Friday, April 8, 2016

It is never just BLACK AND WHITE ....

It was a week ago today that Cori introduced me to Vivian Maier, since then, I have dug up her history- what is known, many photographs that just draw me in. What I have noted was many of her photos had people reading newspapers....And that got me thinking...We possibly may be the generation that will see newspapers go out of style! It won't be long before newspapers publication will seize. I can't tell you the last time I purchased a newspaper. I get most of  my news online through the National Observer and CBS on television.

It is evident from many things I have created, designed, sewed, I love black and white...
Our latest sleepover pillow case design called "SOAP OPERA" is almost completed...
I gather my attraction to these colours or lack of has been with me for decades...
I have been influenced to what was around me....think about that for a minute! 
What have you been influenced by?

Before my mother went into the Funeral Business, she was an executive secretary to 
the chief editor of a local newspaper. I remember as a child visiting her and being allowed
to stand at the door where the machines would be printing and rolling out the newspapers
for the next day delivery. I still remember the noise of those machines and wondered
how anyone could work without going deaf. My mother used to share with me even
at that young age that it was a "dirty business" and she did not mean all the ink that seemed
to find itself on her clothes, she often wore smocks when she had to enter the printing room...
It was never just "black and white". 

And her statement spoke volumes for me...I have travelled plenty in my lifetime, for business
and personal and the one thing I could always count on was there would always be
people reading newspapers.  You don't see that a lot these days, at least I don't.
When I frequent coffee shops, I see everyone nodding down to their iphones or ipads or laptops. 
Instead of turning pages, I see them swiping with their fingers the next screen...

I actually miss NEWSPAPERS. I would spend every morning with coffee in hand
and I would yank out the life section, followed by business than I would read the headlines..
It was a ritual that followed me for decades...

Today, I am often pouring over screens of news...
your news, your passions, your photos....

that is something Vivian, seemed to capture ...she draws you into her 
photos like you are seeing what she is seeing in that moment. 

You can get lost in her photos....these are images we may never see again...
Looking down at a phone or electronic device does not conjure up the same feelings..
nor will we see such interesting photos of them in the future...
they will seem "dull" my comparison, compared to these images...

It never is BLACK AND WHITE....we are losing so much as we venture
into technology. But we have to be thankful for a just moment...

I would not be able to write you for not for this venue...
I would not be able to share with you, what I sew, what I think....

We lose something as we move forward- 
thank goodness for the findings of Vivian Maier that has us 
thinking about this today....

Enjoy every moment, today will never be repeated...

Take this moment with our Riot Boys, Sumo whispering to Monchat
than playing with him, enjoying the moment with his best friend...

They are still cuddling on their table behind the loungers...
They remind me every day to not waste a moment
relishing all the "Black and White"  moments of our world...


  1. How tender sweet your boys are. Love the pictures of them. I do agree with you about Vivian pulling you into her world. I look at her photos and wonder how she got such candid photos of those around her. If someone comes at me with a camera, I certainly take notice. Thank goodness for her incredible talent. Had Vivian chosen to share it we would have so much more to enjoy. I am so very thankful that you share yours. xx

  2. It was the camera she had Cori, she could go up to people looking down at a box, and few would have noticed....today, we are looking at someone with our iphones or camera, so yes they take notice, we take notice lol. I have been swept up by Vivian, there is this connection, this familiarity....so it is I who thanks you for mentioned her name.....

  3. Your little fellas are so cute. Boy kitties are fun.
    They are brothers forever.
    I do miss parts of the news paper, but they were dirty. I hated that black ink all over the hands, and walls, light switches :-P
    These black and white photos are just marvelous. Those were good times.
    There is nothing artistic about everyone on their phone, texting or reading or calling.
    My kittyboys are in the sunny window in my sewing office. Oh I love sticking my face into their tummies and showering them with praise.
    Then they follow me into the kitchen for snacks. :-D

    1. So agree RosemaryBhere, boy kitties are delicious to watch, admire, and love...
      and yes newspapers, so true, they were dirty things weren't they? But I still miss them...so many things are changing and sometimes not for the best....I guess we need to share the good times , as in the simple things in life...like snack time wink..x

  4. I read the SFChronicle daily, on-line. While my husband is not as tech-savy, he still prefers the hard copy. I grew up with a father who read several newspapers daily, including his hometown paper, the Chicago Daily News, which I noticed is no longer published. He got me into the habit of reading a newspaper daily. I also read a local paper, on-line. I think there will still be a need for newsapers in the future, but maybe not print copies, on-line seems to be the way to go!

  5. I think newspapers will be around but as you said maybe only online...pity too, cause I did enjoy reading newspapers, I read everything, not in order, but I did take pride I read the news each day.. kudos to your Dad for sharing that little bit of wisdom with you.

  6. Wonderful black-and-white pictures!!!

    1. they capture so much don't they Alain...such emotions..

  7. Vivian's photo's are amazing! The wonder boys looks so cute smooching and playing with each other.

    1. there are quite a few out there..but still only a cherry on the cake..everything is held up with lawyers sadly..

  8. The pictures are sure of a "lost" decade. A friend treated me on a newspaper subscription for a few weeks and I recieve it both printed and digital. And I like the printed one so much, I am even suprised about it. It is nice to read the paper in the morning. I don't have this timeless feeling as I read the digital version. Lovely picture of the boys! Greets, Nienke

    1. Hi Nienke, I hear you...it is out generation that will miss it more than the young ones today who are attached to their phones.. we are very lucky actually to have these memories..

    2. Hi Nienke, I hear you...it is out generation that will miss it more than the young ones today who are attached to their phones.. we are very lucky actually to have these memories..

  9. Thank you for sharing more of Vivian's photos. What a gift she had for sharing and looking into peoples souls. I agree with you on so many levels about the lost art of newspapers. So much has gone digital. Too hard for me to read the screen at least for newspapers. Life brings around so many changes.

    1. HI Mary...she did so many different ones...older people, beach and car photos, self portraits, but for some strange reason all the ones with newspapers and couples intrigue me....and yes the changes are not always for the better...many have lost jobs in publication..

  10. Remember years ago when the movie industry started "colorizing" old black and white movies and many stars, including Jimmy Stewart strongly objected? There was a good reason for that.
    I'm so drawn to black and white and your articles on Vivian have been wonderful! I've been researching her since your first one.
    I no longer read the paper- you're right about things becoming extinct. Sad. One thing I miss that I used to do frequently is letter writing. Oh I've become a slave to the computer!!
    I still write to my Mom on occasion because she loves it so! And I do too :)

    1. Ohh yes I remember and to tell you the truth I feel the same about Vivian's coloured photos, it does not have the same pull on me like her black and whites..I can take a photo of hers and put it in black and white, but it is not the same...black and white film in those days was just perfect visually.. I still write letters...not as many as I used to that is for sure...but I love receiving cards and sending them too...another thing we don't see a lot of today..

  11. For me it was the Sunday morning ritual, Sunday newspapers and coffee at a cafe at the seafront!It's long gone!AriadnefromGreece!

    1. Hi Ariadne, you must miss it too...it is not the same anymore.....there is not the same feeling reading the news on a phone or other tech device?

  12. Our local paper is so skimpy it's not worth buy a paper copy. When I worked in Chicago I would buy a Sun Times at one of those huts because it was the right size to read on the train. I watched the movie on NetFlix and read the links you provided. I think a lot of people reading your blog appreciate B&W films and photos. I do. There's something about all the shades of white and black that gave it a special atmosphere all it's own. I don't like when they colorize old movies. My Dad used to bring end rolls of newspaper home so I could draw on them. They were cheap and big. I worked at a wallpaper book factory once and the printers would print all that info on the back of samples to go in the book-it was a nasty ink job. I did screen printing for the covers. I was just reading about Harvard Library's collection of old pigments. We do work with color when embroidering. Can you imagine fabric, paint, thread color pigments coming from Mummy wrappings? Ewwww.... http://www.fastcodesign.com/3058058/the-harvard-vault-that-protects-the-worlds-rarest-colors/1

    1. Hellllllo sweet lady, you know all about the commutes and sitting with a paper...it was the winding part of our day...I have not seen the movie yet as I just ordered it...I look forward to seeing it...I think many love black and white too...something that allows our brain to be less distracted...I know for a fact it calms us and allows us to see so much more...there is a science behind it actually...we learned it in marketing...love your link..how interesting to see vials upon vials of colour in storage..x

  13. Thank you for introducing me to Vivian. An incredible talent. Newspapers were the heart of the town. Sad to see them replaced.

    1. Well she is a tale in itself, her photos tell so much about her...or at least we think it does...but I am so captivated by her views....


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