Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Upholstering in my future....

I recently was given a couple chairs from my Aunt..
This is a slipper chair  ( it may be called something else...not sure) but it is from  1930's ...
The velvet is worn and velvet does not really suit our home...

( looks like this one may be called a Biscuit Tufted Swivel) from a reknown Upholsterer Aimee!
Thanks Aimee! 

So I will be upholstering this in some Yellow Buffalo Plaid ( another word for GINGHAM) :)
that I purchased recently. 
The base is a very heavy steel disk and this chair swivels..
Quite a treasure and the best news, well besides Sumo 
liking the chair, it is perfect for my size. I can actually sit
on it and touch the floor...
Bonus for great room....

And this one...ok, I covered it as I was thinking of upholstering this 
with this plaid. ( padded and quilted) ..but I think I will do this one
in Yellow Buffalo Plaid too..* that is just another word for gingham wink...
in case you forgot that lol

 This one belonged to my Aunts, mother.... I too love that it is close to the ground...First thing
is I am going to remove the varnish and sand it down, and I likely will paint it white or maybe
stain it white...but white it is going to be...

And would you believe Cori has a similar chair that she is working on.....

( and these are simply called vintage side chairs...)
mine has a written note underneath that said purchased in 1951...

Very similar...isn't that funny, we seem to have similar taste 
in many things...She is just stripping it down now...
I will start mine this week..
I think she is doing hers in yellow too???

While in the garden taking photos, look who joined me...?
Turns out my Sweet Monchat loves PEONIES...

I know they are PINK, they are supposed to be WHITE as we have an all white
garden..BUT the bees have been busy pollenating  again....
I have cut them all down
and they are in my powder room now...Pink does look nice there..

Don't you just love this photo os Sumo...he was actually smelling the air..
our backyard smells of perfumes from the peonies and ground flowers...

I think Sumo was teasing him about the sniffing of PINK flowers...so he scampered quickly 
from that area..enough shame for him for one day ..
Sumo seems to think TOMATO plants are much more masculine ! 

Monchat thinking, " Peonies smell better" or something like that...
AHHHHHA caught you...he thinks we did not see him smelling these very
aromatic flowers....

Oh the adventures in our garden....

Well it is morning and I have biscuits in the oven,
tea brewing and a lesson in upholstering waiting for me..

I have to pick up some tools today...My tool kit 
is getting very heavy....why don't they make GINGHAM tools?
WHY? tell me why I can't find any...lol

ps. would you happen to know what these chairs are called??


  1. You are so ambitious. I am looking forward to seeing your progress on the chairs. Sorry I don't know the names.

    1. Good Morning Jacqueline...got the names now....and yes I will begin this am....will post as I proceed...

  2. The chairs are really lovely and your cats are amazing - as always! ;)
    Greetings, Rike

    1. Good Day Rike....they are nice chairs...especially since they belonged to such a fine family....and our cats...wellll they are fun ....

  3. You are too cute!! You made my day!! I need to recover a love seat and couch badly....Amish made in the 90's and still have good bones!!.....You Go Girl!!!

    1. HI Karen, I have a few things that make my day...so thank you ....I really love upholstering...it is nice to take them apart too to see what is underneath lol

  4. These chairs are wonderful! I'd love to see them, when you are ready with them.
    Your boys are so sweet.


    1. Hello Hilda....nice to see you sweet lady....and yes just imagine large checks in yellow and white....I am going to tackle the side chair first ...

  5. Dear Samm, chairs are so amazing!!! Can't wait to see them renewed!

    1. hello Daria...how are you sweet lady...and yes they are going to be a very fun project x

  6. I see that the chairs have Sumo's seal of approval! It is so nice to have family "treasures" passed down. They come loaded with memories to which you can add your own. Happy sewing.,

    1. Hi Ev, oh yes Monchat has now claimed it ..I just took apart the side chair, there were bugs in it....now I wish they were not passed down...so thankful I took it apart outside ...xx
      sprayed down with lysol...tomorrow I will strip it lol

    2. oh, that does not surprise me. lol.
      I think our nutty ancestors of aunties and mommas give us all of their stuff bc they want us to fix it up.

    3. and sweet lady, I don't mind...love the stripping and making it a new again

  7. I can't wait to see the end result. They are going to be wonderful all updated.

    1. Ohhh it will be fun...today I was with an upholsterer who helped me with all my questions...x I took my chair apart, the one like Cori's and now I have everything to start....wish me luck

  8. Oh I love chairs, Missie Samm
    I love chairs. What a blasteroo to reupholster these chairs, what a fun project. I love plaid/gingham.
    What funnnnn :-D
    I think Mon Chat is very manly looking. He looks like the big protector.
    Sumo.... I am madly in love with him. He is the cutest kitty in all equalness to Pierro, on the planet. Maybe even the universe.
    boy I miss blog land. I love you Missie.

    1. Hi Sweet RosemaryB, and yes these chairs will be pretty nice actually, but then again in yellow buffalo plaid, how could I possibly go wrong lol....and I so agree with you, Monchat is no doubt the protector...and Sumo well his expressions tell it all...he fills our hearts daily with so much love for all his and Monchats antics x

  9. The pictures of the boys...lol! I love that you caught them smelling, your pretty yard must smell divine. You know I have such a chair addiction. I am embarrassed to say how many chairs I have purchased and re-done...lol. My kids have made fun of me for years, but needless to say, there are plenty of places to sit around here. I can't wait to get started on our shared passion of chair and craft. You are sure to inspire me with your incredible creativity. xx

    1. they are so funny in the garden...they get out but a couple times a week, they are getting much better about coming in...again they can never be out there without us...and I suppose they love chairs too..they both have claimed the biscuit chair....and I do have a share of chairs...but we seem to have quite a few loungers....now that would be a job to tackle when I decide ours need a new look...they still look all brand new at the moment lol

  10. What fun projects you always get into!! Can't wait to see all your beautiful yellow. :)

    1. Ohhhhhhhh Kris, good morning, I was out most of the day yesterday,gathered necessary tools and such for my side chair...I am ready to sand more today, and I am making a couple more new curtains for our french doors that lead to our deck....summer brings creativity for sure.. x

  11. I have 4 dining room chairs and a couple of wing chairs (one my mother gave) me to upholstery. I want to do a couple in the check just can't commit just yet to coordinating fabrics. Can't wait to see your chair in the yellow check. :)

    1. Ohhhh my Theresa...I am sweating with just doing 2....it is a long process if you plan on doing them right...which is my issue...I get everything before I start and then drag it on for days.......now the yellow gingham/plaid will be so perfect....so yes settling on the fabric is the biggest decision ....I have learned that plaids always go well with floral, stripes go well with mayfair swirls....lol

  12. I love the biscuit chair! It just looks like suck a nice back hugging chair. I have a hard time finding chairs to fit me too. So much more comfortable when our feet can reach the floor! I have a curbside rescue rocking chair and a wing chair style recliner to re-do. Guess I should get on it someday soon. Maybe when grandson goes to wee care this fall? I feel sure the projects will be easier without his help. ;)Can't wait to see how your projects go.....Have a great weekend.

    1. HI Mary Ann, I am with you...a big reason why I wanted this chair was it suit me perfectly and as I am 5 feet only...I can rest my feet on the floor easily......Yes having less help when upholstering is key...the boys have to stay inside while I am outside....lol. yes to a great weekend x


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