Saturday, March 12, 2016

Riot Boys 2nd adventure outside. ( lot of photos ) * Sumo HEART UPDATE

Since their last adventure last Sunday, they have been sitting
at the window, chatting when their next adventure would be...

Well it was today...and to answer many questions
from you, " are they allowed outside on their own?"

Answer NO...they only can go out if both David and I are with them....
We were out for over an hour, we were all exhausted....

You will see why from the photos...

They will never be able to go outside on their own, as they 
have no way of defending themselves....Ragdolls
are not fighters...they are indoor cats....

But we are training them to be out with us and stay with us
especially when our deck will be open and it is nicely shaded..
They will no doubt find their own chairs and be leisure cats all summer...

Both T-cup and Sumatra never left our property,
except for one occasion last summer when T-cup jumped the fence
to rid a neighbouring cat.... they were always contented to be in their
own world...

Sadly T-cup did not get a chance to train the boys...so we will! 

Our yard is completely fenced and we have critter ridder
on the parameters that keep others out and them in...

So around noon when we opened up the door, 
both of them climbed on the board that keeps them in...
we have a kitty door, which they are not to use 
and possibly not till next summer....

Again, they never go out unless we are both
with them...they are like 2 toddlers
going in opposite directions lol

They stayed on the deck for about 10 minutes...
I think the fresh air brings along so many scents
they did not know what to do...

By the way, they both smell like fresh sheets
that have been on the line...
The fresh air did them so good....

There was a hint of a skunk in the distance, it was driving
Monchat crazy....

Meanwhile, Sumo got stuck in the railing....
of course he did...
We had to pull him out...have no idea how he got his head through....

Again these boys are only 1/3 of their size that they will eventually be...
They are still kittens...but not your typical house cat....
These boys will be 2/3 larger...

No doubt by next weekend, neither one will be able to get through the rails...

Once we got him out of the railing....he finally noted the snow was all gone....

I think he was disappointed, but not for too long..
they walked to the back of the garden, on the edging...
following each other for awhile....

And then Sumo lost Monchat.....

But he soon forgot about him, as there was some activity
on the other side of the fence....

Meanwhile Monchat was more interested in the gardening
stuff under the deck...proving he could look after himself....

He is already showing such independence...look at that face!

He always makes me tear...he is my head butter....
and he always squishes his eyes when he looks at me...

He is such a HAPPY fellow!

Now he panics....he got under some of the bushes at the other side
of the garden and lost Sumo who was now more
interested in........

Yep Squirrels......Heyyyyy Monchat...come
and see this? 
Or something like that..

Monchat came dashing for a better view..... he had no idea though what he was to look at
because by then the squirrels were up the tree..
And then the birds got his attention, but Sumo could not understand why they were 
not coming to the feeder? 

It was not long before Monchat was off on his own again....

And Sumo went searching for him...there are so many hiding spots...
David was watching Monchat, while I was watching Sumo...then we would
switch, so I could take shots....
After awhile, both were loving the outdoors so much, they were often going in different directions....

Sumo screaming....MUMMMMMMMY, we have to do this again!
( or something like that) 

Wellllll it may not be till next weekend....they are exhausting.....

RIOT BOYS, I am telling you , they earn their name...
By the way, Sumo has a vet appt for his heart....
on Tuesday...so far so good, his heart murmur
to both David and I has not gotten worse..
But we are not VETS....

so fingers crossed! 


Our sweet Sumo was looked at by our local vet
who is really a sweet man.
They actually sent a donation on behalf of T-cup
to the Vet University ....They never even met her...
Now that speaks volumes..

Our little guy still has a heart murmur, 
he likely will not see old age, there are always miracles
so we will pray for that...
But there is no doubt he has a hole in his heart or chamber...
They took some blood work today to rule out anemia and H.C.M.
-heart disease...His -is a functioning problem
which likely will not repair itself at this latter date..

His results are confirmed now...he is at risk of Heart FAILURE 

He will still be neutered next month and our vet has
made contact with an Anesthetist who is well trained
in heart ailments. All of these extra payments
to ensure he makes it through surgery...

He of course does not know he will drop dead some day
from heart failure....until then he is fine, we are to 
keep him stress free as possible and love him
as only we can do..

It is has been a sad day, we were expecting a different
outcome of course...But you know something
how do any of us KNOW our EXPIRE DATE.......?

So for all those who were making inquiries...
Please continue to pray we all can enjoy
our sweet Sumo for any time he gives us..

Cori, said it best...
"you love him so much, his heart skips  a beat" ...



  1. What a riot! Oh the mischief they could get into. They are just so cute! What a gorgeous day to be outside.

  2. which is why it takes both of us to be with them... they still smell very fresh Mary...and riot boys...so perfectly suited

  3. You and David are brave to let the Riot Boys outside. I had am indoor kitty and I panicked whenever she got out. Your boys are super precious. Ragdoll Blessings...

    1. nothing brave about it Sherry, we spend so much time outside in the garden and deck in the summer, they would somehow get out, so it is best we guide and teach them, again they would never be outside unless we were with them...and our yard is very secure....they both came inside to use the litter box...never thinking they had a choice...lol

  4. all our kitties have been inside/outside cats. they were mostly inside but we didn't have a litter box until they were ill in their last months.

    they are beautiful!

    1. that is something sweet lady, our cats have always used litter boxes...I am not sure they knew they could go outside lol

  5. Samm, such a lovely day you've captured! They are both so sweet! I never new they are going to be soooo big! Fingers crossed for Sumo, and a lot of kisses!

    1. HI Olga...yes ragdolls especially the boys can get very large...looking at the size of their paws they are going to keep growing for the next 3 years... they average a pound a month
      and are already exceeding their weight by each a pound...so I think on course they are doing well. We don't overfeed them but they certainly enjoy chow time lol. We are looking forward to hearing about Sumo's health...x

  6. sunday morning, 8 o'clock,... i'm having my breakfast with Sumo & Monchat. I love them!

    1. ahhh that is nice to hear...it is 9 am now here, so i will join you....it is nice to know they are enjoyed all over the world...Ingrid.

  7. I keep all fingers crossed and everything else, what will send you luck!!! - Your both boys are soooo cute and thank you for sharing this pictures!
    Greetings from Germany, Rike

    1. Good Morning Rike....thank you..we are hoping for the best too regarding our Sumo, he seems to be keeping up to Monchat...so he does not know he is not well... love sharing them with you too...I do it to keep a journal of them ....

    2. Good Morning Rike....thank you..we are hoping for the best too regarding our Sumo, he seems to be keeping up to Monchat...so he does not know he is not well... love sharing them with you too...I do it to keep a journal of them ....

  8. We have decided to have our three precious kitties be indoor cats after one was killed by a garbage truck early one morning. Now if one gets outside accidentally, they panic and immediately run inside where they feel secure.

    1. After your experience I too would be weary...sorry to hear that Nellie... our riot boys will never be in the front yard...our backyard is very secure and critter ridder keeps them inside the perimeters like an invisible fence...

  9. I was looking through the posts in my bloglovin' email. I saw "riot boys" and got a big smile on my face. Thanks for posting about them. I have been keeping up and love the pictures and captions, etc.

    1. HI Sandra...nice to hear that...I really do the postings for our history of them...I am also working on a book, as they are such a riot, in the scheme of things they are around for such a short time in our lives...All of our pets have been pure joy.... we wanted to keep a journal of them...

  10. I had so much fun following their adventure!! My orange boy is 20 pounds. Will your boys get that big? Our little lady is much smaller. Paul gives Carmello a bath about once a month but Sonia always smells so good. Being a boy Mom has me cracking up at Carmello b/c he's so boyish haha
    Love your posts!!!xo to you and the boys!

    1. ahhhhh your boy is 20....big guy...the riot boys may be a bit more....gauging the weight gain per month keeps accelerating but then again so is their consumption...and they keep growing for 3 years....so who knows...their paws are very large for kittens..and they are 3x the length they were when they brought them home...lol

    2. You know, Samm, I only know that my boy had a really big father but his mother was tiny- she never looked full grown her whole life- and oh she was a sweetheart! But Carmello has diabetes( we give him insulin twice daily) and our vet said she has seen diabetes a lot more in large orange cats than others.
      About ragdolls- my sister's brother-in-law had them and they adored their ragdolls! Sadly he died but the family thinks those ragdolls kept him going much longer. I'd love to have one!!

    3. I never knew that ABOUT orange cats...I really wanted one, before the riot boys, but the breeder only had one and sold it the next day.... Ragdolls are a delight in so many ways, I can't explain it, but there is something about them connects you with their hearts within days...Both our riot boys have their moments with both David and I each day...like they need to connect with us

  11. That good weather brought everyone out yesterday. Happy to see them out and about. I bet they are going to develop a special meow that means outside! Now! Good luck on Tuesday. I laughed when I saw that, again, we have the same bird feeder. Yours looks much better painted in your colours.

    1. It was delightful Ev, we certainly share that and more wink...Funny you say about the meow...today, we opened up the back windows and Sumo was meowing a diff't one for him...He certainly wanted to go out...but we are going to do it slowly, only once a week, till the weather gets better and we get the sails on our deck... and fancy that, the same bird feeder..

  12. Hi Samm.....I think maybe you should try your hand at writing Sumo and Monchat's adventure series for children. I can see where the little ones would love picture heavy books, staring your beautiful boys as they flit from one adventure to the next. How about it??????????????? Loved all the pics today, and I don't blame you for not letting them lose without you and David. Heck, someone like me might come along and steal them from your back yard. LOL I'm kidding, but it's definitely a possibility, and you don't want to take any chances. Hope you enjoyed your weekend. Hugs

    1. Ohhhh Sylvia, you do make me smile...I was only going to publish a couple books, I really did not think anyone else would be interested except for David and I and our family...
      I will showcase when I have it illustrated and see what others think....We are in a pretty secluded area, most of our neighbors don't even know we have cats, we are pretty private people....few ever get to see them cat to human lol. Our weekend was a delight...the boys slept very well yesterday, hope yours was wonderful..

    2. Ohhhh Sylvia, you do make me smile...I was only going to publish a couple books, I really did not think anyone else would be interested except for David and I and our family...
      I will showcase when I have it illustrated and see what others think....We are in a pretty secluded area, most of our neighbors don't even know we have cats, we are pretty private people....few ever get to see them cat to human lol. Our weekend was a delight...the boys slept very well yesterday, hope yours was wonderful..

  13. Praying for the up coming trip to the vet. What lovely weather you had for the fun and games antics of your boys! Lovely to see.

    1. HI Karen, there is not much we can do except hope his heart repairs itself...he is so loved and has very little stress, we will just enjoy him as long as he gives us...he really is doing well as far as activity and eating...We will know more on Tuesday...

  14. By the way Mdm what's critter ridder?

    1. Ohhh it is a powder form that is made from diff't peppers that you sprinkle around your yard...as most critters smell the ground, the pepper drives them crazy, and it is a healthier deterrent for all varmints and other cats.... Our cats experienced it only once...they know
      not to get to close to the parameters of our garden...We sprinkle it in the spring and summer...it is about 15.00 ...enough for both seasons...

  15. So much fun to see their interest in the world around them. Everything is so new to them which in turn makes it new to you too! Have fun with that camera! Thanks for sharing them with us.

    1. HI Mary Ann, they are a delight to watch...I follow them with the camera and take hundreds of photos...it is hard to choose those I share with you...they have so many interesting gestures...they are so use to the camera, they are happy to accommodate ...I think since they have been home I have taken almost 11,000 photos..yep...

  16. I have to agree with Sylvia about you writing a children's book about the adventures Monchat and Sumo. Thoroughly enjoyed today's adventures and pictures. Praying that Sumo heart murmur is improving. Thank you Madame Samm for continuing to share your stories and pictures with us.

    1. Oh Jan, how sweet of you to say....I have been working on it for weeks...again, I was just thinking a couple of copies... it is not like we have not published before....will put some more thought into it.. Yes we hope Sumo will be fine...our vet is exceptional, no B.S. with him....We still feel very fortunate to have him for as long as he is with us...we hope it will a long while...Monchat just loves him so...

  17. What a fun day you had Samm - it's amazing how much the boys have grown. I haven't seen the sun in a while but I think tomorrow it's going to show it's face. I sure hope so! And it seems you might be feeling a little better now so I'm thankful for that. I've got a long list of things I want to do this week and I hope I get at least half of them done! blessings, marlene

    1. Oh Marlene....every day is a special day when we wake up to these riot boys..some days are a bit more adventurous then others but even sweeter to share them with you ..
      feeling a bit better, but still coughing ...I am in a no talk zone for a few days.. good luck with your list....

  18. Hello Samm. I always enjoy seeing your boys and their adventures...it is almost like a comic book. I love your captions, and how you interpret the thoughts of these two kittens. It is the sweetest thing. The joy you feel for them is very endearing...and keeps us all reading along waiting for more. They are gorgeous guys, and you can't help but love them. xx

    1. Hi Cori...hard to believe they have been here just a couple of months...3-4 months of our lives certainly have changed....they are really a full time job just watching them, I don't want to miss a thing..

  19. "Squirrel" made me laugh. My Juno is just waiting for them and the chipmunks to come back. He sits looking out the window for hours every day.

    1. Michele, good morning..and that photo was my fav...along with monchats squinting...
      I thing many cats are taken by "squirrel"..

  20. I want to just come and love on those little fluff balls. They're so beautiful.
    I love your narration for them. Makes me smile.

    1. so nice to hear Carla...we have been enjoying them for the time they are giving us...it is a nice commentary of their pretty filled life x

  21. They look like they keep you and David on the ball when they are outside. They are such curious little guys....as well as beautiful.

    I am sorry that the murmur has not resolved or improved, but I know that you will love him for whatever time he has. What more could he ask for?

    1. Oh Gosh Mary, they are such a delight to watch outside..but they have been real good actually, they would not want to venture out unless we were with them...they will always be supervised...more that we don't trust anything coming in to disturb their world....
      and yes our Sumo will be fine, as he knows not what will end his life...he just lives every day fully and completely..a great lesson for us all

  22. They look so happy and healthy! You would never guess poor Sump has a heart problem. Like you said, there are miracles happening every day. We will hope for one in his case!!

    1. I know that is the hardest thing for us to grasp...he seems fine...but as he grows, so will his hole in his heart...xx I do believe in miracles...so we will work on that ...


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