Thursday, September 10, 2015

Safety of a bodyguard.... they just have to know....

I had a pleasant chat with our local MINI COOPER service department CSR. (Customer
service rep) She was so sweet .... I was calling to see when my MinMUF (name for my mini)
needed an oil change. I am at nearly 4,000 km, and normally in other cars I have 
had at 5,000 km I would schedule an appt. 

I had to ask her to repeat her message to me twice .....
"You will not need any service till you reach 16,000 km"

I said the way I drive that may not be till next JUNE ....
She laughed and said, "I guess I will see you next JUNE"
I then replied with "I love my MINI COOPER"
she laughed again and said, "I do not usually get that kind of response from 
my BMW owners ....... "

I told her I LOVE my MINMUF it keeps me SAFE like my BODYGUARD. ..
I am sure she was smiling ...

Funny as you get older you realize some things are just not the same as they were ...
but let me say this ... MINI COOPER makes safe, reliable cars ....

There is a lot to be thankful for these days ....
I am thankful for a GREAT SERVICE dept representative .....
I sent her this new postcard that I made up ...
Just thanking her for MAKING MY DAY!

Speaking of LOVE, I ordered in some Yarn from UK, that just arrived ...
I want to make a small throw in GINGHAM in greys and yellow ....
As soon as I complete this project .... (it will be done tonight)
I am going to start on this project ....
 I love the colours .... I am going to make it with co-ordinating some pillows
using RBD small gingham that they brought back into their BASICS ....
for listening to us lovers of GINGHAM ...

 I made up this postcard too to just let them know they rock my world in GINGHAM ...
 This is how my yarn came in this beautiful organza bag ..... I am sending them a postcard too ...

A reminder that there are some PAPER LADIES out there who love their YARNS ...

Yep, I have been busy designing POST CARDS .... I think it is a nice quick way to thank people who bring such joy in your life .....

and speaking of JOY ...

I have a very dear friend, many of you have known her for years,
she has always been a frequent visitor to many of your sites,
she never had a blog but that never stopped her from being a wonderful
cheerleader for many of you .... as well as ME ...

I LOVE HER, she has been ill and is hospitalized at the moment ..
hopefully she will be home soon and be back in control, even if 
it just her remote or the flush of her toilet ....

I MISS HER, and I PRAY every day she gets to come home
to be with her brother .... She has been looking after him for decades ..
She is one of those people you just never ever forget ....
She is one of those people who is always silently cheering you on ...
She is one of those people I told today, I tracked down the hospital she was at ...
just to tell her she means the world to me .....

When was the last time you told someone you love them that much ...
Do not wait till tomorrow ... tell them now ...?

YOU will be surprised that it may be the best medicine anyone 
could prescribe ...

Judy, I am here! 
today, tomorrow and ALWAYS ....

YOU matter.


  1. Samm, love your post card appreciation notes!
    Best wishes, and prayers to Judy.

    1. thank you Ev , and thanks for the wishes and prayers for Judy...it helps...

  2. Your postcards are lovely but more importantly your words of gratitude, love and appreciation for those around you are even more lovely! Can't wait to see you latest project. Healing prayers to Judy!!

    1. so appreciated Julia, together we can certainly make a difference

  3. You are right - sometimes people are too busy to say - thanks for organising, doing, making , baking that... etc...and too busy to remind the best people in their lives they love them!
    Love ya Mdm Samm - you are such fun!

  4. I like your postcard designs and the fact that you actually send them out to thank people for doing something nice or special. It really does mean so much. To be acknowledged for doing somethiing right or good is quite the incentive to continue to go above and beyond. You are Special Dear...

    1. well making them and sending them is pure joy and I don't even have to worry about an envelope...small gestures are often the most meaningful.....you do know all about that wink.

  5. Postcards!! What a great idea. Post cards were such a big deal years ago. I have a huge collection. I love the one you designed. I think I should make some too and get back to sending postcards. Thanks for the great inspiration.

    Best wishes for a speedy recovery, Judy. I'm sure you will read this as soon as you are home again.

    Mdm Samm, you are so right. It can be hard for some to tell others how special they are to them, but once you start to do so, it becomes more and more easy. You are very dear to many of us who visit you.
    xx, Carol

    1. maybe we can begin another trend....everyone still loves real mail....ditto Carolx

  6. Samm the postcards are perfect. People should know they are appreciated!
    I am praying for Judy.
    I am off to say good bye and I love you to our son as he heads out the door for a day of nursing clinicals.

    1. thank you Vickie...nice to hear...and yes tell your son ....they never hear it enough.

  7. Your postcards are perfect. I love how you remember to "write" your appreciation ans still use snail mail. Receiving and holding a piece of mail is fun and appreciated. You can always go back to it and hold it to know someone cares. Prayers to Judy from me as well.

    1. Thanks Mary....I know all about being the recipient of mail...always love home made cards too wink

  8. Samm I love your postcards - what a fun idea! And that yarn, wow, is just almost pretty enough to eat. Prayers for your friend and thanks for the love you share so generously. blessings, marlene

    1. thank you Marlene...ohhhh that yarn is perfect for what I want to do..and Judy will be happy to see the notes

  9. You are so right ! You never know just what your words of kindness can do for someone. You are good at encouraging!

    1. ahhh we so encourage one another...so sweet

  10. My friend is in hospice and it is so sad, gave her a hug today and lots of prayers.

  11. I read all of this. I enjoyed your current thoughts❤️
    I will be praying for Judy
    You are so sweet Missie Samm

    1. ahh so sweet you are Rosemary B here x

    2. ahh so sweet you are Rosemary B here x

  12. Yet another reason to buy a MINI! They are are so cute, but yours...now she has personality! I love your postcards, they are just the cutest! What a sweet lady you are sending out these, anyone would love to get that in the post. Now ....for dear Judy, best wishes to you sweet lady. Our hearts are with you as you get well. It is always a good idea to tell those you love how much you love them EVERYDAY....you never know when they will get called back home. It only takes an instant. xx

    1. funny how we both have had bugs....and I was debating which one....mini won lol
      Judy is home now..best wishes certainly help... she is back in control of her remote wink..xx

    2. funny how we both have had bugs....and I was debating which one....mini won lol
      Judy is home now..best wishes certainly help... she is back in control of her remote wink..xx


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