Friday, August 26, 2016

Too much of a good thing is just.....


If I am not sewing, stitching or quilting something gingham..
I am thinking of more ways to use it..

Well my desk needed some TLC and I did not have time
to strip it and paint it gingham so I padded my desk
and added this buffalo plaid.... in gingham of course....

The RIOT BOYS love it and no doubt will enjoy
it till the cooler weather comes and I can  paint it in this pattern...

I know, I know- so obsessed, but really spending time in my office
is a highlight of my day, I get to sit here thinking of you...
and work on our plans for the future....

and yes I have a day bed in my office, I never sleep in it
I really use it when I want to draw or read..
and when I have company, they love the whole essence
and funny enough MEN love it too..

My brother in law will find any excuse to come
and spend time with us...he said this room just smells
and feels like a cabin retreat... FRESH AND CLEAN! 
And believe it or not it is only 8 x 10 room...

Growing up in boarding schools MY ROOM
which was a closet became my sanctuary.

Ever since, I have always had one room in the house
that was my oasis from it all. 
And think about it- if you want to be cozy
what a better place than a day bed, or a comfortable chair
at your desk...

My desk is made from the footboard of sleigh bed
a constant reminder of a beloved who left far too soon!

My cotton lace ruffle on the valance is from my Nanny's bed
skirt. Gingham curtains can only be from RBD gingham collection
and my bed cover is a hand stitched white duvet cover with
embroidered girl holding a berry...
and all of my pillows are special accents..

We are heading out for a few days, will tell you about
it when we return, it is very uplifting, spiritual,
heart warming event...

But you know GINGHAM will be very much in my
thoughts as I have plans to do some stitching en-route...

Design a perfect weekend...
create some memories...

YOU know I am actually excited about 
the months ahead....


  1. Replies
    1. thanks sweet lady....ohhhh check your virus on your computer....every time I try to leave a comment I get malware...

  2. Oh my goodness. ALL the towels are so adorable. I love your infectious enthusiasm for creating. It is inspiring. Now if you could just bottle some of that energy? LOL
    What a lovely treatment for your desk.

    1. HI Mary Ann, well now Cori is getting half of my t-towels. so you can only guess I am spreading the DD virus wink....energy...I am like a turtle. slow and steady..

  3. Replies
    1. thanks Jacqueline, I will ditto that.

  4. Replies
    1. HI Libby..soooooo have you started?

  5. Your desk looks amazing in the buffalo plaid Samm! I love your office room. It is so homey with the red walls, and you know I love the white bedding. Have enough fun for both of us this weekend. I will be looking forward to hearing about it. xxx

    1. Wellll Cori, it is just a bandaid for now...I will wait till the fall when I will be in my painting mode....I have doors and trim to do and my telephone stand...that should take up a day or two lol...and white bedding..have to say there is something about white bedding that just makes me smile.... and yes we are now ready...

  6. My dear Smmm, you would probably ginghamize (I know, no such word), your hair if you could think of a way to do it, and I don't mean putting gingham bows in it! You are really a one of a king, but I mean that in a good way. How would David feel about gingham shirt with matching shorts? Hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm. Hugs Have a good time.

    1. HI Sylvia...I love living with gingham, not sure I would do it to my hair....but I do have gingham glasses, gingham pj's, gingham slippers, socks, David has a couple gingham shirts but no matching shorts lol... we have gingham sheets, blankets, dishes, cups, the list goes on...I have never met anyone who loves it as much...so I guess I am one of a kind lol. I love being ooak x

  7. Great idea. Enjoy the weekend away.

    1. we just got back to our suite....oh my what an evening....pics will follow when we get home...your wishes came through Mary..

  8. Как сильно и уютно!

    1. Hello pretty lady...thank you so much...

  9. Christmas? Your excited about Christmas? Me too! As I also have plans. :D

    1. HI Theresa....oh yes...we may be just a party of a couple though wink...x

  10. Thinking about you this weekend - praying for a fun filled safe journey! blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene...it was an amazing event and our journey was met with some delightful surprises lol

  11. Your retreat does look very warm and inviting! Its nice to have a place to feel enclosed and protected from the busy world outside!


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