients and no CREAM lol hugs too

  3. Samm these sound so delicious - I can't wait to make them! And your wee new doll is adorable. :)
    blessings, marlene

    1. Ohhhh Marlene, they are fine....oh sooooo fine...and the wee doll is we...no bigger than three....as in inches...making more of them...xx

  4. That look yummy! Have to try them tomorrow already got chicken out today!

    1. wellllll Karen, sounds like I may have to make a trip over there to sample them lol. x

  5. Oooo, these sound delicious!
    Thanks for the recipe.
    We love our crockpot. :)
    The boys are so beautiful.
    And a happy B-Day to Monchat.

    1. Hi Marilyn,you just know it will take good when she the photos...I assure you they taste even better than they look too lol....
      boys are just eating breakfast...will tell them they are a beauts when done lol

  6. I just ordered my sweet doll pattern. I fell in love when I saw her, but wanted my daughter's okay before I bought the pattern. I am going to make one, or more ha! for sweet baby Nora. She is my only granddaughter and since she will be the last, I must! She will have dolls, and ruffles and gingham. I want her to grow up right! Can't wait to get started!

    1. Ohhh Charlotte, I just know you will make many ......YOUR sweet NORA will be one of the luckiest little girls ....she has you as a grandmumm who loves gingham and ruffles..what's not to love lol I have spent the whole week making curls...tonight I will join you and make yet another doll too wink...

  7. I started my first dolly today. Did I print it correctly? The head is only 3 1/4 inches in diameter. I guess I though she was a wee bit bigger than this. I have forged ahead, but I did have a bit of trouble with trying to stuff the pieces. I think I am going to finish this one, she is my test dolly. Then, I am going to enlarge the pieces just a little to make Nora's doll.

    1. yes Charlotte she is a wee doll all of 9 inches and a bit less depending on where you place legs... hemostats work well, for stuffing...you can find them on ebay...these dolls are tiny..you would not want to make the 3 inch one I made...wink... and yes you can enlarge the pattern for ease....good luck ..show and tell if you like would love to see her

  8. The balls looks so delicious! Cute kitty too ♥

    1. HI sweet lady...and they are both lol...if you like meatballs, you might give this a try and let me know..quite a few have tried them this week and really liked them ..

  9. Sounds and looks so good. I'm guessing soya is soy sauce? I'm seeing all kinds of definitions for it on Google.

    1. yes soy sauce..did I write soya ....well we will call it soya sauce here...x

  10. Well Samm, I can say from experience those meatballs are wonderful! Who would have thought oatmeal and raisins...lol. Those two ingredients are exactly what was needed for me to fall in love with meatballs...never been that big of a fan of them, but as with all things Samm, they are easy to love! The boys are getting so big... and darker! They are beautiful cats Samm.... and the wee doll.... I will never know how you make her so small! I am going to have to give it a try. xx

    1. I know I know....let's just say I experiment a lot in food chemistry to get the results..and these meatballs are my fav...they are good for spaghetti and meat balls in a marinara sauce too....sauce changes, meatballs remain the same.... and the boys...ohhhh in person Monchat looks like a small dog..lol. he is huge...Sumo is delicate...and will always be kitten like to us... and the wee doll. well I will have to take a pic of the other one I made..they actually take more time to make as they are so delicate lol

  11. Somehow I missed this post earlier! I am with grandkids in California and doing lots of cooking with them. I will have to give this recipe a try!

    1. HI Linda....first have a GRAND time with those wee ones...and yes these are kid friendly,although kids would likely prefer it with noodles... they are wonderful...


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