Thursday, April 14, 2016

Some Downton revisiting.....and Riot Boys joining me for a photo shoot.

I picked up this poster print of Downton Abbey, we have a theatre room with 
posters of movies that mean something to us...We have Ghost, Titanic and now 
Downton Abbey ( ok, so this was a series) 
to add to our collection.... I have them all plack mounted,
inexpensive and they have a nice flat finish- so easy to wipe down...

I also had this small black and white of the characters upstairs and downstairs
as a reminder...LIKE I am ever going to forget them... that one is only 8 x 10
so you can see the poster print is quite large...

I have the DVD's a couple books and that is it for this chapter of something
David was happy to share with me...
Ohhhh I have a mug too....... had to go back up to take another photo...
Here is the D.A. Mug too...

Ok, that does it .... I think I supported D.A. in due diligence!

The boys seeing me outside were eager to join, so after I put everything away
out they came....I am telling you it is a 2 hour workout with them...
They take on such different personalities than they do inside with us...

I think you will see some contrasts....lol

Sumo- in our home is a darling, very independent ( at times)  and loving too.
He likes to cuddle when Monchat is sleeping, likes to have a lot of one on one time..
Rarely comes when called.... He comes when he wants to...wink...
He sleeps more these days and I have noticed he has slowed down in his growth spurt,
a big reason I am sure is- his failing heart . He eats much less than Monchat too!

When outside, he is very cautious, never strays too far from me and the sun bothers
his bright blue eyes...so he squints a lot...he is slow outside, he wants to sniff
everything and is very curious about our garden... He keeps checking to see where I am
when I am trying to keep Monchat within my view...

Cannot wait to see how they will react when everything is in bloom!

 Now Monchat is like a Jekyll and Hyde... He is so sweet in our home, looks at me lovingly all the time, comes when calls, very gentle, approachable and downright funny..

OUTSIDE, welllllll, he takes on quite a different personality...
"Leave me alone" attitude, except when the wind comes sweeping in..
It creeps him out a bit...as you can note him backing up...

He is FIERCE, has so much attitude, like he owns the whole YARD...
it is HIS and he will do what he wants...He will not come when called..
in fact after a couple of hours...I was too pooped to take any more photos..
I took Sumo in first....and when I went to get Monchat, he was under the stairs...

"NOPE, I am not coming in....." I had to crawl under the porch to get him
and all the while he was whining....

Well they are both in the house now... I just checked on them
while writing this post...and look what I found....

Like wee tots, fresh air plain tuckers them out...
and me too...except I have burgers to make...
so off I go to make supper for my honey...

Even sleeping they have attitude!
Well Monchat does -wink..


  1. If the boys liked it outside today, they are going to be real excited this weekend. The weatherman was promising real double digits! I think that I can safely store the snow shovels now! Love your Downton Abbey collection.

    1. Ev, we may have to get them on leashes though...it was hard getting them in today...
      we try not to let them out too much even with constant supervision....as they are indoor cats...

  2. Oh, gorgeous - like all children - when sleeping! Love that they have such different personalities - very special.

    1. so different Karen and yet loved very much the same....funny how two can be so different and yet so alike as far as likability..

  3. So sweet. We have six, in various ages and personalities. As you say they are a joy and comfort.

    1. as in six cats ....oh my, that must be a full full time job just cleaning litter boxes...lol.
      what a lovely pet keeper you are...the joy is such a bonus..

  4. You created a nice Downton Abbey corner in your movie room.
    Such darling pictures from the boys in the garden.

    1. Hi Brigitte, D.A. is covered in our memory bank that is for sure and those boys...are so loved x

  5. So sweet, love the picture with those pink toes in the air - you certainly have your hands full :)

    1. and let's not forget PINK NOSE... this seems to be our barometer for both of them..PINK is good....the fresh air is the best medicine for them....x

  6. Lovely pictures as always. I love "watching" them grow. Thanks for sharing.

    1. and that is sweet of you to say ....love sharing them with you

  7. Samm, I love watching them romp! And then sleeping- is there anything more beautiful to look at? I just adore your little guys :)
    You mentioned Ghost- omg was that good or what? We also have our favs, that being one of them. Some people don't get how I can watch a favorite movie over and over but I do. A couple of weeks ago we revisited Terms of Endearment, oh is that a good one!
    I am currently re-reading The Bell Jar- I do the same with books. My favorite author just died and I'm so sad- Pat Conroy. His book Beach Music was exquisite- have read and listened to it over and over.

    1. Oh Sue, I like that one too, I always cry... the boys hate when I cry....they get so concerned...except if we are outside, they are so different, lol
      I have many books and movies I watch over and over again......x

  8. They are really handsome. That is one thing about Ragdolls, they do not jump high. Miles and Pierro are like Monkeys. They would bust out of your yard in a jiffy :-D

    I would not worry too much about the heart murmur. Caesar and Prinnie had heart murmurs all 17 and 18 years of their lives. I had them on precautionary antibiotics when they got their teeth cleaned.
    I also did not have them immunized bc I hated those stupid shots and my kitties did not go out.
    Your boys are so sweet. It is so nice they each have their own little personality. My boys do too. They are so precious, Missie Samm

    1. yes they are so big ( even now they are and they are only 1/2 of their weight) they don't jump too high...your boys no doubt would fly for sure....I still worry about his murmur because not a week goes by that he does not give us a scare and still he is here...so thank you for the reminder... and yes no more shots for either of them....they always got sick...and Sumo we won't chance it now...The only time they will ever be outside is if we are with them...love their personalities in and out ...lol

  9. Hi Samm.....We are in Florida, about 100 miles from Kissimmee, where we will check in tomorrow. We drove about 550 miles on each of the first 2 days, whereas 10 years ago, we did about 8 to 9 hundred the first day. Now there are quite a few more rest area stops, stops to stretch the legs, along with lunch and dinner stops. I bring along quite a few audio books, which helps to make the time go faster.

    The fur coats on the boys are really filling out, and they are taking on the appearance of the beautiful Ragdolls they are. Sigh!!!!!

    Hugs to you all, with a little extra for Sumo!

  10. God Speed Sylvia...sounds like you still accomplished lots of miles...and yes their coats are lovely...sooooo soft but still kitten like as they are only half the size of what they will be....Sumo may not get too large though....noting Monchat is already heavier and fuller..x

  11. I am the only person on earth who has,not seen Downton Abbey yet! When our work settles down, I do plan to watch.
    I am still chuckling over Monchat backing away from the wind! How adorable!

    1. No tell me this is not true lol. Oh my Linda, one episode will have you hooked...
      and yes Monchat is so funny outside...very adventurous and FIERCE

  12. Replies
    1. i aceptar y volver en la misma guiño

  13. All of mine have such different personalities too. Sumo really is a darling. I also love to take my time to sniff and look at everything when I am outdoors, LOL!! What a cuddle bug Sumo is!! Monchat makes me giggle! What a silly boy! Little fluff-balls :)


    1. good morning soma, it is something that you can have a couple of felines and they can be so different. We spent sometime out again this weekend, they really teach us all so much. Through their eyes, they make us notice things we may have not before..x

  14. Downton Abbey is a delightfull serie and it's such a pity the serie ended. I found some information about the documentairy "Manners of Downton Abbey" for you in English: http://www.pbs.org/wgbh/masterpiece/programs/episode/manners-downton-abbey/.
    Here is part 2 of the documentary, I only don't know if you will be able to see it from a foreign country than mine: http://www.npo.nl/the-manners-of-downton-abbey/POMS_S_KRO_2890360.

    What a lovely pictures of the boys. Sumo's nose is just as pink as it used to be. I am reading a book about cats at the moment (Cat sense John Bradshaw) and he writes that when cats go outside they become different than when they are in the house. In the house they behave like kittens: purring, cutling, wrapping around our legs, sitting on our laps and asking for our attention. Outside they behave independant and fall back on their "wild" side. Must think of that when I read your piece about Monchat. Greets, Nienke

    1. We will never be the same now that D.A. is over however it is nice to have the collection and i have the manners one...I love watching that...he was so detailed and focused on it wasn't he? lol And yes totally agree with John, B. our boys are so different when outside which is why they are never allowed to go out without us... Monchat is the one to watch though...he is soooooo FIERCE..in a nice way of course and he is growing so large.....

  15. Of course Sumo has a cat pillow, what else would he have? That is the sweetest pic. I could look at him sleeping all day. Oh Downton, why did you end?

    1. Actually it is his blankie....Wendy had made it for me years ago, T-cup loved it..after she passed, Sumo took a liking to it...so he sleeps on it all the time...I prop it up as he likes a pillow effect for his head..I know this guy is pretty pampered.. and I feel the same about D.A. I miss it so much...but I watch the episodes and I am drawn right back in...


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