Tuesday, February 2, 2016

Sleepover our newest collection ( paper ladies) + riot boys

When I think of sleepovers I think of boarding schools when we would have pajama parties
almost every night. When I grew up, I ran a very large woman's group called 
The Nice Society Inc. - we had yearly Sleepovers, for 2 nights...and we stayed
in our Pj's and night gowns...

So when Cori were chatting about our newest collection for 2016, 
seemed the perfect theme.

Now we all have PILLOW CASES but how many of YOU have pillow cases
that are personally YOURS  and not from a matched bedding set ..?

A pillow case  that you would love to slip on your pillow
that would bring you memories of a friendship,
of a cherished moment, an anniversary, a special birthday
or holiday...?

That is what we thought too.... we wanted the same, but there was nothing 
out there that were personal, that were modern, that were us...and YOU..
We were thinking of you TOO!

Ever since Cori made this matched pillow cases for our anniversary
as "Always "is David's and word....I get excited every other week
when I wash them up again and put them on our pillows...
Problem is, I only had one set....I needed MORE...

( I have lots of pillow cases but not LIKE THIS) 

I could not keep asking for more PILLOW cases from CORI
so I thought we better have a collection so I can make
my own and you too...
( although knowing her, she probably would have made me more) lol

So we have been working on this newest one...here is a couple photos
of what I have completed so far....and yes there is a telephone
and a lady on each end of the line on both sides...

 And a discovery...I tried Presencia, Aurifil, Cosmo, DMC and although all those
threads are great for many hand projects, I found GUTERMANN cotton sewing thread
was the perfect thread to do all the stem stitch and back stitches on this pillow case...
I also used some RED GUTERMANN for their lips...

It is strong enough, thin enough and stitches up beautifully...
I am so happy with the results...

I have been stitching each night and at this rate I should have it done by
the weekend.....will show more pics upon completion.....


Our Riot Boys have been sleeping a lot lately...we note
that every time they  do we see  a change in weight...
We weigh them every week, and they are gaining at least a couple ounces each...
 Sumo is nearly 6 pounds now at 5 months of age
and Monchat is 5 pounds.. 4 months of age...

This was taken this afternoon while I slowed down my afternoon and just sat on my lounger
and they both curled up in their mini towers within reach of me....

Funny how their personalities are really flourishing too...Sumo here, is our talker...
he speaks for both of them....if they are hungry or tired, he whines, cries, talks...
Monchat  is usually right behind him... Sumo loves to play alone...
and with Monchat... but they also have their alone time with me each day...
Like they discuss it early in the morning about when that time will be allocated for us both.......
or something like that lol. 

I was changing the bed, and Monchat just loves to play hide and seek with me, when 
doing so...I was just putting the sheets in the washer, when I came back in  there
he was tucked away on the topper.... We played a few moments until he was
ready for another nap....

He is like the Tin Man on the Wizard of Oz...we don't think he has a heart...
Because every time we go near him -even when he is napping he just PURRRSSSS..
he is so loving, and every day he needs me to know that with head bumps and 
sweet kitten kisses on my cheek...  but heart ...we concluded he does not have one lol

 NOW....Sumo and I are so connected...I was talking to him this afternoon telling him 
how much he reminded me of Sumatra......Yesterday I had to clean his bottom
after a wee accident, and he fought me in his warm bath...after all was said and done
he hissed at me.....and then within minutes came on my lap and kissed me...
He always finds me at least a couple times a day and demands some one on one...
As I was sharing with him how much I loved him, I noted he got teary eyed...
I know --just broke my heart.....He really has mine..

and speaking of  his heart...
been checking his heart daily and his murmur is not getting worse  and is very 
faint...so we have lots' of hope for our wee fellow! 

Gosh they make my dreams so sweet at night..
We enjoy every moment they give us...
Always a lesson to learn every day!

Today was slowing down the pace and just stitching with
Downton Abbey itunes playing in the background...

Bedtime is calling me....nighty nite! 


  1. Bringing back embroidered pillowcases reminds me of my Grandma and older Sister creating hand embroidered pillowcases for special gifts. Your new collection looks really fun. Loving Riot Boys are precious...

    1. good day Sherry....it may be one of those things that will be "IN" again...there is nothing quite as nice as a crisp white pillow case that has stitches on it...and it is such a soothing time to past the hours away.....with our riot boys of course lol

  2. Samm your boys are very sweety! They are very pleasant fluffy company!I wish to Sumo strong health from all my heart!Your embrodered lady is perfect!! And so attractive ancient telephone!Have a nice day!!

    1. Good day Alain, ohh they are getting very full and fluffy, one of the nicest things about kittens in winter..they get their winter coats...and our pillow case, well wait till you see the whole thing...it is so sweet....

  3. the stickers are pure beautiful !!! I think you had a lot of fun.
    And the love sumo so sweet.
    dearest greetings

    1. Good Day Antje, thank you....yes anything with stitches is so relaxing to do....and our sumo...captures our heart , yes he does..

  4. It's funny to remember that when I was growing up I don't think we had one pillow case that was not embroidered or had a lady with a crocheted dress. I don't think my mother embroidered. I never saw her, though she did crochet. Handmade pillow cases are just a wonderfully personal gift.

    Pretty kitties...

    1. Good Day Carol....my nan had a closet full of embroidered pillow cases too, and yet i don't remember her doing them either and yet she did...speaks of the longevity of them....they last forever and they bring back the most delightful memories...a perfect gift for us too..a gift you make for YOU.... and thanks our kittens are a joy that increases daily

  5. The pillowcase is beautiful. Your stitching is so fine.So enjoy seeing what you are doing. The "boys: are growing so fast. They get cuter every day. Love them.

    1. Good Day Mary....I am sitting here this am, stitching away as we have downpour instead of snowflakes.. I am comforted though bringing this to life....it is so relaxing...all the while my family of felines are all within reach lol....x

  6. Your boys are so ADORABLE! Kittens always melt my heart.

    1. Good Day Kim, how kind of you to say....they melt me every day I look into their blue eyes.

  7. What a beautiful day! Heading out of town and always think -- I need a pillowcase just for trips so I don't forget it somewhere.

    1. Good day Corrie...beautiful....it is 60 here..feels like spring already..our grass is green...and yes we all need our special pillow..wait till you see this complete...I just got home already working on it after putting some veggies to roast for some soup..God's Speed..

  8. It is looking so nice Samm! Love the idea of you using sewing thread to embroider. I think it leaves such a nice line...looks just like you drew those stitches on there! I love an embroidered pillowcase, and every one of mine have embroidery or a bit of lace. I LOVE our new collection, this one especially. xx
    Your boys...they are so adorable. So fluffy sleeping there, you just want to reach through the screen and touch them. They both have the most beautiful eyes.

    1. Good day Cori, it is isn't it...already fixed my troubled spots..you don't see it until you do a photo....lol and yes sewing thread to embroider is breaking all the rules again..but hehhhhhh it works lol..this one is no doubt my fav so far...but like our paper ladies, each one is a joy to stitch and always a fav of the day ...lol and our boys...well they missed me today..they need some tlc now lol oh they love their valentine bowls...x

  9. Will this be for sale and is it a download? I would love this one for a quilt I have yet to plan out. I bought a lot of Norman Rockwell's Chain of Gossip fabric and a paper pieced telephone to make a "telephone" quilt with. I worked for one of the Ma Bell companies for 32 years and thought it would be a fun project. I have a patch I took off an old jacket to add to it. I would love to include your design on it also. It's just for my personal use. Is that okay?

    1. Good Day Nature luvr.....and yes it will be available as soon as we finish stitching it up...I did not even show you the whole thing....it is so divine lol..your quilt sounds scrumptious and yes for personal use..of course....we would be thrilled...keep checking in...the design of the pattern is completed.. we just need to write the pattern and show lots of pics of how we did it.....

  10. Beautiful, beautiful furry kitten family members! They are gorgeous! Wishing you and yours a wonderful day!

    1. Good Day Susan...they are sweet...no doubt there...and loving and heart stopping every single day ...xx

  11. Love the new pillowcase design. There is nothing like hearing a good friends voice on the phone(unless in person). I have used Guttermann thread for years-my sewing machine loves it. Love to see photos of the boys, they always bring a smile.

    1. GOOOOOOD day Ev,thank you...we so love this one...wait till you see the other side...lol. and yes love the phone connection....and Gutermann, best ever thread, I have been using it for decades...I still use a lot of polyester too...the best for sewing....x

  12. Beautiful ySamm, so elegant. I make the cases for our great grandchildren, but from juvenile fabrics that they love. I have a grandson-in-law who loves Marvel Comics and is soooooooooooooo happy with his Superman pillowcases and quilt. I guess we're never too old to appreciate fun things like that. Love those gorgeous boys, and Teacup. Hugs to all.

    1. Good Evening Sylvia...ohhhhh the other side of it is picture perfect...you will understand wink....and yes I have made many pillow cases for family and friends, these are just a step up to like you said...elegance....I can hardly wait to have it on my pillow ...and then on to the next one.... and the riot boys are certainly loved by you and all those who peak in..hard not to swayed by their sweet disposition

  13. Too much fun going on in your house!! Cats and Pillowcases - Great!

    1. Good Morning Karen....yes the only time we are not caught smiling is when we are all sleeping lol

  14. Love love Love the birds on pillowcases! And the Darling cat!!!

    1. Good NIGHT Debbie..they are such lovely birds , the whole pillow case design is gorgeous...and the cat.., there are 2 of them lol.


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