Friday, September 16, 2016

The end of yet another chapter and season

First can I just add here how nice it was to see  your 
comments to the COST of the Cape Cod home... ( post below) 
Will let you know more when we return from seeing more
homes in that area.....Will share our findings and why I asked 
within a couple of weeks ...OK?

NOW- I know it is not just me but I have been so OFF this week...
Like I needed to shut down a bit...( which I did in fact).

Summer is ending here and FALL is peeking in from time to time
reminding us cool mornings are near and how few seasons we have
yet to embrace.......

But that was not what was making me sad....

So like I have done so many times in the past, I grabbed something
that I could sit with for hours and search the reasons within my soul
and figure this all out...

This gorgeous quilt that our very talented  Cori made for me ( all applique) needed borders
which I added and sandwiched it-- all ready to be quilted... ( it is so beautiful) 

I hand quilted all around the couple and in the far left did a cross hatch pattern
and began stitching...It is already coming to life...Another week at it
and it will be ready for a backing and I will custom make a duvet 
to put inside...It is very large 60 x 60 so it will be perfectly suited for 
the cool months ahead...

I noted that my stitching was made easier with some BEES WAX that I picked up 
from a local bee keeper....and I made some LIPS....no more thread tangling
and I am able to stitch with such finesse...the Wax on the Thread just glides through
like butter.... I had some WAX that I purchased but it was not BEES WAX and 
I was so frustrated as it was marking my fabric and shaves of wax were trailing my stitches...

Love when simple things make our lives easier..
LOVE OUR BEES! Thank you Bees! x
You make some pretty awesome thread conditioner! 

So I am already feeling better,  I figured out why I was sad.....
it is the end of yet another chapter
 our Dentist is retiring...been going to him for 30 years....
We all have been through so much and our 6 month check ups for years
has come to an end...

We will miss them all so much....we all have shared so many chapters of our lives
these past 3 decades..

We will be seeking a new Dentist soon, someone closer to home.

We were so loyal we would drive 2 hours there and 2 hours home
to see them all...Now that is some crazy talk considering it is a DENTIST
and Hygienist we are talking about...who wants to add to the stress of a dental visit!

WEll we do!.... we adored them with all of our hearts... They truly were the very best! 

As I was leaving I thought I would check out a new store opening..
I found this lovely collection of future Dish and Hand dresses...

Already made this one with a Peplum bodice....
Did not do up the pattern as I had mentioned this week...

But I will soon....Going to return to some hand quilting....
after I make supper....
Yikes it is supper time..good thing, I already thawed the salmon...

So I PICK YOU to brighten my days....

Thanks for sharing your time with me...
Already feeling so much better...

Do you get sad when a season ends?

Shout out to Marlene who just had some hand surgery...
May she feel our warm wishes for better days...


  1. Samm, so sorry about you dentist's retirement! Sometimes everything starts changing and we can't control it :) I never tried pure beeswax for my threads, but I use Thread Heaven - tiny blue box with a thread conditioner, and I really like how it works.

    1. Hello Maria, we are happy about our dentist retiring, we will just miss them so much...there was such a trust....and yes thread heaven, I used to use it but found it would leave stains on my white linens and so I tried beex wax and that was better for me... and I don't get any flaking like I use to....I work with so much black and white I am thinking that was why...

  2. Ahhh Samm. Every year as we say goodbye to the busy summer months, and the return of schedules along with reminders of how fast the time is passing puts me in reflective moods too. I have a love hate relationship with change. YOU are such a wonderful example to me of how to embrace each season, love it, and let it go to make way for a new one. You are always full of excitement and anticipation with what the new season holds, but only after a proper goodbye has been given to the time spent with the ending one. I absolutely love that about you. YOU celebrate every moment of life, and that is quite a wonderful thing to "bee"hold. Love the thread conditioner btw...and lips are perfect of course. x
    I wish I could keep up with you and those dresses! Each one is more beautiful than the last...love the poison. xx

    1. good morning Cori....yes and as much I love the seasons, and I love fall, I just hate to see a season go by so quickly...this year zoomed...seems like yesterday it was Christmas... and I try to embrace every moment as we only have so many seasons left...a lesson I so valued from my grandparents who lived every moment.. ohhh future dresses....will work on a few more this weekend...

  3. I too had a good rapport with my dentist. Be happy for your dentist as mine retired when they discovered he had cancer. He didn't get to enjoy a retirement. He has since passed away. So so sad. He was such an upbeat happy guy although he said he dreaded seeing my name on the chart and told him it was never a picnic for me either and then we would laugh. I never missed my cleanings and kept a toothbrush and floss in my desk at work but I have thin enamel perhaps from growing up where we drank well water instead of city water with flouride. Anyway when I had an extraction my teeth literally crumbled and many times he had to leave a bit inside my gum after gouging the rest out. With all that pain, I still miss the happy moments and laughs we shared. We both had a love for our dogs-he had 3 wonderully adorable King Charles Cavaliers. I have my little Cocker Spaniel that has been fighting cancer since 2010. Thank God she's doing so well and all her vets are amazed she's still with us. I lift up puppy prayers for her daily. We have oodles of feral cats/kittens we help out with food/water/shelter and even a few trips to the vet. How can someone dump a cat (or dog) off is beyond me. I know the shelter always tell us they're full so I just stopped donating and started buying them food instead. I can't do both with my dog's vet bills. Sorry I'm just rattling on. That fabric is awesome by the way.

    1. Ahhh sweet lady, your note was spirited and full of kindness..sometimes it is nice to let out our emotions, it is so healing...and our dentist is still in fine shape so we are happy for him and know with every wonderful adventure, there is a beginning and an end. Endings don't have to be sad, well they are but just for a tender moment when you think how enriching they made our lives, and that goes for pets too....The lessons are always right in front of us...just enjoy every moment....no regrets..x

  4. It's horrible when your doctors or hairdressers retire!!! We need to find young ones that will not retire in our lifetime. lol

    I love moving from winter into spring, but really do not care for moving into fall as that means winter is quickly approaching.

    1. That is the solution from this day forward Mary..we need much younger professionals in our lives...We will need all new pro's when we move anyway, so this is just preparing us.. this has been our second retiring pro....and I am with you, love winter to spring and love fall but hate to peek into winter just yet..

  5. The older I get, the less well I handle change. I think I am just tired of adjusting all the time. But then I give myself a little pep talk, remind myself that to stagnate is to die, and I get better about the change and move on. I ask myself, "do you want to be a babbling little brook or a slimey green puddle?" ;) LOL

    1. Helllllo Mary Ann, I think that is what happens to many of us....we have adjusting so much we silent wear a sign " no more" lol or something like that ....love your inner voice ....I think I say that too at times...lol

  6. I know how much you love gingham and when I see this free crochet dishcloth from Lily Sugar & Cream yarns, I thought of you http://www.yarnspirations.com/patterns/rose-potholder-and-dishcloth.html It's in pink and white but the lovely part of making it yourself, you can switch colors and personalize items to suit your likes.

    1. Now pretty lady this is one thing that will never change for me...gingham...well gingham anything and everything...I soooooo love these dishclothes...now to learn how to make that... you sweet to think of me..

    2. Now pretty lady this is one thing that will never change for me...gingham...well gingham anything and everything...I soooooo love these dishclothes...now to learn how to make that... you sweet to think of me..

    3. Oh yes I recognize that feeling when summer is changing into fall. Every year I have difficulties to make that switch. I would like to hold on to the days of sun, heat and sun. But when I made the switch I have peace with it and can enjoy the fall season. But the "switch" takes a little time.
      How exciting to look for a new home, I am very curious for your pictures. Enjoy your sewing work, it's very nice as are your new fabrics. Greets, Nienke

    4. Hi Nienke...I think many of us hate to see summer leave....for me, I love winter - I think i miss the live of summer....so much activity, smells, birds, bees....a new home....well we will keep you posted...we will be heading out there in a couple more weeks...more pics to follow for sure..xo

  7. I actually LOVE the change of seasons! I thrive on change. It brings a fresh start. I know, though, that transitions and change can really throw many people for a loop. Doctors moving on means developing a relationship and rapport with someone new. That is hard even for me!
    Your projects are beautiful! That should cheer anyone up!

    1. HI Linda...I like the season changes..each one brings along such beauty...this summer just seems shorter I want to hold on just a tad longer...lol I don't think I could live anywhere without 4 seasons to embrace....and yes our dentist moving on is somehow striking a chord with me...trusting a dentist is a really big thing for me....but we will interview some new ones closer to home.... working on a few projects.....that does cheer me too wink xx

  8. Your sewing is pretty ♥


    1. thanks pretty lady....nice to see you ..


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...