Monday, August 29, 2016

Lantern FEST Erie PA....letting go...

We heard about the LANTERN FEST last year from very dear friends...
and ever since -we planned on attending one when it got closer to our home..

Thousands of people releasing lanterns at the same time, all I can say
it stirs every emotion in your body..
For us it was saying goodbye to T-Cup, Sumatra and wishing
health for a dear friend and pure happiness for another...

Finally the Lantern Fest got closer to home..
Erie Pennsylvania Saturday ( yesterday Aug 27) ...
A year booking resulted in us on the pit of a speedway..

Hard dark grey asphalt in 90 degree heat.... Ohhhh we were thrilled
we got some fine tips of what to bring....

 We were the only ones with a shade tent until later in the day, when it looked like
a couple went shopping for a couple of them..
The rest bared the heat which on a pit of asphalt was gruelling..
We could see it on their faces...

We were so pleased we came prepared! 
Some asked for sprays of our sunscreen...and hand disinfectant..
We had everything to make our stay from 3:30 till 10:00 pm quite comfortable..

We left our phones in our bag, shut off, no technology was our motto..
We wanted to spend the afternoon close to each other people watching,
smiling, sharing our drawings on our Lanterns and thinking how this past year
has shaped us into the people we are today...

We could not believe how many had their eyes down looking at screens..
I suppose that is our new normal... Technology is more important than
sharing a once in a lifetime moment....

We have so many memories, so I am glad we have not been entirely swept
up in technology...

YOU don't know what you don't know...
this TECH generation I am afraid will only have memories
of SCREEN photos since they miss so much LIFE around them..

It really was overwhelming....
An observation for us....
When we released our Friends Prayer Lantern up..
it went straight up slow and steady, releasing from our finger tips
with ease....

Now funny enough, like in life, both T-cup and Sumatra, 
we had a Lantern for each one of them...
They kept coming down and we would lift them up,
but still they would come back....
It tore at both of our hearts, because we did not want them 
to go when they were here too....

Just mirrored and reminded us of how much of their love
still lives in our hearts...

Again if you have not experienced this event, look them up
LANTERN FEST and see when they will be near you...

YOU will not regret it ....

It places smiles in your hearts, we shall never ever forget it all! 

We stayed overnight at the Hilton
we had a beautiful suite
and got up early to go to an 
opening of a specialty store...
This was their grand opening..
Guess what I found? 

Welllll I will show you on another day...


  1. OMG, I live in Erie county. I wish I would have known about this. I've never even heard of one. That sounds really awesome

    1. HI Ann, you are near there...well check them out for future events...it is certainly worth every cent....it was amazing...

  2. On the raceway? WELL.... at least you came prepared! What a nice spread you had there Samm. The antipasto looks wonderful. I knew those two little sweethearts would make it known that they didn't want you to forget about them. How sweet that you sent up two for them. Looks like a magical night. The pictures are so beautiful. xx

    1. I know Cori, on a raceway, would have been so much nicer in a field of green...Had we not had our shade tent, there is no way we could have survived 90 heat and no winds... EAR Plugs would have been nice lol. All in all, we shall never ever forget this event...Everyone should be part of it at least once.......

  3. It looks and sounds incredible. I'm glad you were well prepared for it.

    1. hi Mary, if there is one thing I am known for it is I am an organizer...and I like to share with others how to make it perfect....it was incredible..hard to put into words actuallyl

  4. This is so beautiful! Real fairytale!

    1. Good Morning Olga...and it was that and more...there is something so magical ...like giant fire flies lighting the skies.. the Lantern Fest is so well organized...

  5. What a beautiful and meaningful experience! I'm so glad you were able to participate!

    1. Hi Linda...I believe there are 3 going on in the fall in TX...it was a delight for sure... a lovely way to say goodbye to our fall.

    2. hello fall, goodbye summer lol

  6. Oh what wonderful pictures. What an amazing fest.
    Here in Austria, they have forbidden to let this lanterns fly, but I really love how that looks!


    1. HI Hilda. not allowed in Canada either..too risky for us with all the forests we have...
      I am glad we were in an area that was low risk and they were not too far from our country....just a few hours away..it really was so jaw dropping....and tears..many were crying....x

  7. Oh Samm, you visited an impressive event. Thank you for sharing your story and pictures, I never heard of it. What a beautiful way to stop the time for a day and think about the love ones you lost or need your support. Greets, Nienke

    1. HI Nienke...it was wonderful and sad we do not have them in Canada...so we went to the USA, which is not to far from our home....well worth the couple days away...and yes a nice way of saying goodbye...or at least remember those we have lost and loved...

  8. Just a little over two hour drive. Yes it has been Hotty HOT Missie Samm
    I am glad you two came prepared. I am the same way, pile the car up, might as well, if you are driving. And yes to your own snacks. I am a bit funny about food. I like my own prepared stuff.
    Thank you for sharing this lovely adventure. I am really so happy that you went

    1. HElllllo RosemaryBhere.......yes by golly it was HOT HOT HOT..did I say STEAMING too...on DARK asphalt....lol and me too fussy about food..I want good stuff, not junk....it was indeed an adventure...xx Have you gone ever?

  9. What a lovely event! Never heard of them. I think it is a great idea. Well done on being prepared and leaving technology behind.

    1. HI Karen, we don't have them in Canada either..we have far too many forests...too risky...
      we have very little land where trees are not surrounding towns, cities and country...
      There are many countries that won't allow them, it all depends on the layout of the land...
      They do a marvelous job of keeping people and land safe, many volunteers to retrieve them after the fire goes out...

  10. Very magical. And so thoughtful and lovely.

    1. HI Corrie, it was our way to let go but also to be reminded of how full our life here really is..

  11. In Japan, this month has been the season of "Obon", a time when the spirits of loved ones return and celebrations are schedued at shrines and temples. Even in Portland Oregon, they held a Obon matsuri (festival) and my daughters bought a lantern dedicated to my husband. Those lanterns do not fly off but are hung around the borders of the area and have names written on them in beautiful brushwork.

    1. HI Julie, OBON sounds like a celebration of those we love live on forever....there is no doubt he still lives in all the hearts he touched... love to see photos of your area if you can..


  12. Just Another Old Geezer has left a new comment on your post "Too much of a good thing is just.....":

    What a lovely and peaceful respite!! Thanks so much...

    1. hi lovely lady....peaceful maybe not but memories forever...oh yes

  13. Such a beautiful sight Samm - and what a fun weekend getaway for you! blessings, marlene

    1. Marlene, it was delightful with many surprises...a once in a lifetime event, and enough for me for now lol

  14. Love the lantern festival and everything it represents. I hope to go to one someday. I am glad you and David got to experience this together. :)


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