Friday, July 1, 2016

Paper Ladies JULY 2016! and GREEN(s) with ENVY!

We did it...we came out with a NEW Paper LADIES Collection...
( we were not sure about doing another collection - and then it struck us...

Cori, just let me know she just finished hers....all in applique...( she hasn't shared yet though) 
- I am still busy with STITCHING in such an easy way of 
cross stitching, it is taking me a bit more time...

I will have mine completed by tomorrow! 

All of our how to's will be in every pattern...
By tracing and using variegated threads, all you are doing is colouring
in between the lines and using make-up and some scotch guard
you can set every finished piece to last for decades....

Mmmmm and this Paper Ladies Collection are all sitting down..
OHHHHHH I am so excited to get to them all...
This one is JULY's under an umbrella....

and all of mine will have GINGHAM in them...
wait and see... I think Cori will add some too ( wink) 

But for now while I get supper ready
let's take a stroll in our all white garden.....
YOU may note all the GREENS wink...

 Although we are having a drought here, our garden seems to flourish..
Now of course we are watering and feeding them Miracle Grow..
and Grow they are....
These are clematis...

and of course my petunias or flourishing...I have many hanging baskets of them all over
our deck and in the garden...they are like delicate pieces of lace..
Our daisies are just starting to bloom now...I have quite a few of them scattered
in the front and side gardens...

And our peonies are still blooming..they are sheltered from the heat of the sun...
so they are still doing well. 

Look I noticed still some buds this am...

And here they look like lily pads floating on a pond...

and our veggie garden is growing faster than we can consume...
this is boston lettuces..I have 4 of these....

WE have boston, iceberg, curly and radicchio...

We have a raised garden, with 4 different kinds of greens and 4  different tomato plants here and
one in the side garden...

These are  ROMA tomatoes...they are perfect for my salsa...
we have 3 plants of these...oh my they are doing very well..

Ohhh and this is Romaine....he has a few companions too..
3 more of these...they are still growing and not ready just yet 
to eat...but soon..

Ohhh and my cosmos...we can't have a garden without them....
they are doing very well...

and to remind us how  quick our season is, this is snow cover....
they are a delight gift from a friend in our town...
love them so...

WElll it is JULY 1st here today which means CANADA DAY, so on the supper menu
we are having everything RED and WHITE....watermelon salad, tomato salad, red potato salad,
along with a strawberry shortcake for dessert...

thanks for the visit.... it is beautiful here..

.... Make some delightful sweet memories this holiday weekend!


  1. What a beautiful stroll that was Samm. Your garden is gorgeous. I love the white, it is so stunning against those gorgeous greens. Your girl is making the same impression! She is coming along nicely. I will have to take a photo of mine to share too.... but first, this other project is walking right into my mind stepping all over my plans..lol. YOU are going to love it. You inspire such creativity in me sweet lady. xx

    1. Ahhh hnice to have you join me...despite a straw looking grass..our garden is flourishing....although we do put water a lot to keep them alive....we invested already too much to let it go lol...and yes our girl is looking pretty ...ahhhh and ditto...

  2. Oh looking forward to seeing the new gals....

    1. oh gracie, you are such a delightful cheerleader

  3. Garden photos are beautiful! Look forward to seeing the new ladies.

    1. well thank you sweet lady...and yes I am still working on July...but she will be done maybe tomorrow....they are all pretty ....

  4. Replies
    1. ahhh Karen you are just that you know

    2. ahhh Karen you are just that you know

  5. Your garden is booming!! Have a great day x


    Mdm SammJuly 1, 2016 at 6:13 PM
    hello sweet lady...you have been missed....have a wonderful weekend.

  6. Such a beautiful garden (as usual) with so many lovely white flowers. You definitely have a green thumb. Gingham and Paper Ladies...so you! xo

    1. HI Carol...mmm not sure if I have a green thumb as much as I research what grows well in clay soil....everything seems to do well with little effort on my part or DAvid's lol
      and yes those PL and gingham is really me in so many ways..nice to share it with others....

  7. Love the paper lady. Still feel that era of dressing, from bathing suits to gowns was the loveliest. Deer came through and ate most of my blooming flowers two nights ago so I have little left. Thanks for sharing your lovely garden with us.

    1. ahhhh so agree Mary Ann, there was something so romantic and nostalgic about women in the 50-60's....there was such prided in how we looked...
      SAD about deer coming in...a big reason why we are fenced in here...and we have a lot of spearmint that creatures don't like at all..possibly why our garden does so well..only us eating it

  8. OMGosh....the flowers are showstoppers! Gorgeous.

    Looking forward to seeing the reclining lady finished.

    1. good morning Mary...our gardens has been filled with surprises these past few weeks...a delight to sit out and watch for sure...and to share it with you such a bonus..a few more stitches today and she will be done..

  9. HI Samm, I just poured a tea and took a stroll through your lovely garden. Heavenly. And so is your new paper lady. Enjoy the weekend.

    1. Good Morning Evelyn, that is where I was yesterday, in the garden...I never saw you there lol...

  10. Hi Samm,
    the picture of your new paper lady looks very promising - I am looking forward to see your stitched version.
    I love your graden picts - all the whites and greens. So gread to have a white garden! I wished I had one too, but I am so easyily seduced by all the other colors, haha!

    Have a wonderful new week

    1. Good Morning Hilda, ahhh your gardens are beautiful all the cheerful colours...a white garden for us has always been our choice in every home we had... I am not sure I would even know how to do one in colour lol. To a great week for you toolll

  11. Interesting to see your new paper ladies collection. And your garden, oh my, it's wonderful with all those white flowers, love it. The veggie garden looks great too.

    1. Good Morning Irmeli, all the way over in Finland...how are you sweet lady...and yes we completed July, will show soon and now working on our August girl...she is a delight...
      and white flowers...ahhhh

  12. Your paper ladies are always so beautiful Samm - I can't wait to see all of your latest. And the gardens, oh my. It's so hot and humid here that my cucumbers died and today I noticed one of the squash plants is gone. But at least the begonia and the hibiscus are blooming and my lemon tree has lots of baby lemons! blessings, marlene

    1. ahhh your back Marlene...how was your holiday? saldy plants don't get your tlc when you are away...although it has been pretty hot everywhere...ahhh cucumbers need lot's of shade...nice to see you ...x

  13. Soooo beautiful. So jealous, we're still trying to grow grass. I did plant some wildflowers and love watching them grow. Good luck with the paper ladies. I adore that flower on her cap.

    1. This comment has been removed by the author.

    2. Hi Corrie..don't be too jealous..our grass is not fairing as well as our garden...it is pretty yellow at the moment..seems all the storms are splitting before they reach us...no rain in weeks...Paper Ladies more tomorrow...we both finished her..


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