Monday, July 18, 2016

Does your Key Fob get ATTENTION??? that can change NOW!

Look who is riding with me?
I call her LUCY...

Cori surprised me with a new KEY FOB
being that I am in my IMMATURE stage lately,
playing with dolls and FUR...Yep I am making real FUR
outfits for our next adventure...

OHHHH but I regress, see all this DOLL talk has me giddy..
LUCY is on my key chain and already has
stirred some discussion..

While crossing the border, the CBP officer asked me 
"who is that sitting on your dashboard?"

Proudly I said..." why this is LUCY"
( up until that point, she had no name...LUCY just spewt out lol)

He asked to see her, YES , he did, 
and said,  " I can't recall seeing  anything so cute"....

I thought he was talking about me...
but nooooo LUCY stole the show...

And he was this big strapping guy...
so if she got his attention...I am sure you will 
be stirred too?
Won't you....? Did you notice she is wearing a gingham dress...
and auburn hair and with a red purse...I know 

My smile has not left my lips since I got her yesterday..
every time I look at her I smile...

These girls...Sumatra and T-cup are retired....
my grey one which was T-cup was getting worn out..
Sumatra the black one has always been in my car...
a reminder of the sweetness they have brought into my life...
they are tied to my air vent in my cooper..

LUCY is the new love of my life...
and she could be for you too...
I was excited about my my new LUCY
( more pics and detail on her blog) 

Is she not adorable to the T....

As any artiste will tell you, you just create
until you cannot create anymore..
Each one will be unique, you cannot 
tell an artiste what you would like- in color
and style they just come to life..
Much like our Paper Ladies in fact...
neither one of us has any idea what colors
and style  she will be wearing until we get our needles and threads out...
Same with this LUCY!
that is what they will be called 
 the LUCY - KEY FOBS...

So if you are claiming this as your own...
all you have to do is follow the link below..

Again she will only make a few so if 
you have to have one too..
OOAK LUCY- Key Fob...

( there are more photos there....she is so cute, so cute...)
bidding begins at 25.00 and let me tell you worth that and much more...

Will let you know when she makes another...

YOU will never travel alone...

the bidding has started...

ENJOY every moment..
we sure are....and how fun
to share something that is so unique with you..



  1. Samm, she matches your car so well. It's easy to figure that part out, red, black & white, and occassionally yellow are your go to colors. I don't think we will ever grow out of our dollies. Growing up is no fun. That is something I love so much about you... there is plenty of things in the world to be serious about. Having a little escape to play with our dollies, and Paper Ladies makes the rest worth while. I am so glad you love your little Lucy. xx

    1. Yes in fact my inside colour wheel can change colours..so it can suit and LUCY...lol. YEP I am afraid there is no hope for us..we will stay forever young...we have to, too much sadness to make me cry...I would rather smile, laugh and giggle... Cori..with you and others who feel the same...I know Rosemary is YOUNG too lol

  2. Samm,the minute I looked at the key fob I thought to myself, wow she looks like Lucille Ball! OMG then I read about it, so adorable! And I love your "retired" fobs. The joy our furkids brings never ends, even when they do. The memories are priceless :)

    1. HI Sue..ohhhhhh you are so smart....and yes Lucy and my sweet girls...will always be in my heart and as you can see in my coper lol..

  3. Replies
    1. Hello Alain...how are you sweet lady..and yes both so cute x

  4. OH, I want I want.
    I want one, no, two kitties and two dollys please.
    and thank you

    1. Oh Rosemary B I just mentioned you....and yes if you are serious...just ask Cori....
      I have not mastered them just yet..but I will no doubt soon ...lol

  5. Lucy is a doll! The cutest - no wonder the customs guy was interested in her. What fun!

    1. Karen she is a doll. who can look at her and not smile...we need more smiles today...x

  6. Sooooo cute and sweet! What a lovely addition to your keys and I am sure she will always bring a little smile to you. Such a great idea! Just love Their hair, oh and look at their faces...! Really heartwarming!
    As both of you too! Hugs Martina

    1. Hellllllo Martina..well let's put it this way, I never lose my keys....she has got to be the cutest key fob I have ever seen...ok, until you see the others she will make...and the gingham dress..she is wearing a GINGHAM dress lol

  7. I LOVE Lucy! Really! She is super cute and sew perfect for you dear. Cori is very special to create Lucy for you. We will never lose our love of dolls and pretty things.

    1. HI Sherry...YOU are the ONE....lol. Seriously who could not love Lucy...she brought so much laughter in our home when I was young....and yes Cori, brings the same amount of FUN and laughter in my life as Lucy did....wink..

  8. She is so cute. You and Cori make a great team.

    1. HI Mary...I think a team is really made up of YOU too who enjoy the wee things we find ourselves wrapped up in...x

  9. Now if she ain't just the cutest thing ever.....The face is amazing. It makes or breaks a doll for me and definitely makes this one. Miss Cori is so talented. I'll head over to her blog and let her know!

    1. Ohhh Mary Ann, she is just full of spunk my Lucy and Cori lol Yes both of their faces are as cute as can be....yes let her know...even cheerleaders need cheering x

  10. Oh my goodness, Lucy is so adorable and the name fits her perfectly! Cute story about the CBP officer.

    1. Hi Jan....and yes she is a Lucy through and through ..and that is mostly because she just makes me smile and giggle like a girl....x

  11. That Lucy - such a cutie! blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene...she is cuter than cute....lol. such a fascination lately for kiddie stuff lol

  12. Replies
    1. Oh you could do this up Linda....x

  13. Oh my word, that's adorable. Adorable. So clever.


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