Friday, July 22, 2016

We have your BACK. - always stay humble and kind

It took me a bit to complete my chair as with all that stapling, I kinda bruised the palm of my hand...
so I had to lay off completing her back...But I am sooooo much better, and I got a Magnetic Tack Hammer, so  am well on my way for more upholstering...

This chair has fit in well in our home...and nothing says happiness to me like Yellow ANYTHING...
it is a great colour for an accent chair...and with a few coats of Scotch Guard, no worries about our
cats siting on it...

No surprise that Cori had a similar chair, so similar they look like they are related....We can't tell you how many times that has happened, that we have purchased the same thing, or found something similar within days of one another....Look at what Cori did with her chair....don't you just love it in turquoise/aqua...

I never knew she had this chair for years, when I obtained this one from my Aunt, we could not believe how similar they were but different too. Possibly designed by the same furniture makers as the spindle legs were very similar.. The back of her chair is inverted for the front brace of mine...

Now if I could locate another one, they would be terrific as parlour chairs, in any color for that matter...wouldn't one look beautiful in RED and WHITE gingham ?

How this chair was upholstered

Cori has a new LUCY KEY FOB....
and she is as cute and this one and this one lol...

The new addition is the one in turquoise/aqua...
each one has such a different look...

and for those who are having some issues with doing
our Paper Ladies in applique...Cori has done all the faces..
for you....now that is a novel idea...

She even put a new block for our Last Month newest collection 
of Paper Ladies..as she made an extra one...JULY lady in polka dots..
and gosh she is pretty in red and white....Her applique ladies would 
look fabulous on a Tammy Bag....

Meanwhile the boys have been joining me outside..
but not for long as the summer heat would be devastating to them
with their thick fur coats..

Our Wee Monchat is not so weeee anymore...look at his legs...the width of his body..
he is very sturdy and very convincing that he is FIERCE....NOT lol
he is so loveable and when you talk to him, he smiles with his eyes....

Now Sumo is learning to rest when he goes full throttle in our garden..
This past week, they have only been out for a few minutes early in the am, as it has
been just way too hot for them... YOU can tell he loves the shade...he has been 
good to rest more...he is getting very long but still quite slim next to Monchat..
but loveable every inch and ounce of him...

I kept hearing this but today while driving to pick up some vintage pieces...
I had to pull over....with all that is happening in our world..
this is such a gentle reminder to stay humble and kind...

WE could really benefit from more HUMBLE and KIND today! 

I have been away these past 3 days helping a friend sort through her MUMM's home before closing sale on Monday...I can't remember when I have carried, sorted, glowed as I have these past few days...I am off again today bringing some extra help..( David is off today) so he will join our dear friend to assist her in closing the door on her past...xx

That is what friends are for....xx


  1. Years ago I re-upholstered a chair that my MIL had with gold velvet. It had a caned back so I left that as is. Recently, after spending 14 months remodeling our home, I decided to let the Upholsterer tackle it. It's going to be a royal blue cushion, as my daughter's suggestion. She's an interior/architectural designer. I wanted it to be leather in both the seat and back but was overruled by her and her Dad. Our home has been brought back to it's "routs" with it's Spanish influence in tile throughout the house. It's not easy to find quilts/fabric with this theme.
    I'm glad I'm not the only one who likes yellow-it's my favorite color- so optimistic!

    1. Hi Rosemary....ohhh royal blue will be pretty...leather in heat , well you stick to it - in winter it is very cold....lol ask me why I know that lol...Spanish Influence sounds divine..I think you will be happy with it in fabric... ohhh yellow..hard not to love SUNSHINE..except when it comes at you at 100' lol

  2. Love those chairs!!! I have done some upholstering in the past and I know how you feel. That is amazing about you and your friend. Soulmates for sure. Love your kitties, so so cute...

    1. Hello Lady Jane...ahhh another upholster in training....well we are for sure...although we love what we do and take so much pride in our combined efforts miles apart....
      and our boys will be thrilled you like them too...they get a lot of love these days..

  3. You are just the sweetest lady Samm. I always click away from your posts with a skip in my step, and a song in my heart. I love our chairs, and if it hadn't been for you, I know mine would not be nearly as beautiful. It will look gorgeous sitting next to my cabinet. Loved seeing the boys today. Looks like they are staying pretty "cool" in every meaning of the word. The world needs more "cool" cats like you guys. xx

    1. Hiiiiii Cori, ahhhhh a song in your heart from a post...well we need more smiles out there, so I hope that feeling is shared .....and yes together our chairs look pretty impressive...amazing with so many miles from each other we can create similar things....gives many hope that GREAT things can happen when we venture out ....wink...
      the boys are quite cool in a/c...they are pretty tired this week...the heat has not been their friend...they have been downstairs a lot ...

  4. Samm and Cory-those chairs are awesome, very professional. You two always amaze me. Nice to see the Riot Boys again. I sure wouldn't want to be wearing a fun coat in this heat. Glad to know that they are indoor kitties who can enjoy the AC.
    Bless you Samm for helping your friend with her moms house. I know it means the world to her. My sister and I were lucky that we had each other and traveled that road together.

    1. Hi Ev, we think so...the awesome part lol..pros' not so...but we will get there...the boys has you well know don't like wearing such thick coats in this pretty incredible heat....our a/c has been on for days..so unusual for us...we have those winds...but it is a hot wind..yuck lol.
      and Jo, you met her, that is who I have been helping...day 4 tomorrow..we may be done tomorrow...I have never hurt so much even my hair lol...not really...but I have no trouble sleeping at night that is for sure lol.

  5. The chairs are very nice. I like them.
    Your kitty boys are so sweet and good. Sumo reminds me so much of Pierro, just something about his special nature.
    It is quite warm here too. Thanks be to God for air conditioning.
    My kittyboys are laying on the bench in my sewing office. That way they can keep an eye on me :-D
    happy Week-end Missie Samm. I hope you get some cooler temps, Here, it will be a long while, August and September are always way too warm in No Va.
    Love always♥️❀

    1. HIIIIII RosemaryBhere, very nice...is that the best you can do...KIdding of course....you gotta love gingham to love these chairs...and I am sure you would love them in a floral or stripes? ....and yes thank goodness for a/c...I am not sure we could get through these days...however at the house with my gf JO, there has been no a/c...it is has been rather hard on me.....but I drank a lot.... we have not had any rain all summer...very dry here...our grass looks like a wheat field...however so does everyone elses lol love ya!

  6. These chairs are turning out beautiful. Love to see the kitties. They are turning into beautiful fluff balls. The new key fob is adorable. Have a wonderful weekend, I hope it cools off a bit, and some rain comes your way.

    1. HI Mary... I think I want to do more lol it is a wonderful past time...lol and the boys are really beginning to change now...again they still have 2 more years of growth before they are at their fixed weight and length of hair ..your Charlie would just love them lol we so need rain x

  7. Helping a friend in need is so very rewarding and such a generous gift that goes both ways. The Riot Boys are growing up quickly and they are still gorgeous. Love your upholstered chair. And...I LOVE LUCY! Summer Bliss Dear...

    1. Hi Sherry...I so agree with you, a friend in need is a friend indeed...lol. She would do the same for me..and our boys, well they have been a bit restless, as the weather is just way too hot for them for even a few minutes....so I have been their entertainment....and yes I LOVE LUCY ....always x

  8. I love the chairs and the upholstery! I can empathize with the sore hand from stapling! When I upholstered a couple of chairs a couple of years ago, I had the same experience!
    You will enjoy it all the more because you put so much of yourself into it!

    1. ahhh Linda....I finished the back today..and I swear, one of the toughest jobs...not for the faint of heart...a lot of body strength is needed..x


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