Tuesday, August 2, 2016

The Importance of STAPLES....I want to go HOME!

Not these staples....

Staples as in "what is in your cupboards or pantries"" that you can cook in 15 minutes or less.."

That is what I am talking about. I never realized the importance till I was away and my pantry was not packed along with me. We are away for a few days and I have realized how wonderful it is to make up meals in 15 minutes or less. My pantry always has these staples...

canned pineapple
canned mandarins
eggs in the fridge
an assortment of mustards ( condiments)
frozen veggies
canned tuna
canned salmon
ground meats, chicken, pork, beef, t in the freezer
pastas an assortment
breads ( variety frozen) pitas, buns, baquettes...
cheeses ( hard and grated)
flours ( whole wheat, all purpose)
chocolate chips

and much more....

With some of these ingredients I can master a cooked meal that looks like I spent hours in the kitchen, instead of minutes...

I have had to go out now 3 x because I was missing a spice, fresh greens, breads...I then realized how
we are not at the grocery stores but once or twice a month. We always have plenty of staples
that require only monthly replenishing.

I never thought about it but when I am home, I can make cookies, muffins, soups, 3 course meals
without a thought... everything is there..

I rarely even repeat a meal except once a month...Every day, our plates are full of a variety and well balanced meals..

I am hungry, frustrated and want to go home....I miss my Pantry....

 I can't possibly be the only one who thinks this way..
Someone who  really loves being in  kitchen... really love to make messes
or really loves to clean up those messes.

But I despise eating out..never really am satisfied with just feeding my body..
I want to feed my soul and you just cannot do that without knowing
what goes into your food...

I am a minimalist even in my cooking...the fewer the ingredients 
the better it taste..

Off to make lunch for a brew who loves simple foods...
LUNCH is egg salad baquettes and fresh cut  watermelon...

I brought along our book, it is filled with recipes
now if only I had more staples....wink...
I may have to go out again...

I have quite a few meals to prepare for the next few days...


  1. Ah yes, I love my pantry. Saves many trips to town, which I detest, and helps me make decisions based on whats on hand. We even raise our own meat supply. I like knowing whats there too.

    1. Now Mary Ann, if we could we most certainly would raise our own meat, HOWEVER, it is too late for us to figure that one out..we will leave it to you experts...wish we were closer ... in distance lol

  2. I do take that for granted too Samm. When we are out camping is when I realize how much I love having everything at my fingertips. It is always so expensive to gather it all from nothing. Good thing you love going out....not!.lol. Hang in there sweet friend. x

    1. I have done more trips these past few days then I have in 2 months at home....I had to go out again today. Cori, ...seems my pantry here was not stocked...because there was certainly a whole lot less food than I remember....lol. and expense..wellllll we are not even going to mention that....lol.

  3. Whether you do your own canning, or buy at the store, a full pantry is best, and a well stocked freezer. I LOVE your book Samm. Cereal recipe is my all time favorite.

    1. HIIIIIII Evelyn....yes cereal....well that is something else I am making here for our crew...if I keep them well fed, there are less accidents..power tools with hungry men is not a good combination lol...

  4. OK Samm, that settles it, I'm coming to live with you because you are the perfect wife, who must have 48 hours in her day with all that you are able to accomplish, not even counting the meals you prepare. Along with all those gourmet meals, I'd get to play with the riot boys, and what could be better than that, but I'd miss my family, and they are everything to me, and today we are having out 9th. great grandchild. I'm waiting to hear from my son about how she is doing, since this morning they admitted her to the hospital, 3 weeks early, with Preeclampsia and I'm a little worried about her. Have a good time, wherever you are and enjoy the time away with your honey. Hugs to you both.

    1. Hello Syliva..first congrats on a new GREAT grandchild..how nice...the smell of new babies..one of my fav smells.....and yes my darling would absolute agree with you...late last night I spent a bit of time baking cookies...his fav...there was not one left this am....and I made 2 dozen...his crew ate them for a breakfast snack this am....My Nan always said to me when I was growing up..." A way to a man's heart is through his stomach" I took her seriously...I am pretty good in the kitchen....when it is stocked lol.. The boys are enjoying the coolness up here...they are full of energy...have to watch them every minute...

  5. I'm like you Samm, I miss my kitchen and all my staples. With everything in storage till the end of September, I seem to be going to the grocery store every other day. I can't believe we left Michigan 3 weeks ago today. Talk to you soon, this move has been a nightmare. xop

    1. Good Morning Pauline..ahhh you know exactly what I am thinking lol 3 weeks already....we will be back next week...we will catch up...the good news is that is all behind you now...welcome back...

  6. Hi Samm - the pantry is one of the reasons I hate being away from home too. Even at my sister's house she keeps different things in her pantry than I do so I'm always confused. :) We did have a delicious simple meal tonight since it was just the two of us. We sauteed some fresh garlic and shrimp in butter, added some chicken broth, angel hair pasta we'd already cooked and at the end some cream cheese melted into it. Oh my - delicious! I'm headed home to my own pantry tomorrow! blessings, marlene

    1. Good Morning Marlene...ohhh that sounded really good...it sounds like you are not going hungry lol love our pantry, I think I took it for granted lol. imagine that

  7. This post makes me hungry! Yummo!

    1. Good Day Karen....well todays menu you may like...ribs are marinating, potato salad already made and a sheet cake is next ...lol

  8. Me too...hungry:)) This morning I've prepared Tiramisu. I like the way I cook it, although, I like to taste it somewhere else as well, but I think, that mine is better:)) And my family also like it much more then the one in a cafe:) That's great, when you have all necessary in a pantry:)

    1. Good Day Daria...ahhh this is one of my favourite desserts Tiramisu....I bet you make it perfectly...I think many who do cook and bake at home are much better than cafes these days as most of what you purchase in establishments are prepped by other companies...soups, fillings, cremes, breads....where are all the real bakers...AT HOME .....lol

  9. Ah yes...there is nothing like a well stocked pantry so you can cook whatever you want - whenever you want!

    1. HI Mary....I guess we take it for granted, home is the best place to be....pantry and all lol

  10. I love having everything on hand so I can just run in and whip up something without going to the store.


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