Sunday, July 10, 2016


I still have this fascination about dolls, I suppose being IMMATURE
is my lot in life....

Barbies and Poppy Parkers have somehow slipped back into my life AGAIN.
I have a very small collection... They sit upon a shelf in my office...
I had Mary had a little lamb for a few years and still not sure 
why I ever purchased her...I suppose down deep I saw possibilities...
Ohh and I like Marys.....

So last evening, while taking a wee break from stitching our August Paper Lady
I just RE-DID her to look like she does now...

And Cruella somehow found a home with me..
I suppose my passion for red and black, well let's just say
This woman has fashion sense..
She may have not been the nicest Disney Character
role model for women...but I LOVE HER...

She sits on my desk at the moment, you can barely see her as she blends with my walls.
but she is there, I can feel her glare...:)

And I found a Poppy Parker that was reasonable...they are so pricey
I thought I would never ever get one...
But I just kept searching and she is new this year and if you do not 
purchase them quickly their price goes up by the hundreds in months...
Ridiculous actually...but this one I got...
Of course I will restyle her...but I love her hair...
very classy...

and  now that completes my collection...and Cori
and I have been talking about making clothes for them....

Just one more thing to add to our list...
Let's FACE IT, we love stitching and sewing up LADIES...
I suppose we are both immature and loving it...

And yesterday, I made my dahling his favourite!

I am not a sweet eater, I prefer everything sour and tart, so sugar in an already
sweetened brownie is just not for me...

But it is for David...he loves everything chocolate and sweet.
So I play with ingredients and try to bring down the sugar
by 75% and this brownie...his most favourite snack..

I had a small morsel and it is lovely, I just prefer
a slice of rhubarb pie or lemon pie...

So once a week, I make a favourite of his 
and cut into snack sizes and freeze them for his lunch..
this batch will do him 2 weeks..

Anyway, I am off now to spend some TLC
with my dahling...actually he is building a box for the deck,
so I will cheer him on while I continue
stitching our August Paper Lady...

Here are some photos that captured summer for us 
this week.

I never ever tire of seeing my linens on our clothesline...they were dry within
minutes, the winds were FIERCE yesterday! 

and Monchat napping but really NOT.....he was well aware I was studying him lol

I opened the fridge for a second while I poured
David some lemonade..and look who thought he would 
get cooled off..the camera was on the island, so I took
this quickly lol.

My chair is in view of this....I am in the corner of our deck today
I plan on staying here till I have completed my stitching...
And then I may begin September Paper Lady....

Ohhh do you still have Barbie DOLLS?


  1. Mary looks much more grown up and definitely more at home at your house in her new gingham dress. I feel like Midge most days, because all I want to do is play with Barbie too. She is a once in a lifetime kind of friend - that Barbie... lol. I can't believe you found your Poppy... I am still looking. I may have to go with Barbie instead though, she does have such a big part of my heart. I started sewing at 12 for her you know.
    All of your boys look quite content, and I imagine David must have about the same look as Monchat after eating those amazing brownies! I made some yesterday, and they are so wonderful. I didn't cook them long enough (the altitude changes the cooking time, and I have to figure that out) but the edges were gone before I could even grab the camera! I figure you have to make these when the kids are away and DH is at work to get a picture around here.
    Love the picture of your line, whites blowing in the wind are the essence of summer. xx

  2. Ohhh she does...she looks grown up....and Yes I have a Midge for christmas but she is very small to play with lol...and Yes Poppy...I am sad that is coming to me naked though, apparently many owners of these PP. remove all their clothes and sell them separately ...the purse went for 43.oo lol I will make her a lovely outfit (50) when she gets here...and David loves chocolate..nothing happens to him lol. and yes bake them a wee longer for your area...I keep forgetting our air and stoves are not the same as everyone elses...and we have gas...ones..
    off to stitch....I have more whites on the line nighties and t's ..it looks so nice

  3. Hi Samm, Oh the linens on the line! I absolutely won't give up my clothesline. In fact every time we moved I told the realtor not to take me to any neighborhoods where they are forbidden.
    I never had a Barbie because my Momma thought she was too... well you know, racy?? And I never heard of Poppy. Then I had all boy babies, so no Barbies in my life. Love what you did with them. So cute and fun- don't EVER mature, okay?
    The boys are just too cute. Sonia always knows what I'm doing even when she's "asleep", not Carmello-he passes out!

    1. Good Day Sue, when you are around... and yes I so agree with you...when we chose our land, that was the very first thing, we asked for ...."can we have a clothesline" that would have been a deal breaker if they had of said no...We are the only ones on this side of the street who has one...so many have said they wished they had put one up....Our next home....we are building two of them lol. and Barbies...I had one as a child but she was one of the very first..hardly racy lol. She looked rather wholesome...but now the barbies are outstanding and Poppy Parker..welllllll they are so lifelike in a strange beautiful way ....
      And your cats sound like ours..one cares less, the other like a bandaid lol

  4. Love your changes to the original Mary! Brought up to date with style! Monchat sleeping with one eye open and Sumo in the chiller - super photo shots! Those brownies look so so yummy!

    1. Hi Karen...I thought for sure you would be so upset as the sheep does not have a Mary looking after her anymore lol

  5. Well, you had to ask. ;)
    Yes, I do still have my Barbies, so you are not alone.
    I also have Midge, and Barbie's younger sister, Skipper.
    I also have the original cases for them.
    My Uncle even made me a huge trunk for them.
    Every once in awhile, I pull them out and "play" with them.
    I just can't bear to part with them!
    I only have a very few store-bought outfits.
    Our neighbor across the street used to babysit me after school until Mom got home form work.
    She was an accomplished sewer, probably where I learned most of my sewing from.
    She would play around making all kinds of clothes for them, with no patterns.
    She even made a matching hat for every outfit!
    She would decorate them with the little paper flowers, netting, etc.
    She even made a wedding gown, which is my favorite.
    So beautiful with trims and pearls.
    She would go to goodwill and buy old fur and wool coats, trims, etc.
    She made a ski outfit out of velvet, and lined it with silk, and trimmed the hood with real fur!
    her work was perfect!
    After awhile, people saw then and asked if she sold them.
    She made a lot of outfits and put them all in this huge Buffet that she had with drawers, People would come over and buy them, all so perfectly made. And she sold them very cheap. she mostly did it for pleasure.
    I think I have the bestest collection on the planet.
    I will always treasure them.
    Sorry you asked?

    1. Ohhhhh Marilyn, not at all...I love hearing about your Barbies..love to see ski outfit...
      how wonderful that you still have them too ..

  6. We are never too old for dolls. Yours are lovely. I had never heard of a Poppy Parker doll. Interesting. Enjoy your day. More sun and heat is coming your way.
    Love Sumo in the frig. Great way to cool off.

    1. Ahhh Mary, nice to hear that validation lol. Oh P.P. dolls are gorgeous..you can see many on my pinterest..their faces are so nicely painted... it is nice here today..just did some painting..x

  7. My linens will be on the line shortly as they are in the washer at the moment. I love that fresh smell.

    Although I do have Barbie's - several of them from the late 1950s - the doll we played with was Miss Ginger. I, too, have sewn many many clothes for the dolls over the years. It was so much fun to be a designer. ;-)

    Like you, I made brownies on Saturday as we had grandchildren for dinner. I'm not a big fan of brownies myself, but the kids love them. I had an empty plate as proof. lol

    1. Good Afternoon Mary....ahhh linens any linens, on a line looks beautiful...my fav thing about the summer....and Miss Ginger...mmmmm I have no idea who she was....I was in France, so the only thing I ever saw was Barbies....and brownies and kids..no doubt plates would be empty...one of the things we noted right away when all the kids left home....we always had sweets and leftovers lol

  8. I adore dolls and love how you have personalized them. I never had Barbies but I made certain my daughter had them and lots of accessories. I did sew outfits for her Barbies...nothing as elegant as your outfits though. Wonderful sitting nook for your outdoor stitching. Fresh line-dried linens...Yes! Brownies...YES!...all day long. I admit I live on sweets and sugar. Embracing Summer Bliss...

  9. Good Morning Sherry...I am out this am on my deck sipping my tea and embracing another day of playing...with what .. who knows....but I will be stitching something and thinking of you making barbie clothes which I am sure were a delight to your girl...

  10. Glad to see I am not the only one still playing with dolls!

    1. HI Julie....pssst...I am making a fur muff for a doll as I take a break...so your secret is good with me lol...

  11. Sounds like a beautiful day all around. My Barbies are somewhere tucked away who know where.


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