Saturday, February 6, 2016

Super Bowl....why I became a Panthers Fan....wink! ( riot boys)

If you had  asked me yesterday who was playing in the SUPER BOWL
I could not have told you...until we were watching the news last night 
and they were interviewing one of the coaches of the PANTHERS. ( I now know who is playing) 
about this coach  (Bruce DeHaven) who has a  prostate cancer that is
 not curable and how he worked his treatments
around the games and practices so he would not let his boys down....

It was then I became a PANTHERS fan.....
Around here Super Bowl is pretty climatic, David places his orders with me- what he would like 
on the menu....and here is his wish this year..
chicken fingers, chili and ciabata bread, and chocolate brownies...

(yesterday I shopped for all the ingredients, cost $101.22 for just the ingredients..
today I will be preparing everything) 

I did say to him, " can we not order all this in, it would be cheaper for me 
to hire a CHEF" and then he said " YOU are my Chef" xxx
ahhhh he says the nicest things ..wink..

( He did order me the whole series 1-6 of Downton Abbey as payment) ...
Ok, that was soooooooooo worth it! 

Hardly a diet for anyone who is counting calories tomorrow...but that is his wish....

So I will  be cheering the Carolina Panthers and David will be cheering the Denver Broncos
because he would like to see their quarterback ( Peyton Manning) who  may
 end his career with a win...

I also prefer the logo for the Panthers and because of Bruce Dehaven ( coach extraordinaire)...
so this is my team..... and they are CATS.....big cats, but cats....

Carolina Panthers vs Denver Broncos..

Ohhhh what is up with  these FOOTBALLS......DESIGNER Footballs 
all of them can be seen here..

I chose my favourites....and was totally surprised that Cori and I 
had not been asked to contribute something.....
Surely we would have come up with something pretty extraordinary too...
We are pretty creative...maybe next year lol. 

WE both love the AUDREY HEPBURN Football.....

These were our favorites.....perhaps others will tickle your fancy...

As I shared, I really was not following the SUPER BOWL...
I was going to be content doing some hand stitching....

Speaking of stitching....
 wait till YOU see my Sleepover PILLOW 
called SIDE BY SIDE...it is completed..
and it is beautiful...

Cori has been so busy working on her Paper Ladies Quilt for 
the Academy of Applique, she is falling behind, so I am going to let her
catch up and we will showcase them both next week...

In the meantime we have another I am working on now called
SOAP OPERA. ( another sleepover pattern) ....no sneak peaks just yet...
but soon....I will be stitching that one during the game...

Is this silver one not beautiful.....it was a toss up for me between this and the Audrey one wink...

And this one we voted on as the most creative.......

And meanwhile speaking of creative....
LOOK at what our RIOT BOYS have been busy at...

Tug of war with my Favourite HOOP! 

Every day my CHEEKS hurt from smiling...and everyday, they do something
that brings a tear to my eye....

They are both teething so I am sure they thought this was their teething ring....
a couple teeth marks I noted and that made me smile and tear...
Because years from now, I will pick up this hoop and be reminded of my 
Riot Boys as kittens....

Monchat than played with his scratching and teething disk....he played for 10 minutes with that thing....When Sumo knocked some boxes down in the front hall...

So Monchat decided to investigate and before you knew it...he was inside the box...
I was laying on my belly to take this photo and he just makes my eyes swell, 
he is such a beauty....

and then Sumo decides maybe we should ship him somewhere....

Again  their name "RIOT BOYS" come by it so perfectly....

Now it is time for lunch.....They got new bowls this week for Valentines day...
They have a lovely Aunt who spoils them frequently...
I am sure she wished we would package them both to her....wink....

Anyway, they have to eat this way...they don't like to watch each other....
as they eat too quickly if they do.... and they growl lol ( like Panthers) 

Of course all that playing and eating has them napping now....

This is when I decided to sneak down here so I could write up this post....

They are in their NAP heaven, while their Parent Keeper makes
some Cabbage Lasagna....just like lasagna but instead of noodles you layer
meat and tomatoes, rice and cabbage and repeat.....

I will place it in a crockpot and it will be ready by suppertime.....

And then I will make the chili, as that has to be in the crockpot for 24 hours....


Take time to enjoy the sweetest moments...there are so many in our days...

OHHHHH and yes ...
let's go PANTHERS....( after all they are CATS, here them ROAR) 


  1. I love the picture of Monchat in the box. Maybe you can sent him to my house LOL. Even we heard that the Superbowl is going to be played this weekend, enjoy the game and cooking. Greets, Nienke

    1. I know Nienke, that one had me smiling for quite awhile....yes I think there would be a line up for him, but since you asked, he is yours wink...lol. I knew the superbowl was on...just had no idea who was playing lol. but do now....x

  2. Oh my gosh Samm you make me laugh! Your post is a treasure.x I can almost smell the divine menu from here...lol. Who would want to order out? You can't get that kind of deliciousness from any restaurant! Besides...having been spoiled with some of your cooking... I am on David's side... cost matters not. IT is all about the chef, and your IT!!! I am busy with my quilts...but I had to take a break to work on my girls. Oh how I love this pattern...reminds me of someone *wink. They are turning out gorgeous...and I will have them ready next week. I am about through playing with LAST year...lol. This year is calling! Lots of love and kisses to your boys, they are so gorgeous.... and if I ever find them in a package... I wouldn't mind. That picture of Sumo closing the box...lol! Ship them both, I'll be waiting. xxx

    1. It is a treasure.. lol .one of things I have been witnessing a lot this year Cori...is every moment is a snapshot of my life and how I see it...I love watching the "Riot Boys" when they are playing, as I note they are such great teachers, I get these snapshots of them and I think, I could have missed it all, if I was not paying attention. I thing God/the Lord knew what he was doing when he made them....wink.. They are all resting now, the crock pots are simmering with the Cabbage lasagna and Chili, brownies are cooling on the rack and the wings are marinating till tomorrow...I just traced Soap Opera...so I will work on that after supper.. YOu will catch up in no time....I have to write the pattern for the POPPY....will do that next week...xx and yes after Nienke is finished with Monchat, she can mail him to you...and Sumo will come in a large package..

  3. Yes, I too must cheer on the Panthers and their amazing coach! Fabulous game day menu. Super Sweet Riot Boys...

    1. yeah Sherry another Panther cheer ! lol

  4. Your entire blog post made me smile tonight. I loved the photos and commentary on the riot boys. Your Super Bowl coach story made me smile as did the designer football. What a nice way to end my night. I will go to bed with a smile on my face and cats in my dreams.

    1. ahhhhhhhh Cathie that is such a dear note nighty nite

  5. It should be a good game tomorrow and your snacks sound wonderful. Lucky David!

    Love the cats with the box. That is hysterical.

    1. I think we are ready for it Mary...our home smells very SUPER BOWLISH...lol

  6. Good morning Samm. The state of North Carolina is very excited today for their Panthers. I am from Kansas City, so I am a chiefs fan, but I will root for the panthers today, since this is my new home state these last 23 years. I love the boys in the box. The slogan for the US Postal service with those express boxes is "if it fits, it ships" and it looks like your kitty fits. Have a wonderful day. We are having the kids and all of the grands over for super bowl today, including the sweet new little girl only 2 1/2 weeks old. Finally have a girl to make ruffles and pink and gingham and lace things for.

    1. Good Mornng Charlotte, sounds like a perfect day for you too...Yeahhhhhh Panthers...I am ready ....and yes the US postal service would be somewhat surprised at a cat in the box....
      thank goodness they both have found such a home in our hearts.... no shipping plans just yet lol ...ruffles and pink and gingham....so in love with that combo..

  7. It reminds me of Garfield trying to post Nermal to Outer Mongolia!!!!!! Love the Riot Boys! You will need to write a book about them! Hugs, Susie x

    1. HI Susie, what reminds you of garfield? the package ? guess i missed that cartoon lol.
      I may you know, a big reason why I keep updating about them...they will only be a kitten once...and they are so funny..

    2. Yes Garfield the laid back big ginger cat ends up getting a friend, Nermal, who he is not too happy with and is always trying to post him off to Outer Mongolia. So the picture with Monchat in the posting box and Sumo on the outside just reminded me so much of it! They do grow up fast though and it is great to have all these pictures of them. Hugs, Susie x

    3. ahhh yes I thought that was what you meant Susie....more pics to follow you can be certain of that...x

  8. Hello Samm! Love all the cute photos of your beautiful boys, and like children, they are growing soooo fast. We are also pulling for the Panthers because their coach Ron Rivera is a former Chicago Bear, but you have given me another reason to root even harder for them, with the knowledge that Bruce is fighting cancer while trying to bring his team to a victory today. What a guy!!!!! Hugs to you all.

    1. Hello Sylvia...they are growing, but to us they are still kittens, as T-cup is a very large cat and she still looks enormous next to them...and yes Panthers all they way...R.R. is a great coach too....another reason to cheer for them..I am sitting with my darling, and stitching away while watching pre game stuff...x

  9. Yep...we here in Indiana are with David in wishing for a win for Peyton!! Sure enjoy all your pics of your sweet boys!

    1. Ohhh so pleased Kris. David has some company...although either team winning will be deserving... to a great day....nice to see you

  10. Too funny using your embroidery hoop as a teether! Sorry about the panthers but I was with David - thought it would be nice if Payton Manning's team won as it will probably be his last game. And we don't even really understand the game much here. Well, Miss H does a bit and she tries to explain it to me but I seem a little slow!

    1. HI Karen,.....the Broncos deserved that win...they played the game in style..the defense just was not there for the Panthers and Cam just could not pull it off... I am happy for Peyton and his team, what a wonderful way to end his career...x

  11. Samm, excuse me. I don't understand in superbowl anything ,but I adore your sweet babycats!!! They are so pretty and funny!
    And I know these box games so well!:-):-):-) my Fluffy loves boxes very much:-):-)

    1. No apologies Alain, few understand the super bowl...it is much like rugby....and it was not a great game...but the best team did in fact win... I so agree too, the riot boys are far more interesting...lol cats love boxes don't they?

  12. Hope you got lots of stitching done during the game. I think lots of people were happy for Manning. Except my son in law, who had picked every winner but that one. Have a lovely Monday with the boys.

    1. Hi Corrie, I did in fact but I also spent more time actually watching the game...your son in law was not alone I dare say....the Panthers were not on their game....x

  13. Interesting observations Samm....I didn't watch the game but stitched and watched a movie instead. Of course, I was also working because Sunday is when our new missionaries/volunteers check in and I have to do an orientation for them at 6:00 p.m., soon after the start of the game. I even missed Downton Abbey this week helping the new folks. :( But I do have it recorded at home so I'll see it later. Those boys are really growing! blessings, marlene

    1. HI Marlene, well let me say you did not miss much..overall it was boring although in my mind the best team did win...Ahhh D.A. was wonderful...sad we only have 3 left....David bought me the whole series, it will be here this week ...my Valentines gift....I will watch it over and over again....News on Sumo....his murmur is still strong...oh poop x

  14. I love your darling boys.... they are just so delightful! I hope that you all enjoyed the game even though you would have been disappointed in the results! Even here in Australia we managed to watch a little bit of the game (the guys put the telly on in the lunch room and parked themselves up with their laptops for the morning - every time I walked past I just had to stop for a look! (Not that I understand what was happening mind you!)
    Hugs xx


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