Monday, May 30, 2016

Cuffs need some GINGHAM and our VIEWS today...

My day was spent stitching GINGHAM, oh what a surprise that must be for you
to read....But this time, I stitched them inside the cuffs of some Chaps, Denim Jackets..
This is what I got done today... Red, white and a bright PINK...
all from  RILEY BLAKES GINGHAM...( love them for keeping their gingham basics) and  they matched up perfectly...
I did them all my hand , it is a very subtle look but it is there...

My white jacket did not have 3/4 sleeves so I cut those off and made them 3/4
you can see the seam, I even French Seamed them....
The PINK one is off to someone who can pull off that colour better than me...
I still have a black, blue and soft pink one to do up...
These were from a GF who was cleaning up her wardrobe and sold
them to me...for a very good price. Chaps are great denim jackets
they never wear out...I don't think she ever really wore them...

And from my lounger this was my view...it was a perfect morning to sit outside 
on our deck, even though a few clouds came rolling by, there was a soft breeze
that just kept the warmth down and kept the seasonal bugs from bugging me...
How white those cumulus cloudsare...pretty yes..

And I have a couple pots hanging on the back barnwood wall...so pretty they were this am...
And this is the WALL of white snowballs from the viburnums....again they must
have grown even taller this past few days...they must be 10-12 feet tall now...
and they stretched almost 80 feet....I bet there are hundreds and hundreds of white
blossoms...they will last still another week....

And here is the view the Riot boys had today...
They are not grounded anymore, but it takes both of us at home
to watch them...so they sat inside by the window
where they had a clear view of me in my lounger..

And yes they whined, but mostly they were quiet
and I am sure reflecting when they will be out there this evening...
This was last night....

Gives you an ide how large these viburnums are...Sumo looks lost in there....
he was so loving his time outside...

Here is Monchat watching my lounger...of course I was inside taking the pic...
but this is what I look at from outside in..
He just jumped on my chair to give me a head butt...
Gosh he makes me smile...

You can see how different they are in personalities...
in life they are just full of LOVE....

Monchat does not wander too far , afraid to be grounded..
here he is stretching at my feet, possibly begging to stay out 
just awhile longer...

Thanks for coming by and sharing the view with us...
the Riot Boys love your notes too...
I kiss them for each one...

They certainly don't look like they are suffering from a lack
of attention ---do they? 

cheerio. off to make supper
and get ready for ROOTS this evening..
4 nights of the epic that was the most view sequel
in 1977 I believe.....


  1. LOVE this whole post, and the jackets with the gingham are DARLING! But I have to say that your little signature lady with the gingham skirt is beyond adorable. I'd love to spend some time looking at your beautiful view. And those boys....love them!

    1. Hi Carolyn, I never seem to run out of ideas on what to do with gingham and like this basic line, it will outlast us all.. and yes my new sig, really looks like me...I have quite a few gingham clothes...and the boys...well they will get a kiss from you. xx

  2. The gingham is exactly what your jackets needed. Your view is a perfect backdrop to your gingham stitching. What a beautiful day! The teenagers are a bit rambunctious, but it won't be too long before they settle down and lay at your feet I am sure. Sounds like the perfect day Samm... just love to see the pictures of your boys. They are the most handsome guys. xx

    1. Denim jackets are lovely but add some gingham inside the cuffs Cori and they are raised to new heights in fashion..I wonder if Ralph Lauren would be impressed..he used so much gingham in his lines.....and those teens well you know what they are all about...can be moody, reflective but also so lovable.

  3. Replies
    1. Oh Mary the weather has been so nice, although we really need some rain, we are to have a downfall tomorrow...

  4. Love your attention for details, Madame Samm! A little corner of heaven: the white garden, kitties and you stitching gingham; who could ask for more?

    1. Hellllllo Geta...well your company would be icing on the cake..or meringue on the pie, or cherry on the sundae...wink. x

  5. Oh, great use for the gingham - love it. What expressions those boys have. Too cute!

    1. HI Karen....yes you know my passion for gingham...I don't think this will change anytime soon lol....and the boys...well they are my boys x

  6. That wall of flowers is stunning! Just gorgeous. They do dwarf Sumo! How lucky you are to be smart enough to enjoy all the little nuances of your life. Many people do not take the time to live in the here and now. Sad for them. Have a good week.

    1. HI Mary Ann, well today is I was out and about...so it is good to be home..I am sitting on the deck waiting for David to come home for a light supper of hummus and pita and veggies...I think we need to all be reminded of how lovely slowing the pace really is..
      you too sweetie....to a lovely week.x

  7. I just love your posts- everything about them! Oh by the way, we watched Finding Vivian Maier- so interesting, and quite sad, don't you think?

    1. ahhh thanks Sue...how kind...you know I don't have your email, drop it so I can write you back.... and yes about V.M. but you know I could identify with her....not wanting the limelight...she would be devastated at what is going on...

  8. Samm, what a lovely post! Thank you for sharing your mood with us!

    1. Good Day Olga....ahhhh you are so sweet in your note...I do love this time of year...a rebirth of the most amazing beauty...x


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    1. thank you always nice to hear from you


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...