Friday, December 18, 2015

The Original Stella.....NOT 1 LIGHT, NOT 2 LIGHTS but 3 LIGHTS for 1 WINNER!

I suppose you could say, Sumo is in his first commercial. What is not to like about -
The Original Stella.? Ever since I got one this summer I can say without a doubt I see better. Even when I am tired I can get a few more stitches in. It has 3 different settings....nothing else compares to it on the market.....I have said for years, we are only as good as our TOOLS!

Even Sumo seems to be pretty impressed, his coat is the perfect colour! Now to share why Sumo is highlighting The Original Stella.   WELLLLLL, this company who has designed and manufactured this pretty amazing lighting system for anyone who stitches, knits, sews, quilts...has a wonderful giveaway...

I could shed so much LIGHT on what this LIGHT can do for you
but I think many of you know already. 
When you see better, everything is RIGHT with your world.

oh p.s. be sure to ADD OTHER when registering...

2016 never looked so BRIGHT!

WINNER will be chosen by STELLA LIGHTING!
                                     through an automated system the first week in January.

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