Sunday, September 11, 2016

Let's DRESS .... Our Powder rooms and kitchens...

Are you ever  influenced by one word....? for me these days it has been DRESS...like let's DRESS things....dolls, towels, soap dispensers and now HAND Dresses for our powder rooms...

This whole week I have been making dresses....I also completed some projects that will be showcased in October... but DRESSES have clouded my thoughts to the point of ...

Well you tell me....

What is unique about these Hand Dresses is they are made from towels
and one towel can make 2 Hand Dresses...
these are like halters....This pattern will come with 2 difference
bodices.... YOU can make both !

( will complete patterns this week, Tuesday ...) 

I chose these pumpkins and some very bright orange dots..
a wee bow just finishes it off...

Then I had this dotted floral towel and it just screamed gingham...
so here she is...
she matches this Soapdress...

What is nice about the patterns we make is that they are practical
and useful. These are not to be kept in your linen closet..
They are for giving, sharing and using...
YEP and that is exactly what these are all going to be..
PRACTICAL Hand Dresses...

I am just waiting for HAND Towels for Halloween and Christmas..
( these make such pretty unique gifts too) 

I decided to quilt this one...and she is pretty, and very soft 
for anyone's kitchen....like MINE at the moment...lol

Ohhh I had just enough dots in ( turquoise for the other half of this
Hand Dress...) 2 10 " squares will do it...

More for our powder room, this with some berry sweet fabric
to match the Soapdress...

the one below I even appliquéd a gingham berry...

Then I thought of a unique design that would dress up our Hand Dresses
even more....this reminds me of a PEPLUM  tunic ....
with a cute round collar and accented with some cute buttons..

This one will be Hand Dress for the kitchen as it has afternoon tea
fabric and gingham collar....ohhhh so sweet and very easy to do...

Our patterns will show you every step...

So now that I have worked out all the issues that come
with designing anything new...
I am ready to do the patterns...

Again this Hand Dress will come with both bodices...

It is Sunday, so I have some Marinara sauce simmering
and I have some muffins to make for David's lunches this week..

Hope your Sunday is all about DRESSING your home
too, with smells, music, and memories..



  1. Samm, they are gorgeous! The BERRY! ahhh, that is the prettiest towel I have ever seen. She along with her adorable friend is going to look amazing in that pretty aqua bathroom of yours. Each one of these beauties brings that sweet touch to any room they are in. It is so nice to see useful things prettied up. Your creativity and absolute classic style is pure inspiration my friend. Keep them coming. xx

    1. Ohh Cori, that fabric is just delicious...lol and the towels..well they are gorgeous and so plush....I will be out looking for more this week...Again I made them because I wanted something the riot boys could not grab...they have a habit of taking down all the towels..now they cannot...I am sure they will find something else to play with ...lol Now to make some halloween ones..

  2. I am in love. These dresses are all beautiful. You have done a great job of paring the perfect fabric to the towel They are all so darling and practical. Love seeing them.

    1. Good Morning Mary, it is nice when you fall into some towels that say " dress me up " or something like that...lol

  3. They are so pretty! I just love all of your designs and especially the gingham!

    1. ahhhh Kelly, gingham, someone who also loves this basic classic! YEAH!

  4. They are all so pretty! I must admit, however, that I haven't a single clue as to what a hand dress is and how to use it, lol.

    1. HI Pam....you have brought a smile to my lips... thank you for letting me explain...they are hand towels for our powder rooms, they hang on a hook to dry your hands...the Dish dresses are for the kitchen to wipe your hand on in the kitchen....( where dishes are) soapdresses is just a cover for a bottle of hand soap..thanks for the sweet smile...x

    2. Thanks so much for the explanation! I guess I've seen some similar towels at craft bazaars, just never heard them called hand dresses :)

    3. You can always count on us to make them prettier, like dresses..which is why this came out ...

  5. Love the pumpkin one for this time of the year.

    1. Good Morning Mary....it certainly is that time of year..here this morning a coolness of autumn is here...time to get my quilting done ....will need a cover soon! you must be still experiencing warmth....

  6. Well I am glad I don't have to pick a favorite. The best I could do would be run a raid on your house and take them all! LOL Back when I used to do craft shows I loved taking a idea and just working it up in every pattern/color I could think of. So really loving all your dresses. Brings back fun memories.


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