Friday, May 27, 2016

Sprinkling of colour, a lesson in WHITE gardening..

Does this not just scream Summer.?..   Although our bedroom  has always seen chenille duvets and bedspreads, it is really time for a change...NOW this is a biggy, with cats and all, but I think it will be a welcome change that will bring our garden into our home...

David never minds all the floral sheets we have as they are hidden with the chenille covers, at the moment a butter cream chenille covers them....but this will  not be covered up..OH NO....it will scream GARDEN and SUMMER... and he will not be able to help being  swooned by it's beauty. He loves Gardens and florals as much as I...even though we have an All white Garden...all white in our bedroom would not be enough...it needs COLOUR....... Surely he will come to love it as much as I...

and speaking of Colour...look at what is happening in our Fairies in the Tea Garden...and it begins from here....my oasis from the world....from here I can view our entire Tea Garden....
Nearly every morning I take my coffee, muffin and laptop out here to begin my day.... AND
Of course there would be a sprinkling of RBD Gingham, my tables have gingham
laminates and a nice cotton gingham throw for those cool nights..
and except for the Boston Fern, every thing  is a sprinkling of white florals..
Petunia do very well in our garden, so I have a few hanging plants and planters filling them
with some gaping bacopas, tiny white cascading florals..

It is not even at its peak this am, the Viburnums bushes, which now seems like a wall- are
now almost 10 feet tall and over 80 feet in length, we have 9 of these sprinkling around our Fairies in the Tea Garden. We call it this because at night hundreds upon hundreds of fireflies come out
to play. The white blooms glow in the dark along with their LIGHTED BUTTS :)

A close up of these pure white clusters...they will get larger by the end of the weekend.
They really do look like snowballs, they are about 4-5 inches in diameters and there
are thousands of them already in our Garden. 

A new addition this year, some creeping phlox, it is a perinneals, so we won't be purchasing
this again ...it will spread around 2 feet per season, so I got 3 of them for one of the gardens
where the pear tree is...already it is in full bloom with delicate daisy like florals...
pretty, and the smell  is so sweet.....

These are at the very back of our garden, we have 3 large bushes of these BRIDAL WREATH
they only flower in the spring, but they keep spreading and make for an excellent green wall 
for the rest of the summer.. Every home we have had bridal wreath has always been
planted, they are a perennial and can handle a hot summer.

These are also new perennials and they are called False Sea Thrift
they remind me of purple clover you see in the fields...but they are white of course
now I don't pay attention to prices when I am at the garden centre ( I should though)
these were 10.00 a plant, and I purchased 3 of them...however they will keep spreading
and come up each year so I suppose it is a good deal...we will see...so far though
I like what they look like in the west side garden...
It says they are a great edging plant...they are about a foot tall...

and how I love COSMOS, these are good size starters, they grow all summer till the first
frost and they can climb to about 6 feet tall, hence their cages...
I purchased 5 of them this year, 2 on the west side and 2 for the east garden
between the lilac bushes and viburnums...
I know a lot of WHITE....lol

We only have 1 white lilac bush it sits at the base of my clothes line.
It has done well, it is around 5 feet tall now and 4 feet white and at the base
of our garden, all you can smell are lilacs and lilies of the valley....oh my I love those smells

And White Petnuias have now been replaced by the white geraniums we used to plant 
all around the garden and her planters. They have not done well the last couple of summers
so we replaced them with these hearty lacy petunias....
They are so delicate and keep flowering all summer...I added MOSS this time to the
triple mix soil, as they like water..and they seem to be flourishing except that one in
the middle..possible first photo shoot..and she is shy!

Ohhhhh and my sweet bacopas a perfect cascading plant...
I purchased some white trash cans, for $4.00 a piece versus
garden centers at $14.00....and they are perfect for our deck...

And speaking of DECK, look at what Mary found...Gingham garden shoes-
I just love them they have seen a lot of my garden and already look pretty worn...
they are so comfortable and really are the perfect addition to our garden....
( I wonder if they have them in RED) lol

And for those who just check in for the Riot Boys...well they are still grounded 
from last weeks escapade...:) And they are not happy about it...
Frankly it really is too warm for them anyway...today they are asleep on their towers
with the A/C on...

Now we still have batches of Daisies, Peonies  and our back garden that has 5 Hydrangeas..
 that have not even blossomed yet..
they come a bit later... so welcome to 
our Fairies in the Tea Garden....

It is the weekend again...gosh our spring 
is turning into summer so quickly....
I am going to be busy sandwiching my Always Couple quilt
so I can hand quilt it over the summer...more soon...

so Cheerio, hope you will come and chat again...


  1. Your garden is more beautiful than ever. The snowball bushes are so impressive. You will have to capture a picture of those fireflies. I haven't ever even seen one of those, but I am sure it must be pretty magical. I feel just like your boys... pressing my face next to the screen for a better view...lol. Wish I could go out there too. xx

  2. HI Cori, well every year it blossoms and spreads just a bit more...we have been very patient and have kept our perenials to a minimum, and good thing we did as the Viburnums have really spread making up of at least 60% of our garden edges... and yes the boys would welcome the company no doubt about that...lol

  3. Lovely, everything! The bedspread, the kitties, the flowers - oh, my!

    1. HI Jodi,so nice to see you...and oh my...I say that almost every day...x

  4. What a lovely garden you have Samm! And I'm in love with your corner!

    1. Hello Olga...thank you my sweet lady..you come by anytime....it is quite cozy. x

  5. Lovely yard. I didn't even know lavender came in white. I bet it smells heavenly. I know it is a lot of work but so satisfying to see the results isn't it? Have a great weekend.

    1. And yes Mary Ann, lilac bushes come in white, they actually smell more than the lavender ones...very soft ....it will be nice to sit in the garden this weekend....but we do need a bit of rain....x and you too...to a lovely weekend

  6. Your home feels like home, I love it,...

    1. ahhh Ingrid....what a nice think go to say.. HOME is where ever we are.....

  7. Hi Missy Samm, I love flowers and girly stuff too and hubby loves it. Whatever makes me happy, then he is. :-)
    I love the flowers on the white linen!
    Your kittie boys are so good. Miles and Pierro are 6 and 8 years and still get into plenty of mischief

    1. HI Miss Rosemary, who would not love any kind of flowers..I just showed David and surprising , he actually liked it...I suppose he is like your hubby.."if wifey is happy, he is too lol" And our riot boys are being good because they are NOT outside...and besides, it is way too hot for them...Sumo would no doubt fair well anyway.... have a great weekend.

  8. Stunning whites against the greens in your Faerie Gardens. Your deck oasis is truly an area for peace and calm...perfect way to begin any day.

    1. Sweet Sherry, you drop by any time....the faeries would no doubt love you...it is a very quiet and calm place to be, morn, noon and night...I am sitting outside writing you..and the yards is full of fireflies....

  9. Samm
    your garden is gorgeous!! Beautiful white!!
    And your riot boys are so sweet!
    Have a sunny weekend!

    1. Hello Alain...nice to have you visit in the garden...and yes a sunny weekend it will be....enjoy it too x

  10. Samm, I love visiting your corner of the world!! So beautiful :)
    But I HAVE to know.... are the boys still grounded?????

    1. Hi Sue, you are so sweet...well it has been nice but a bit warm already today, SOOOOOOO the riot boys are still grounded but only because it is a bit too hot for Sumo and his delicate heart....maybe this evening, we will let them out....Their grounding time was 6 days...lol. They will be so pleased someone is taking an interest in them lol

    2. Ohh, I love them so much from afar! :) And as we know, Carmello and Sonia don't know hee hee

    3. Well Sue, I have told the boys "MUMM's the word" and I think they got the message along with a little nuzzle from you wink... So Carmello and Sonia will be never know..

  11. Replies
    1. Corrie, that it is...I did spend some time out there this am....took more pics...it really looks heavenly....

  12. Beautiful flowers and beautiful boys!

  13. I love that comforter! I passed a house today with white petunias and it made me think of you - so beautiful. :) blessings, marlene

    1. Hi Marlene, i thought you would like this....it should be here next week ...white petunias....are like silk ruffles....x


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