Tuesday, June 14, 2016

Cheering my MAN ...and you for helping him out!

 1st day of my  man's ride to conquer cancer....To show his true passion for this sport, look at his
licence plate CYCLE4VR.  So him.... He is all geared up with all the necessary cycle attire....
shoes, gloves, helmet, padded seat,  cycle shorts with lots of padding..light bike, thin thin tires lol...

Here is their route...They began in Niagara Falls and  end up in Hamilton 118 km 1st day....The weather was brutal for the riders high 90's in temperature and winds that felt like they were forever climbing mountains...NO breaks at all that 1st day...

But my David kept cycling....over 6 hours of riding a bicycle...

Here he is leaving me behind. I was his chauffeur, cheerleader, 
dietician and let me tell you I too was exhausted lol. 

This was my cheering sign....Who Hearts YOU, well me...( of course)

Not too many riders were paying attention..
their faces tell all...They were exhausted and frustrated
with dealing with the heat and very crazy winds...

My heart went out to them all....
I know it was taking its' toll on my David
when he called at the pit stops, he was winded
and I could sense in his voice this was a challenge that needed to be conquered.

I kept cheering them on.....

Finally David sees me and my cheering sign. 
Even though weather conditions were not on their
side, his smile tells it all...
I refuelled him with more power balls
and a kiss...and off he was again...

Ok, 2nd day, we are up at the crack of dawn,
load up all his gear again, and this day
the weather was comfortable in the 70's and the wind
was on their backs nearly the whole trip
except for the last 5 miles....
another 118 km to 120 km

Many riders were smiling and waving and  love 
us cheerleaders...I was the only one at this resting point
so I cheered them and you could tell they were happy
to see me and happy with the conditions...

Here is my Man at half way mark....he is happy 
today, and can talk without being winded
and happy that the weather conditions for all of them
was perfection...

And he completes another Ride to Conquer Cancer...
They raised over 17 million dollars for research
thanks to so many of you.

He truly is my hero. My life is so much better
with him in it. So thank you all who were his
cheerleaders too...
He rocks my world every day!

  ps. he sent a huge thank you to all those he sponsored then added this one..

A message from David Geen webmaster@conquercancer.ca.

Hi Again,

There's one thank you that my brain dead fatigue left out - my biggest cheerleader through all of this has been my darling Samm. She has been there, supporting me, loving me & cheering me on throughout this whole journey. From making sure I was well fed (& boy, was I well fed), to chauffeuring me around, to always reassuring me that I could do this, even when I wondered myself if it was possible. She never let me believe it wasn't. 
She was there through my treatment, through the tough times & she was there to celebrate the victories. While I still thank you all for your support, I truly couldn't have done it without her. Her surprise appearances at cheering stations with huge signs of love & encouragement made me laugh & brought new life to my legs & spirit. When I struggle, she's there to lean on. When I doubt, she's there to remind me of past victories and those to come. When I hurt, her loving touch always soothes my pain.
So thank you, my darling Sparky for always, always being there for me. "Love" just isn't a big enough word for what we have.

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  1. He is an inspiration....and so are you. congratulations David for riding the ride!

    1. ahhh gracie....and I will share your cheer to him

  2. These pictures tell quite a story Samm. What a love story you two are writing... so very inspiring and sweet as can be. You have to post that email he sent out to all of us about you... still melts my heart. Your man has such a way with words like someone else I know *wink. Thank you for a little peek into your sweet love affair with him. It is so romantic, and easy to see why you both are always smiling. Congratulations David! I knew you could do it. x

    1. Hi Cori...took 269 photos...I know that to be true as I placed them on a stick for him to put away with his memories of this ride.. I just added the message about me his sparky...still brings tears to my eyes.. he felt your cheers, let me tell you that certainly was motivation too and all those who suffer from cancer...he did it for them xx

  3. Quite an accomplishment! Great job David and his cheerleader Samm!

    1. HI Dawn....he is amazing ....no doubt there...and I am proud to be his cheerleader in life...x

  4. Awesome! Well done to David - He did it - again!! And to you for being such a cool cheerleader to him and others who needed your 'spark'

    1. HI Karen...well we heard cheering in NZ was that you and BAAAaah...lol

  5. Congratulations to David. I am so happy you two found each other because it is obvious the pair of you were meant to be. I feel y'all are perfect for each other.

    1. Hello Mary Ann, funny about finding each other....we had friends for many years trying to get us together, and I always avoided the contact until we met at a trade show and I immediately fell in love...it was love at first sight...just think we could have been happier sooner lol.. He really completes my life x

  6. Yeah, David (and Samm). That first day sounded brutal with the heat, but glad to hear he finished strong.

    1. thanks Mary....for the YEAH lol. and my goodness, I was melting in the car and in A/C ...no way could I have done that ride....

  7. So glad the weather changed for them. What a great cheerleader you are. God has blessed you both. So glad for you.

    1. HI Tonia...yes I don't think he could have done another Sat., Sunday was so much better...

  8. Congratulations to David and to you for always being there for him. It is good to see all the pictures of David. I was cheering him on from here. What a great accomplishment. You both are amazing.

    1. Hi Mary...I had a pin a USA pin that was sent that had blinkies for IL, UTAH and TX....so we were well covered for cheerleaders...He did well...it was brutal for him, scary at times as cyclist were dropping like wet feathers.....xx

  9. A huge congratulations to David for accomplishing his goals, even with the extreme weather conditions on Saturday. The love you both have for each other really shines bright through your words.

    1. Gratitude to you Jan.....he was doing it for you ....for any who know someone with cancer....he rode for them...and he heard those cheers from IL....they were pretty heartfelt.

  10. Awww....just too sweet! Congats to David....to the two of you!

    1. what a nice note..thanks Theresa....will pass it onto my man..


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