Wednesday, May 4, 2016

There is LIGHT and I had to have it..!

I wish I could say there is something wrong with me.... you know 
my relationship with gingham....but there is no cure for that 
so am I  not going to explore that any further..:)

But I do have this ailment when it comes to LIGHT!
I recently found this on EBAY, it is a TEA POT
and the shade is at least 50 years old.....

I got it for less than $20.00
Even Monchat thought it was a great find..
here he is inspecting it lol

Of course it will need a gingham shade...I just wrapped some gingham around it for now..
this is not what it will look like...
I have something pressing to do at the moment, so it will 
wait....but I will be eyeing it from my stitching corner along with my boys....
Here they were head to head...they just make my heart swell.
they are so close in so many ways...

This is where they have been all morning, while I have been busy 
hand quilting Cori's Paper Ladies Queen Size Quilt...

After her taking it to a reputable machine quilter, it was well
to say it mildly TERRIBLE the QUILTING was  stitched with ALIENS all over it...
the woman ruined it...Cori took it all apart, saved the Paper Ladies..
and was stumped on how to quilt it....

I threw it out there..."I will do it"..."I will hand quilt it".., nothing else will 
do as the whole quilt is hand appliqued perfectly...

So here I am on Day 2, well actually I only started it last night..
I have done 4 squares consisting of 2 heart quilting 
and gingham like around 2 paper ladies....

I have a ways to go but I think I can complete this within the week...
I love hand quilting...there is something about all that PUCKERING
that sheds so much LIGHT on what our ancestors did in quilt making...

They were the true designers of quilts...they designed, they cut,
they sewed, quilted it all by hand... they seem to be the ones
we talk about, the ones we will always remember,
the ones that are the true CLASSICS!

Cori's Paper Ladies Quilt will be one of those!
oh and not because of my quilting ....lol
ok maybe a little...

( the blue lines will disappear once ironed....)

While I was putting up this post I found this folder of photos 
that have never been seen by you...that I thought I would share
of the Riot boys and T-cup...

I actually remember this day, Day 2 of Sumo being home, playing peek-a-boo in my studio...

 And soon after that it was time to rest with T-cup...This was only a few days of him being home and T-cup really loved the wee fellow.... My heart swells at the sight of our wee girl...Gosh she is missed...

Sumo playing under the stool...he was so fluffy! 

Sitting by the window....he was only 3.5 months old here....look at his expression..
"what are all those flying things out there" lol or something like that...

And then Monchat came home...." don't you dare" or something like that lol 

Monchat had only been home for 3 days when he and Monchat would run up and down
the tower like it was part of his world forever...they both were so little...

Well so much for my mini break, I have a quilt that needs my fingers, thread and scissor..


  1. Oh my gosh, I am so happy you and Cory have been able to save the Paper Ladies quilt. Poor Cory, she must have been in tears. It is a lot of work to take one apart, I know, I've had to do it. Sweet of you to hand quilt it for her. It will be even more special to her now.
    The lamp is cute, definitely you, or will be with a new shade. I love the little flashback of the boys you provided. My how they have grown!

  2. HI Mary Ann, ahhh she cried, I cried......which is why I wanted to hand quilt it....and I really love hand quilting especially this one....so yes I think she will be so thrilled when I complete it.. and yes my lamp...love my lamps..I do have quite a few of those too...preferring these lights over ceiling ones...and the boys ...they keep growing..not so much Sumo, he has slowed down..but Monchat..oh my and does he eat a lot..

  3. Loving the lamp Samm... and the boys, well you can see where they got the name Riot boys..lol. I couldn't help but to laugh at these pictures. Those two are so cute. There is so much character in two little balls of fur. ...and lets not forget about the QUILTING!!! Oh my, LOVE it! Sometimes we have to fail in order to make our success that much more sweet. This one is a perfect example of that. I really had my work cut out for me with this quilt...and now, with your quilting (still can't believe you volunteered to do this) it is going to be the most treasured quilt. I still have to pinch myself that you are actually doing this for me. It looks a million times better already! Trust you to turn another interesting situation into a most treasured memory.... you just have a way of doing that. xxx

    1. Hi Cori...well I am seriously thinking of painting it white so you can see more the detail of the twisted wire. And our boys...wellllll, they teach me something every day, I think they make me a better person, as I treasure every moment...and while quilting your quilt, it is a nice time to ponder on all those things that make our spring special...Every spring I have hand quilted something... this year yours....

  4. Love your new lamp Samm. Photos of the kitties are always welcome. Sorry to hear of the bad experience with the machine quilting. I LOVE the fact that you are hand stitching it. Your stitches are exquisite! and I love the pattern that you are using. It so fits the quilt. It is a joy to see a labour of love by two lovely ladies! Hats of the Cori and you!

    1. Hi Ev...yep it is me...the lamp...lol and the pattern for the hearts is Cori all the way, I only take credit for the gingham style in the circles...lol had to get it there somewhere..Cori did all the markings..so she soooo deserves all that credit too..all I am doing is hand quilting lol.

  5. Great find. Love your stitching. Your cats are so adorable.

    1. I thought so Linda...it will fit nicely on our mantle...I really like soft lights in our home.
      and our riot boys..I so agree wink..

  6. You can do it! Keep stitching! I've had to take out machine quilting too, actually I've done it twice, come to think of it. Bless your heart. It will be an heirloom, it already is with her beautiful applique.

    1. Corrie, I think everyone has had nightmares with machine quilting..which is why I have always hand quilt my quilts....oh you should see the whole thing...it is absolutely beautiful- all the detail is spectacular..x

  7. That is a cute lamp and I'm glad you put a gingham shade on it. It would also look great in red gingham.

    1. ohhh Rosemary, I thought of that too....if I could find another similar shade, that is a thought lol...

  8. Oh Samm! Taking out all the machine quilting must have been a bear! What a shame. I'm a hand-quilter and have been trying to learn machine quilting. For me it's been hard.
    Anyway, love your ebay find! And of course pics of the boys always make me happy!

    1. WEllllll it was Cori who took it all apart, it was completely ruined except for the Paper Ladies she saved...had to do a whole new topper... I actually love hand quilting, and I do not want to learn machine lol. goodness me I would really mess it up..x

  9. So sorry about Cori's quilt but what a friend you are hand quilting it for her. It certainly will make it a very special quilt - memories!

    1. I love doing it..and there is so much detail I get to look at it close and personal x


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