Saturday, August 6, 2016

Lucy has a NEW look........Happy Birthday!

Lucy's birthday is today August 6th....if she had lived on this planet
- she would have been 105 years old. She died I believe in April 1989.

I have been a FAN of LUCY well since I was a tot, I so remember sitting on my Grandpere's lap
watching in black and white the "I love Lucy"sitcoms...my fondest memories of my childhood.

My Grandparents were one of the few on their street who had a console Television.
Life really did seem simpler in those days and certainly much more entertaining
than what gets aired on todays media...

 Lucille Ball's hometown of Celoron, NY is welcoming a brand new bronze statue of the actress today, the  sculptor Carolyn Palmer is anxiously anticipating how her statue will be received.
If my opinion counts at all, I think many will be very pleased, it will be replaced from the scary Lucy
that was pretty sad looking ... The fact that it was in the park for so many years is beyond any reasoning I can think of...I am so pleased they were able to raise the $ to create this lovely likeness of her... The New Lucy will be replaced with the sculpture on your left....she reminds me of one the sisters at boarding school, she was pretty scary too...wink..

Now funny enough I have been working on my own Lucy likeness for the past couple of weeks....
I have a few LUCY dolls as well as Ethel, ( more on her a little later) 

There is a lovely story that will be highlighted maybe later this week...
about friendship!

Meanwhile, I have been busy designing LUCY CLOTHES... I came across this perfect
fabric of telephones, in fact the perfect scale....
( now I had no idea about the new LUCY sculpture, or her birthday, just found 
some Lucy and Ethel dolls and wanted to design a few new dresses)

Lucy and I have RED Hair in common, and that is about it...
Ohhh and we both look pretty good in a soft yellow....

But there is this connection with Lucy and Ethel that is very similar
to a friendship I have with someone....( again more later) 

The only thing that was easy to bring  up here was a small kit of fabric, sewing scissors, threads
and needles and my wee sewing machine....This design can be reversible 
as you will see in my next post...and can be worn from the front to the back and back to the front..

I designed 3 outfits, same fabric, one in blues, the other reds and this one in yellow...
Ohhhh and I am tickled pink, ( ahh no pink fabric) you know what I mean...
that they turned out so well.. 

I haven't designed doll clothes since my children were little...

This Lucy doll was from a sales reluctance segment...I wanted to update her to todays fashion...

I only brought this one up as I was not sure I was going to be able to get her done..
but I did ....

Welll love to chat more but I have some young girls over today
and we are going to pressure cook some jars of ANTIPASTO...

We were going to can some salsa, but the tomatoes need a few more days
to ripen up a bit more...

So today, it will be Antipasto and baking some apple pies....

a perfect reminder of this paper lady special....
I have it on a T-towel, that can only be seen not touched...

well until yesterday when young Macy, wiped her face on it....

Gotta Run.....
Happy Birthday LUCY! 

Thank you for all the smiles and giggles...

There's a certain couple that I know. 
They're strictly lovebirds, 
A pair of turtle dove birds. 
He's a guy who wants the world to know. 
So ev'ry day 
You'll hear him say 

I Love Lucy and she loves me, 
We're as happy as two can be, 
sometimes we quarrel but then again 
How we love making up again. 

Lucy kisses like no one can, 
She's my missus and I'm her man; 
And life is heaven you see 
Cause I Love Lucy 
Yes I Love Lucy 
and Lucy loves me. 


  1. Happy birthday sweet Lucy. You have brightened many hours here at my home and you will not be forgotten. Those who touch our hearts stay alive forever. Lucy was quite a character. Your Lucy is quite stunning in yellow Samm. Brings out her beautiful complexion. Antipasto sound amazing.... I need a taste...lol. Remember to take lots of pictures. xx

    1. HI Cori, I am so late in getting back online....We brought some I love Lucy episodes, and celebrated her birthday... the antipasto came out perfectly...so we snacked on that...will be sure to send some...hope your day is full of smiles

  2. Well happy birthday to Lucy! I do love the new statue - "the spittin' image" my grandmother would say. blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene...I would love to see the statue live...it looks good , just like her..

  3. Dear friend, you are such a hoot! which I could grow up to be just like you (impossible since I am away older). Everyday when I read your blog so many memories come flooding back. Lucy has always been such a big favourite of mine and see didn't need to use foul language to make us laugh.
    Big hugs from your friend in Stratford

    1. HI Sandra..you so make me smile...when I grow up, I hope I don't ...lol
      have a wonderful weekend sweet lady

  4. oh, scary Lucy is quite scary! So glad she is being replaced with 'happy' Lucy.

    1. Hi Karen...scary one was pretty scary lol

  5. I never understood how the powers that be ever approved Scary Lucy in the first place. Who didn't love Lucy? I grew up watching her antics. I never saw a Lucy doll. You are lucky to have them. Doesn't everyone wish they had a friend like Ethel?
    xx, Carol

    1. HI Carol...did you ever see the scary one? is she near you...Oh Lucy Dolls, there were quite a few made...I have 4, scratch that 5 of them...all of them different..lot's of expression..they are so much fun to dress up...and a friend like Ethel...I am sure you have one of those....

  6. Loved the show, and the Statue is gorgeous!! As always thanks for sharing your wonderful day and news with us!!
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. HI Nancy...it would be hard to find those who did not love that crazy red head....she was a delight...even now watching them, she is funnier than when I was young.. all the best.

  7. Your dolls and clothes are amazing. I have never seen a Lucy doll. I think they look even better than her new statue!

    1. Hi Ev.....ohhh wait till you see the others I made...got so much better at styling...oh yes Lucy dolls there are quite a few out there....x

  8. Hello my dear! I was just browsing through your blog, inspired by all the gingham and then I saw this post. I was watching 'Yours, Mine and Ours' tonight :) I do love Lucy! What a wonderful talent she was. That new statue is so much better. Your doll clothes are utterly adorable!! I really should make some for my youngest daughter, she has just started playing with barbie dolls - our neighbour kindly gave us a bag last year full of dolls and clothes but the clothes are strange things like disco outfits!!

    1. HI Lucy...of course you would love LUCY lol...ahhhh barbie clothes are a delight to design, in fact I would have to say, much nicer than disco.... living a mini life has it's rewards....
      ahhh and Gingham...Lucy, it is so ME...lol nice to see you


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