Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Cleaning up HOUSE..... with a scrubbie dub dub

WE  , actually I have been cleaning up lot's these days...
for instance, MICE, yep, apparently we have a MICE problem..
Or rather WE HAD a  mice problem...

Sumo and Monchat are wonderful mice catchers, but that is all they do- 
they catch them and bring us these gifts...And most would be completely flattered
by their sentimental giving....but not ME....

So we hired an exterminator...found out their entry point
and traps were laid, and for a week now...NO MICE gifts....

( the mice on my pouch is so cute, but to me they look like my character mice...
I sooooo despise them with all of my heart ) lol

But I did receive a MICE SOLUTION package that really brought a chuckle
to me today, and apparently all those within distance at our post office...

this was inside this very cute MICE SOLUTION..
some mints, MICE hate them, a few traps and some steel wool
to plug up that hole...( which will be done this week) 
Exterminator noted to wait till they all leave our home...they have....

So this adorable and very thoughtful gift was indeed felt
with heart smiles in abundance...
You just gotta love friends who go that extra smile... I meant MILE...

So now that our MICE problem is all but eliminated...I had
to thoroughly clean some areas and I had the perfect cleaning tool.

Have you heard of  SCRUBBY Yarn, I actually saw quite a collection
at Michaels the other day....? Pretty colours...

WEllllll I made up some scrubbies, 
the first I made was knitted, one very long 10 stitches
scarf, I then folded it in half and ruffled it all into a very tight
ball, in the centre-I add some hard jergens soap in and added
some bugs for FUN....

is actually pretty cool, it cleans
up really well, no odors, which is great for me....
and it stays white...this one has been used all week as I scrubbed
some corners of my kitchen floor...
it is still white...rinses out fabulously! 

( the one above is called coconut, and actually
looks like a coconut cupcake..) 
I would not recommend eating it though....wink..

I made some extras, a skein actually goes far...
I made some rectangular ones too, crochet those too
and placed a full bar of soap in each one and then stitched it up..

These I use for my soaker tub...they work like a charm..

I was hesitant at first, because stitching with them is well
let's say You would not want to wear a scarf or sweater out 
of it...but for cleaning kitchens and bathrooms..

I am IN!

Goes well in my kitchen right by my Handsoap Container...

if you are looking for some new scrubbies
and you like the idea of something HOME MADE..

take a peak at all this inspiration...

Ok, this lady is done of cleaning TODAY! 


  1. The pillow is so beautiful!
    So nice of your boys that the gift you with mice, haha - hope they will forgive you that you have taken the possibilities to do so (just joking ...)

    I never heard of scrubby yarn, but it looks quite interesting.


    1. Good Morning Hilda....ahh my pillow is actually a pouch...in fact at the moment I placed all my prize scissors in them and put out the mouse traps...although no sign of any mice now for over a week and yes the boys have less of a job these days....they just cannot understand it lol...and the scrubby yarn is really a good find...does not hold odors and really cleans up well for scrubbing sinks..that is what I use it the most for...x

  2. Always a smile here with you Samm. It's kind of funny how we both made practically the same thing with this yarn...lol. I guess that goes to show great minds think alike and this yarn is just perfect for SCRUBBING. Like the boys I will miss the wee little friends of yours. Those moments of them making their presence known will forever be in my heart. This character is perfect for you...so cute it hurts. xx

    1. Hi Cori...nothing surprises me anymore....however for scrubbing love it....the boys are really missing their furry friends....no more working nights lol...love my wee pouch...did you see the comment about the coffin...that made me laugh..

  3. I love the scrubbies. I need to find some of that yarn. That cushion is just amazing!

    Living in a rural area, we get our seasonal rat problems - thankfully not inside the house. I use the Ratzappers and they do an awesome job, but occasionally there will also be little mice that end up in the trap. Good luck with getting rid of them.

    1. HI Mary...the yarn I am sure will be at Hobby Lobby, but I did see it at Michaels...
      rats over mice..mmmmmmmm mice ...and we have not seen any for 10 days now..

  4. I have a skein of that but haven't used it yet. When I looked at the Mice Solution kit without reading it, I thought "ohhhh, an Altoid tin to use as a coffin." Silly me.

    1. Ohhh you make me laugh...I never thought of that...but it certainly brought a chuckle...you are so funny...and yes the scrubby is a great new find...

  5. Oh man, we've had that problem also, but thankfully no cats to give us gifts. We are currently mice free...thank goodness. I love that lady on the pillow!

    1. wellll no mice in almost 2 weeks today in fact...so we think it has been resolved , sadly the boys are not thrilled about that..we took away one of their shift duties lol
      ohhh the lady on the pillow...totally agree with you Cathie.

  6. Oh so happy for you! We have a neighborhood cat trying to impress me with them & I want no gifts.

    1. yes gifts well Corrie our riot boys have given up on their gifts..they cannot find any lol


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