Friday, July 8, 2016

NO more counting CROSS STITCH and 8 floss only....July's Paper Ladies collection

I have been cross stitching for decades and I've found as the years 
have zipped by, I have less patience for counting... 

I got so dizzy going back and forth with the chart
and changing floss every 5-6 cross stitches, I started to experiment...

I have simplified it all now...instead of purchasing 20-40 floss colours
for each pattern, NOW I use less than 6-7 floss...and  1 variegated to resemble a summer  knit !
and I colour within the LINES....all  the how to's are included in all of our  patterns.

Instead of months completing a project, I can now complete an 8 x 11 block
in say -a week to 10 days..!

I also purchased a COVER GIRL clean glow blush called 100 roses
  which worksperfectly for shading and blushing of her skin... 
We show you how to do this in this pattern.
Cost less than 10.00  ( blush) and will last for a whole year of Paper Ladies...
One soft spray of Scotch Guard and you end up with this finish above...

Now what could be easier than this?
YOU trace the pattern and use your needle and floss to colour
within the lines.... We share the colours we use, but you can use
your colour scheme by choosing light and darker shades, same colour
for outline of body, and hair colour can be anything you like
and 1 variegated thread...YOU will become your OWN Paper Ladies
Designer too. And the best part, you can complete one in a week to 10 days!

And should CROSS STITCH and embroidery not your preference...
Cori teaches you how to needle turn applique...so you can achieve the same results.
And this lady knows N.T.A. ( needle turn applique) NO ONE does it this well.
( but you will  also as she teaches you everything) 

Every pattern for this new collection will have all the steps
to show you how to do both of our methods in depth. 

We are still following in the colour schemes that compliment each other.. ( like last year) 
Isn't hers pretty?

We already agreed in this NEWEST PAPER LADIES collection
we will have GINGHAM design in all of the ladies..
YOU will understand why IN AUGUST! 

We also have some NEW NEWS beside the August LAUNCH.
We have a new website.... where all of our patterns are...

Cori has been very busy with that and done brilliantly might I add
- while I designed our new JULY
pattern...This will also be a template for all our CALENDAR Ladies...
We will showcase both of our Paper Ladies on every cover
and every pattern has both methods illustrated....
be it cross stitch and embroidery or needle turn applique..
2 methods in 1 pattern. 

Ohh and all of this collection will be sitting down....A great reminder to REST more! 

YOU need to rest more...I don't think it is in our DNA wink...


BERRY PICKING this week!

David was home for a few days and we went out blueberry picking and cherry picking..
My whole day picking reminded me so much of the many summers
my Nanny and I would head out to the neighbouring farms 
WE would return and make jellies and preserves and lot's of pies...

Some things just follow us into the next generation....

A fun fact at least for me...Our summer has been very hot and dry..
I asked our cherry farmer, how good was the crop this year..
thinking he would say poorly...IN FACT TIDBIT here..
Cherries prefer HOT weather, too much rain and the cherries split...
Welll, I did not know that...so this year has been an outstanding year for 
our cherry farmers....we picked up 2 large pails of cherries and not one was split..

I have enough for a at least 4 large cherry pies and still enough for some 
cherry preserves...the blueberries are already frozen, as I like to bake
with these...frozen berries added to a batter keeps its shape and does 
not turn batter blue.....

My Nanny would no doubt enjoy the fact that her legacy continues...

Hope you are enjoying your SUMMER..
Make MEMORIES....they just make for  sweet reminders...



  1. OOhh, the pattern is wonderful and this new way sounds very good in my ears. Love the look of it very much. So glad you have a wonderful time and thanks for the reminder to make memories. So important and needs us to slow down. I don't want to miss it. Yay, cherry and berry time! Sadly in our garden we miss the cherries, it was a very wet periode here, but since 5 days, just lovely sunshine!And I love your gingham plates. So cute!
    Have a wonderful, memory filled summer, hugs Martina

    1. HI Martina...and so simple to do, hopefully we will get more ladies interested in doing it this way.. and the results speak for themselves.. ahhh summer berries, whatever is your preference brings so much SWEETNESS to enjoy... Ahhhh gingham plates...I have a few of them too...everything takes better on a gingham plate wink...

  2. She is your prettiest yet, very nice :)

    1. Oh Kris...you have such fine taste....but wait till you see the fall ones...and Christmas lol

  3. July's lady is so relaxing, perfect for summer. Here's to reading, gingham, polka dots & cherries!

    1. ahhh Corrie, what was all need, more reminders to enjoy the sweetness of summer...x

  4. Berries look so yummy Samm. I know you will be making some fabulous treats with them... and your July, she is beautiful. You always surprise me with how you can create dimension with your stitching. I love how you changed the stitching on her dress towards the bottom. It looks so realistic. You do fabulous work sweet lady. I love how you incorporate the negative space, it is genius. Your girls look so airy, light, and carefree....just like you. xx

    1. gosh, gee you make me smile Cori...I think when you have someone who believes in you, you can do anything...now if I could master your needle turn applique, but I seem too busy in still trying to perfect cross stitching x

  5. I am so glad you found an alternative to counting those stitches. Both ladies looks beautiful!! Love the idea of using Cover Girl for skin tones. That is brilliant :)


    1. HI Soma. funny enough I have been doing this for years, I just never shared it because I felt it was against the rules lol. Funny enough as we get older...WE feel the rules are not all that important to stitching anymore...and for goodness sake, the result is I LOVE TO Cross stitch again ...lol. cover girl that is cool isn't it? Such an easy fix...

  6. Beautiful new pattern Samm! I found blueberries on sale today and bought 8 pints I'm going to dehydrate mine - that works well for muffins and in cereal. :) blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene.....thanks for the cheer and blueberries..try freezing some too for baking...they keep their nutrients better...and they don't bleed in muffins...

  7. Oh my, both the ladies are gorgeous. The stitching has such wonderful texture and Cori, yes, definitely a master of NTA. Wow.
    Berries look yummy. I didn't know cherries like it hot! ;)

    1. Ohhh Mary Ann...they are gorgeous aren't they...what you can do with some needle thread and fabric..is pretty amazing...lol...and yes I too did not know cherries love lot's of heat....pretty amazing our Sweet Mother Nature...

  8. Samm and Cory-your new paper ladies are adorable.
    I love the makeup idea-so much nicer than fabric paint.
    I'm glad that something likes this hot and dry weather-who knew. I need to try my berry cake recipe again, and hopefully not overbake it this time.

    1. HI Evelyn..yes make up...who would of thought....lol and yes try your berry cake in a water bath...place dish into oven with warm water and place dish into that..that will keep your cake moist and it won't be tough....

  9. You do it all so beautifully too, Samm. Your ladies are gorgeous. AND..... Those berries...yum!

    1. Good Morning Mary...yes and so much easier and goes quicker than counting..I knew there had to be an easier way lol and berries..just dished some up for breakfast...

  10. Replies
    1. Hellooooooo sweet lady..thanks for hte cheer.

  11. The design looks amazing in both techniques; I was wondering what you used to shade the skin of the pretty lady - what ingenious idea! Happy summer!

    1. Good Day Geta....well we use makeup..why not our Paper Ladies lol Seems like a great solution... yes lol

  12. Beautiful. Both you and Cori are such a wonderful team for creativity. I am in love. These ladies are wonderful. Have a wonderful weekend making memories.


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