Thursday, April 21, 2016

Don't know about you but I need a BOOST.... and for dessert YOU have got to see this..

You ask what keeps me going, ???
I will tell you...
it is not just 1 thing but many....
 #1 I exercise 6 x a week, ( 1 hour each day)
#2 I drink plenty of water 1/2 my weight in OUNCES of water each day.
#3 I eat these! formula below...
#4 ohhhh and I have about 3 cups max of coffee a day..
not all at once...Ü

Sew for those who asked for my recipe...
here it is but I must warn you...they have quite a kick..
It's not like I laced them with anything but natural ingredients.
 the combination of these few ingredients certainly gives
your body the fuel that is needed when you need to work
at a high performance level.

OK, they work well for both my DH and I, in fact
just yesterday he shared  a couple with his colleagues
and they both  called me speaking a thousand miles an hour...
They exaggerated of course lol

again simple ingredients...
2 versions of this recipe..
I like mine with raisins, my DH with chocolate chips...

* no bake


1 cup of raw large flake oatmeal..( not instant) I use Robin Hood
3/4 cup of peanut butter ( I like JIF) Gail sends me lots..
( can't get it in Canada anymore)
1/2 cup of honey, ( a good kind, I use  Amber Cream
by Pheylonian, I have a gf Jo who gets it for me) 
1 cup of chocolate chips or 1 cup of dark raisins 
* the ones above are with raisins
1/2 cup of toasted coconut, ( I put it in a dry pan on med heat and just
brown it, takes 2 min)

In a small pot, add peanut butter and honey and stir until well blended
and it thins out like a warmed honey... ( 3 minutes tops)
Now pour this sweet mixture onto oatmeal and coconut, raisins or chocolate chips..
Now form into balls....BE sure to run your hands under cold water
and shape balls..this way the mixture will not stick to your hands.
Keep repeating that...

NOW you have some Chewies of your own..
Refrigerate and take as needed...I would not eat these
near bedtime...they will keep you up for hours..
that is what happened to me the other day!~

Simply put, they are delicious, nutritious
and my secret formula...now shared with you.

Feeling much better today...

and this is absolutely amazing..! 
my family would go wellllllll slushy over this idea...


  1. Samm, they sound wonderful but I have a lot of anxiety to begin with so I don't think they would work for me :(
    I drink lots of water but don't exercise enough. Everything I like to do is sedentary it seems! Reading, needlework, oh I do yardwork but that's not the same as working out. And I don't chase my furkids around anymore b/c they've become quite lazy! haha

    1. you make me laugh..seriously, they will not cause you any anxiety ....but they do work when you think you cannot do one more thing lol

    2. Well then, I need to make some. They sound YUMMO!
      Thank you!!

  2. I love anything that involves raisins and oatmeal.
    Most of the time i make a snack of rolled oats (uncooked) and milk and raisins. It makes me feel powerful and peppy.
    Happy Thursday reading blogs from the oldsters apartment (drinking tea)

    1. Oh my ...I can't imagine you with more energy..so you better not make these wink wink...
      happy tea day x

  3. Oh Samm, so happy to see you back at work, since that means you must be feeling better. I was astounded to read that you consume 1/2 your weight in water each day.....you must weigh about all of 30 pounds my dear. Now I don't expect you to tell the world what you weight, but even if you weighed 100 pounds, that's 50 pounds of water a day! You must slosh your way around the house and not stray too far from the bathroom. I'm laughing, so I hope you are as well. Hugs and love!

    1. ok, that did not come out right...for simplicity sake, you drink 1/2 your weight in OUNCES....so if you weigh 100 pounds you would drink 50 ounces of water...* think large bottles of pop) of water each day I drink about 2 of these per day. ( 65 ounces total) .....I think I was exaggerating there....I don't weigh much so you are correct there...but I do spend time in my powder room....I love water... and yes feeling much better ....and I can see quite well today....just cannot drive for another couple of days..

  4. Samm, I have been thinking about this recipe, you had given it out once a long time ago. I could not find it anywhere and am now so glad to have it again. Thank you so very much. I will not lose it this time.

    1. funny you say that...I had 4 requests in the last week for them. they are perfect treats for summer on the go...so here we are lol

  5. PS: Forgot to mention that your recipe sounds so good, and when we get back home, I will definitely make some. I am a sweet eater, and these sound much healthier than what I make, so thank you for sharing. Like you, I drink nothing but water, no soda, coffee, juices or anything carbonated. I do like the occasional cup of tea, especially during the winter months. I wouldn't consider myself obese, just way too short for my weight!!! lol more hugs

    1. Yes one of these goes a long way...they are sweet but too sweet and they are perfect with tea or coffee for me..

  6. Hmmm....This sounds so yummy. Wonder if my girl will make some when she gets back from her quick trip back to Uni today. She is my baker. My go to for yummies!

    1. no baking needed for these Karen, just add mix and roll and of course nibble lol

  7. Good recipe, Thank you for sharing.

  8. You have been holding out on us! You give us the muffins, but then hold out on the desserts... lol. Can't wait to try them. They sound delicious and if they give you energy too, you just can't beat that! Thank you, they are going on the grocery list today!

    1. mmmm not really a dessert..more a boost Cori...and they are quite good actually...David usually has these during training...

    2. Oatmeal...peanut butter...chocolate chips...coconut, and honey? All my favorite things rolled into one, and it is absolutely fabulous Samm. A little too much boost going on around here at the moment. If I could only channel it into some work...hmmmmm.... thank you Samm. This recipe is wonderful. xxx

    3. Hi Madi, you all sound like maybe boosting is not your thing at the moment lol...but the recipe is a delight so you keep this aside when you do need that "rocket fuel" ....that is how effective they are lol.

  9. I hope you are taking it easy with the exercise for a little while. Glad to see you are feeling better.

    1. Hi Mary, I have slowed down in the gym this week..but I did get out yesterday to see , Hello my name is Doris...what a delightful screening..

  10. I'm sorry to hear you've been feeling bad and I hope you're better now!
    These look so good. I will have to give them a try.
    I'm so glad you cleared up the amount of water you drink!! I was astonished that you could drink so much!! Ounces make much more sense!!😊

    1. yes much better Linda..and yes ounces of water not pounds lol through some of you lol
      and these chewies are quite good..again don't eat at night though, they will keep you up for hours

  11. Hello Samm! Thinking a lot about you lately. We must catch up! Love your recipe and everything in it. Can't wait to make them in the morning. Hope you are doing well. Love you sweet friend! 😘

    1. wellllllll my oh my ....lol yes let's catch up soon ...x

  12. Thanks for sharing Samm, I need to make some of those!


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