Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Drippings of HONEY.... and SWEEET LOVE

Seems HONEY is a theme in our home this week..
This paint for my antique side chair is called HONEY BUTTER.
It really  is dripping of sweetness don't you think?

I first primed it, sanded it, used a tack cloth to remove the residue,
then gave it a 1st coat, let it dry, sanded it again lighted, added a 2nd coat
waited again, sanded and used a tack cloth and gave it a 3rd coat..

All done with a roller so you do not see any paint strokes...
So I will sand it down one more time and give it a 4th coat this morning..
It has a satin finish, I was hoping for a high gloss, but this is sweetening
me up to the soft finish...

Thin coats will last longer than one thick one...
Kinda like honey on toast, a thin coat is always sweeter....

So I am back  into a routine...rather MY KIND of routine...
I like to have a weekly project that gets completed...

Last week it was to design new Valences for our French doors..
Check that off...They really look pretty and pick up on the Grey Buffalo Plaid
that frames our kitchen windows...

Remember these? Studio E has this great buffalo plaid...
and their greys and white contrast really is striking...
the White Lace above was my Nanny's bed skirt that I re-purposed! 

So our new Valences drip of HONEY ...the added lace that I hand sewed
into the hem is perfect....I don't like to see top stitching on my curtains...
I don't know why...maybe because my sweet Nanny did the same...
and hand stitching makes it so your lace added is perfectly straight...

During coats of paint, I worked on more markings on our Couple Quilt...
As you note, I did have some help in finding all the pins....
It is almost impossible to lay any fabric on the floor in hopes that  markings for a quilt
will be done in minutes...
The Riot boys and I spent a few hours downstairs yesterday as the heat
was pretty high and it is always cooler in our basement..

Of course with all that play, one must take a nap....

While Monchat went to the library searching for MICE books...Mice books
really? lol

ahhhhhh that caught Sumo's attention...here is he under my tea cart....
He is a such a sweet guy.....
By this time, it is time to have lunch and a little nap....I just love how he embraces his tail..
He is filling this straw stand....although much smaller than Monchat..
he is growing a little....he is much leaner than his brother...
As you can see Monchat, is getting wide and at times thinks he is a BUNNY too....

Life here is really just that you know....Drippings of SWEET HONEY....
Every day there is something to smile about and you can count on 
our Riot Boys to do just that...

So today, I will work on sanding and painting one more time...
and tomorrow, I must head out to get some notions
and tools to complete this upholstering project...

I am going to cut out some material for a duffle bag pattern,
the kind you can carry on a plane that requires no baggage checks....
stay tuned for that...there will be some HONEY BUTTER colour
to add to this project..


And you know what really we need more of besides sweetness ?

you guessed right...


you may need a tissue...it just makes me cry..
anyone have a tissue? 


  1. Love the chair! It is looking wonderful. Also love your valances. That lace is stunning. Yay for repurposing!

    1. HI Charlotte, well it is coming together nicely...now if all my tools come in this week, it is possible I will be sitting my touche in it by the weekend...lol And I love lace, I always seem to be ordering 10 yard lots, has I can always find a place for them....

  2. Your boys are so, so sweet and I really love the pictures in action (or sleeping). My parents' cat (she is already around 17 or 18, we don't know it for sure), covers her eyes with her paw. That's funny to watch, too.
    Greetings, Rike

    1. HI Rike...yes cats, do the funniest things....Our Girls, T-cup and Sumatra always used to cover their faces..the boys not so much, possibly because they never nap that long....they are always listening....17-18 years old is a nice age....x

  3. Your "new" chair is coming along nicely. The boys are so sweet and look like great helpers. "Mice books" interesting. May have to check that out! I know just the book! Have a lovely day. Stay cool.

    1. HI MARY, finished the last coat...I can now say I really like the finish....and those boys...well no paint near them...had to take my project outside, to keep us all safe..imagine paw prints all over the place.......Mice books, there are not any out there are there lol...x

  4. I had to switch to flat head pins as one of our furry feline "helpers" was pulling out the pins in my work! I also have to use a magnetic pin cushion as the stuffed ones attrack her attention. Our grey tabby with the white tuxedo loves threads so I had to have my thread organized mounted high out of reach(?) and all the threads wound tightly. The latest thing is I have to remove my iron from the ironing board as my "helpers" love to jump up there. So every time I use it I close the door(forbidden in a home with cats) until it cools, then wrap the cord around it and put it away! I thought having a sewing room was going to be convenient but it hasn't worked out that way with all the accomodations I have to make for furry felines(3).

    1. Ohh my goodness Rosemary I hear you....I have to hide everything from the boys, especially threads and yarn...Monchat is a thief...I found 3 balls under a cabinet...
      and yes I keep my studio always closed..even though everything is locked up..they get in cupboards lol

  5. I love the color you used for your chair and your valence is just lovely. I love that you use ruffles and lace. I just love them. I think it makes a home warm and cozy.

  6. HI pretty lady...it is a very soft yellow, leaning towards honey and butter lol..and yes ruffles and lace and gingham will always be part of my life...glad you like it too...x

  7. Love the pictures of the boys. But....yaaaawn...I think I need a nap now! Oh and lots of mice books out. My oldest daughter's favorite was "If you give a mouse a cookie" :)

    1. Hi Mary Ann, well they are a treat when they are awake...and mice books....and here is something very odd with these riot boys, they love to be read to....so odd...but I don't have mice books.. lol

  8. What brand is the Honey Butter paint . That is so pretty .

    1. Hello, hold on I will check, I know it is a Behr quart and cost 25.00+ Premium ultra, primer and blocker... Now the lady named Pat who assisted reduced the colour by 20% to get it to match my material...this is an important note..

  9. I really like your chair....can't wait to see it done. What kind of paint do you use?. I am going to try some chalk paint on some old pieces of furniture.

    1. HI Claudia....I am not a fan of chalk paint. I really like to add a finish that will last and not chip and there are really no shortcuts that have worked for me. Sanding painting and sanding between coats is all I know....I used a Behr Premium ultra paint that had a primer but I also used a coat of primer before I painted...4 very thin coats with 2 days overnight and 4 hours between each coat even though 2 would have been fine..It is now done and ready for upholstering..... I have painted a lot, Dulux has always been the best paint I have used..this one is fine, with a roller, but I will return to Dulux.... hope that helps.

  10. Very Sweet Honey color and I like how carefully you paint and then lightly sand and then paint again to create a very durable long-lasting finish. The soft glow is perfect for Honey. Lovely curtains and valences and of course no one can ever have too much lace. Love your Riot Boys and their Sweet personalities. Love...Sweet Love...

    1. HI Sherry....it is a very light colour...enough to note once fabric is on..and yes I think the sanding is what gives the finish product a long lasting look...I am not for the rough spots. I want it to be all painted and looking like new lol Ahhh the valences are a nice touch for the summer and so agree, lace is always welcomed here.... and the boys....welllllllll those boys have me up...they brought a mouse to bed....finally caught, David is back to sleep...I am sleeping on the lounger lol

  11. That color for the chairs is really yummy looking. It is going to make a great finish. Love the curtains too, Samm.

    The riot boys seem to be loving their new life.

    1. HI Mary....white would have been ice however this colour matches the yellow plaid so perfectly.. and the curtains, already look like they have always been here...the others are already washed and pressed for the winter months... And yes the riot boys keep us out of bed and on our toes ....they are happy....wish they were not as much and bringing critters to bed lol eeek, I knew I should get mice books in the library lol

  12. Your chair is going to be so beautiful. Can't wait to see it with the gingham! I love how your new curtains on the doors marry all of your colors together. That print couldn't be more perfect.The boys always put a smile on my face...just look at those poses. So adorable. Lots of LOVE being sent your way my sweet friend. I am doing my part. xx

    1. Good Morning Cori...well I am sure that gingham will find it's way onto that chair as soon as I have the supplies..they will be here tomorrow...and the colour is very soothing...and our boys kept us up last night...you would of loved those pics...lol

  13. Oh Honey,
    All the things are bee-eautiful! You must have got a buzz seeing how sweet your chair is looking. hee.....hee....

    1. HI Karen, well I will be buzzing even more when I get all the materials needed...I can see it done, it will be a beauty...x

  14. Dear Sam,
    this wonderful color will perfectly fit to yellow fabric (you mentiones yellow checks you will take for the chair, right?). But so many coats - very diligent. I think I would not have the patience to do so many coats ...
    Love the pictures of your riot boys.


    1. ahhh Hilda.. I have learned not to rush any process anymore...less clean, less taking apart...so I enjoy the process so much more...the paint is flawless...lol Love our boys, they make our lives so sweet.. x

    2. And yes HIlda...the fabric is yellow and cream check...about 2 inches square....it will match perfectly ..x

  15. Your chair looks lovely Samm. Can't wait to see it upholstered. The riot boys are looking robust. Good thing for AC in this heat, they look like they are wearing winter coats.

    1. HI sweet Ev, within a week, it should be done..almost afraid to mess it up in anyway...supplies will be here tomorrow.... and yes boys are fine....today is good so they are keeping cool x


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