Wednesday, August 3, 2016

August Paper Ladies 15 pages , easier than you think...

We all have coloured in colouring books, the graphic was in a book, we took out  our crayons and coloured in between the lines. If you were a rebel like myself, you may have coloured outside the lines... I did this for shading...even as a young tot, I did not follow the rules that were established by WHO? Goodness knows....

So why would anything change as an adult... I have been cross stitching for at least 33 years, and why I know that is because I still have some of my original pieces. Counted Cross stitch was always a challenge for me, as I did not want or like a lot of the colours that were shared...I wanted to colour them differently but since the floss was included...I never really had a choice....( at first) as I went along I started replacing the floss with just black and reds....I made up a few cartoons doing that...

Today, both Cori and I approach these Paper Ladies with the same creativity but also 
showing you how to design them with EASE. Many think they are complicated but 
actually they are easier than you can imagine. If you can trace and cut out pieces of fabric
then you are half way there. If you can use a needle and thread, you are 75% there
and if you can look at photos of our many steps...then YOU CAN DO THIS.

Every one of our patterns has 15 pages of instructions. 
many photos to help you, we include everything we use, our fabrics, our markers, 
our threads, ( floss conversion charts) graphic.....

You don't need any fancy tools ....a light bulb and a glass frame can be your light box...
slip the pattern on top, put fabric on top of that, trace and you are well on your way.

The best news too, we only use on average 6 floss and one variegated to get
the results we show you...

Cori shows you in detail how to needle turn applique and embroider for some depth.
Our photos speak volumes. Get yourself some crayons, a blush compaq
we even tell you which one, we searched for the best needles
to work our pieces, we share that too. 

I like to begin every Paper Lady with the FACE and Hair..
that usually determines what colour I will be doing her..

Now if you are not a fan of Turquoise or Aqua or Auburn hair,
You can do her in Golds or Reds, and change her dress and hat
into Blues or Purples....

There are no rules...the texture we create can be switched
out for your own colours of floss..
As we use so few, colour of dresses are usually only 3, flesh always
remains the same, colour of hair and lipstick can change with each Paper Lady..

We have a lot of negative space too, allowing for designs of blocks
of cross stitch like this one to create a gingham effect...

Again all that gingham was done with one skein of variegated thread...

Wait till you see up close and personal what Cori's Paper Lady
looks like, we never show each other our progress till the end..
I just show her the colours I will be using and VOILA.
We always seem to be matched in design and colour..

Blows our mind too! lol

I have already started our September Paper Lady..
and the colour is not one I have ever done before
but she is stunning - looks a lot like an Elizabeth.....

I don't have much with me, so I was limited
on what I will be working on this next week...
but wait till you see what else....this lady has been up to...


  1. August is just fabulous Samm. I LOVE aqua as you know, so this one is making it to the top of the list. Your use of negative space is so beautiful. I love the light and airy-ness it creates... but then again, I have always loved embroidery for that reason. You always surprise me with your talents my sweet friend...now on to our NEW favorite...lol. xx

    1. I so enjoyed August....the Paper Lady not the month...heavens we just began Cori lol...
      I never know where I am going with these until I begin...and they do take over....it is so odd....but surprising...

  2. Beautiful, Samm. Love the colors too. Why and I not surprised that you broke the rules when you were young????? ;-)

    1. Hi Mary...a smile came upon my lips as I read your sweet note...I never got into reallllll trouble, but I did ask a lot of questions to the sisters....who found me challenging....I learned everything so quickly that it was hard for them to stump me....So I always had extra work to do to keep me busy lol. I skipped 2 grades...so I suppose I did break rules.... I am BAD...! lol

  3. Another beautiful one Samm! blessings, marlene

    1. I know this has been a fav colour for you in the past..I was thinking of Marlene.....and look! lol

  4. How great you start on their faces - their personality shows from the very beginning!

    1. HI Karen...you know what is a delight...seeing your face here too wink..

  5. What adorable patterns!
    I agree, don't let those lines fence you in!

    1. Hi Linda....yes being creative, is just that..breaking those rules..wink...x


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