Sunday, September 27, 2015

When "Life" deals you a great hand.....

you just gotta PLAY IT....and PLAY we have been doing...Everyone is feeling better which means, our routine falls into a place like a well played hand....hence the analogy....
and my lovely crochet flowers..more below..

We even snuck out for a few hours today..." a date to Niagara Falls" we went to a special showing "Body Revealed" for those not interested in Science or Disease, it would have bored you to death...but for David and I both with medical backgrounds, we found it very interesting. If many of you knew what smoking and obesity and drugs does to your body, this would have scared you straight...The risk of liver disease, dementia, strokes... well as I said, BORING for most of you.

They add this polymer preservation which fills all the arteries, veins and capillaries
and then hardens... this was an upper limb..this is where all the blood flows
in just one limb...WHY we bleed when we prick our fingers...lol

We even had brunch at a very fancy restaurant. We very rarely eat out as we love HOME COOKED food. But a treat it was.... Even though I nearly fainted when I saw the tab... David just laughed...
" You don't even bat an eyelash at purchases at Yarn Stores..." .....ohhhhh YAWNNNNNNnnnnnn lol

Speaking of Home Cooked food now.....I was fretting over the weekend about PIE season...I have been baking a slew of pies and already our 3 freezers are full...NOT ALL PIES, but geeee, SPY apples will be ready for baking soon....I ordered a bushel....I found a solution....I am going to make APPLE PIE FILLING and I will CAN them....now this is absolutely brilliant for sharing pies with loved ones....It is hard to ship out complete pies...( I have sent many) ....But Canning I can do that...
I have a fairly large pantry....so off we went to get some wide mouth jars, more spices, some soft gel and ascorbic acid to keep apples from turning brown....We are settled...everything will be here next week...

In the meantime, I have been making a slew of flowers for an upcoming project....I do the centres first in a slew of colours..

I find if I do these up first, the flower petals get done quicker....there is around 40+ here...

Above are all those I have done so far....they will be perfectly suited for OUR next project...
You know a teapot will be involved as we have been hinted at it....I wanted to make a whole bunch of flowers first....Cori is doing the same, then we will figure out how to cover it with crochet cover and flowers....wait and see....wink... I have made them now in 3 sizes....

In the meantime, I re-sanded my china buffet, it is all sanded now...I did another wash of it all..
Tomorrow I will prime her...I have all my paint now...She will be just a beauty....I am going to fill
her with all of my yarn....I needed a place and this seems like a perfect spot to showcase my new hobby.

Our  sweet sweet Judy Bowes.....

her name came up as Judy B

 And some sad news for many of us..

Many of you would recognize Judy's photo from hundreds
of messages of cheer she has left all of us for years...

She is in hospice now...her choice, a very independent woman
whom I have loved from the moment I met her years ago..
I wanted to convey that JUDY and I  were responsible for many
of the sewing machines that were sent for FREE to many deserving women
over the years...Together we collaborated and in our hearts knew we helped many..

Judy is so special in so many lives...you just never knew
as together we kept it all hush hush...

For months she has been wavering, we have kept in contact
on a weekly basis. I will so miss her, many of you will too..
She would always be one the first to leave comments, especially during
our blog hops...I don't think she ever had an unkind word to say about
anyone. We both have laughed and shared so  many tears...

This is her wish, to go peacefully and as much as I will miss her.
I know she will forever have a place in my heart...

Judy was dealt a great hand by the way...loving children and grandchildren
and friends that loved every inch of her...

Judy, I will carry you in my heart always....xxx

Listen, peeps....we all have expiry dates...
MAKE every moment count....
Play your hand welllllllll!

Tell those you love .....
I tell Judy every chance I get....xx

UPDATE this day September 29th very early this morning
JUDY passed just the way she wanted to....
With her family near and a heart full of love...

Thank you for all the memories Judy,
you were so loved.....
I will miss you dearly...
I am so glad we got to speak every day,
Your laugh yesterday will resonate in my mind forever...

There was nothing left unsaid....xxx
I do hope it is YOU who will greet me when I am ready!

On behalf of every life Judy touched,
I have set up a fund to purchase a sewing machine
for yet another lady on our list...

I have already put it $250.00 in her name
so if you would like to donate..
please let me know.
madamesamm@me.com subject line " one more for JUDY"

 JUDY would no doubt be thrilled at the gesture..
She was all about making sure, anyone who needed help
and wanted to craft, we would help out...

Gosh I miss her so much already....


  1. Oh I am so sorry to hear about Judy! I will miss her too! Send my love and prayers to her...

    I always think how good it is to live in a big house like you do - you have so many places to keep your stash in :) Whole china buffet full of yarn! Incredible!)))

    1. I will Maria....I promised to call her each day....will share our wishes for her....and our home is not that large....in fact much smaller than you would think...we just don't keep anything we don't need, we have this wall in our kitchen that has just enough room for one more buffet...wink...
      our rule of thumb is....whatever comes into our home, something as large must be sold or given away. we never have too much...never crowded...

    2. This is such a great rule! I also do so, even in my 42 square meters apartment :) I don't like to have too many things... I think when a person has too much of anything - it doesn't bring joy anymore. That is why I enjoy packing what I don't need into big bags and give it to charity :)))

  2. Peaceful passage for Judy is my prayer for her. Life is all too short for good people. Lovely crocheted flowers dear and your "new" yarn cabinet will be glorious. Canning Apples Bliss Dear...

    1. Hi Sherry, I so agree, our good people our friends, sadly go way before they should...I have enjoyed this new hobby...so peaceful ...

  3. Good day, Samm!
    I send your friend love and prayers,... It's always so sad when beloved people go away...
    Your flowers are lovely,

    1. hello Olga..thank you ...we never want to see our friends suffer in any way and to go with love, is a wonderful way to acknowledge a life that mattered. xx

  4. Oh i am very sad to hear that too and also send her my love and warm hugs this way! Yes we all have an expiry date, thanks for the reminder. Sometimes we live as there is so much more time, but we never know. I look forward to see your painted buffet. it already looks wonderful to me and it will be a great place to store all your yarn. Just until you turn them into something beautiful like your sweet flowers!
    Hugs martina

    1. Hello Martina..yes I will, she matters to so many of us..we need friendly reminders to live with purpose...and today I am going to give it a primer coat and let it rest till I paint it with a couple coats of paint...will have it done by end f week x

  5. So sorry to hear about Judy, sending my prayers to her.

    1. Thanks Geta...I know she loved your creativity..xx

  6. Such a unique idea...a hutch full of yarn! You have been really busy crocheting flowers. I can't imagine what THE project will be, but I'm sure it will be good. A few years ago before I had my gall bladder removed, a nurse came in to listlen to my lungs. She asked how long it has been since I smoked. Did she read my chart, or know from listening that I used to smoke. At that time, it had been about 30 years since I had quit. I think I would have been interested in the exhibit you saw.

    It's sad news to hear about Judy. Let her know we are all praying for her.
    xx, Carol

    1. HI Carol..I have a bookcase with yarn right now...I thought the hutch would be better suited...
      Good to hear you stopped smoking...yes this exhibit was very revealing, so many abuse their bodies so much, it needs to be cleaned out on a regular basis... and thank you for the prayers for our Judy....I know she will feel the love x

  7. Thank you for sharing the news about Judy. She has been so kind to leave comments on my blog. I feel so sad about her and will definitely miss her sweetness.

    1. I think we all feel the same who were fortunate to know this very special lady.

  8. Our hearts are with that sweet Judy. She brightened so many days for all of us. Her absence will surely be felt. You two are both so generous and caring, let her know how much she will be missed by me. Also....I love you too Samm. Your light shines in my life daily as the messages you convey here always find a place in my heart. Thank you for sharing a peek into how incredibly you live your life. It is a wonderful reminder to treasure each moment. You always remind me that there is no better way to live than to the fullest. x

    I am so glad you got to go to that exhibit. I think it would be a treat for anyone. Sciences are never boring. There is always something to be learned. You know, this is getting pretty strange... You would never guess what I was up to yesterday....*wink. How does this keep happening? Only one shelf left...lol.

    1. Our Judy has been a wonderful friend to many ...I think we mirror many people we like...we attract similar beings....my heart has certainly been heavy these past few weeks...but knowing her wishes are being taking into consideration, I can find peace in that x

  9. I'm sorry to hear about Judy. Praying for her, her family, and you.

    1. Hi Shirley...will pass this on to her x

  10. I am so sad to hear the news about Judy. My thoughts and prayers are with her. Angels on your pillow Judy.

    Samm, all of your crocheted flowers look so lovely together. Looking forward to seeing how you put them all together.

    1. What a lovely sentiment Jane...will pass that on to her x

  11. Prayers for Judy as she travels through this final chapter. And hugs for your Samm.
    Can't wait to see your finished cabinet. It is sure to be a beauty.

    1. HI Ev, she will so appreciate all the wonderful sentiments...xx Did my primer this am...
      tomorrow I am out of town, so I will get the painting done on Wed...

  12. I'm sad to hear the news about Judy. I hope she us comfortable and surrounded by loved ones!
    You certainly sound prepared for the coming cold months! Canadian Thanksgiving is not that far away, is it? It sounds like you will be prepared!

    1. Hi Linda...she passed this morning xx

  13. Sorry to hear about Judy B. Her sweet comments will be missed. To go in peace is a blessing.

    1. She will be missed by so many....Charlotte...she has passed this morning..just as she wished. xx

  14. Very sad about your friend. Most of us do not have so many good friends that one is not greatly missed. I wish her peace. And you too.
    Interested in the china cabinet make over. But I can feel "antique'ers cringing every where. LOL

    1. Ahhh Mary Ann she was such a delightful lady, I adored her so much...I will miss our chats..but I also know if I place my hand on my heart, I can feel her there....xxx

      And yes Antique'ers .....I know I know...but I also love the outcome....I don't have a lot of natural pieces...all of them have been painted..shame on me lol..

  15. Thank you for sharing the news about Judy B. She was a sweet part of this community, always leaving kind words for everyone. So glad that she was surrounded by loved ones as she passed. I'm sure you were a blessing in her life, Samm, and that she cherished chatting and collaborating with you - especially placing sewing machines!. I'd be happy to contribute "one more for Judy".

    1. Deonn, x we have raised plenty now for the next machine and I am just waiting to hear where Judy will be so we can send flowers...One more for Judy ....I am sure she is smiling...what a way to say ..thanks for the memories x

  16. I am just seeing this...I will most certainly miss Judy posting...what a lovely life.

    1. it has only been a week, and I miss her so much...she so enjoyed many of you ...always an adoring cheerleader

  17. I am a little behind on my reading. What sad news about Judy. She was such a sweetheart and I enjoyed every time she stopped in to visit my blog.


You think they are just words...they are sew much more than that...your wee messages tell me, you are kind, smart and important...