Wednesday, September 2, 2015

Ornament Exchange....think Christmas... 318 participants...closed now..

As approaches so Fall does thoughts of Christmas. What I absolutely love about this next season is planning what will be purchased to signify our YEAR ORNAMENTS. As I shared this with others, I realized that many of YOU do the same ....

This represented the year we wrote our Nutrition book .... still makes me smile,
because Kermit has always had a special place in my heart and one of my dearest
friends has had this name for decades .... because he can mimick Kermit to a T. 

Sooooo I thought why not an ornament exchange WORLD WIDE ...... YOU can make it or purchase it and we will try to match you with someone who is close to you, to eliminate costly shipping charges ..

I know each year it takes me longer to unpack all of my ornaments, because I reflect on where they came from and what each one signifies .... I also love the fact that the majority of my ornaments have come from dear friends. All of them still in my life and heart today ..

Just drop us a note and let us know what state and country you are from, and we will get you with your MERRY lady as soon as possible ..

madamesamm@me.com with subject line .... Ornament Exchange. 

1. YOU make it or purchase an ornament.
2. Christmas card or note included.
3. Mail them 1st of DECEMBER .... (giving you plenty of time to get ready)

That is it? Will you join us for a Merry Santa Sack exchange .... In December we will do a linky to all those who received an ornament .... a show and tell.

Here are a few of my favourite ornaments from the past ...

A dear GF who I worked with in Big Pharma
 gave this to me one year ... we were known to treat ourselves each month
for a facial ...

Another colleague always bought me the most feminine ornaments,
they always had ruffles and pumps ...

This was from one of bosses, who took joy at the end of the week,
to have a couple cups of coffee and highlight goals for the weeks ahead ..

Now this one I purchased myself ... the first time I saw it ....
welllll it has me all of over it. lol

This was from a sweet lady who thought I was a bit bossy at times
and she was so right .... still adore this as she so looked like me
when I was working .... (well I still work, just do most of it from home now)
and I have mellowed since them too ... wink ..

I will never forget this year .... we found a mouse in our toaster ....
both mouse and toaster were sent to the garbage ...
NO way would I ever toasted toast in it again ....

Last count I have 

What is your FAVOURITE ornament?

ps will let you all know next Friday who your partner is ....
be sure you have a blog or a camera ... 
if you do not have a blog ....
you can send to me and I will in turn send to your partner
to avoid any disappointment of a no show ..
(It happens ... ask me how I know?) Lol

Details this FRIDAY SEPT 12th
we are at 212 318 participants.

I have sent out everyone their partner with
details. If you have not rec
please notitfy me asap.
NO need to send me the details only to your partner...

WE be spreading ORNAMENT cheer everywhere...
how nice! 


  1. Count me in Samm - I love Christmas! blessings, marlene (Arkansas, USA)

    1. it will be a merry day now Marlene....

  2. These are such great ornaments Samm. Kermit has got to be my favorite, he is so cute with your book....but the toaster..lol! I love reflecting at Christmas, seems to me the perfect activity to bring the year to a close. I suppose that is why we get so sentimental at Christmas, and that sweet spirit fills the air. Christmas is so magical, and an exchange sounds like fun to me! xx

    1. it will be a merry day now Cori, so looking forward to more ornaments

  3. Yes! I would love to be part of the swap. I live in Huntsville, Alabama, USA.
    Mama Bear (Sammie)

    1. it will be a merry day now Sammie....next week send name

  4. I'd love to be part of the ornament exchange. London, Ontario, Canada. (I also have a US mailing address if that will make it easier for partner matching.)

    1. it will be a merry day now super mom no cape lol

  5. Yes Please count me in your ornament swap. sherry of createology, Norhern California, USA
    I adore how you go down Sentimental Lane while unpacking your ornaments each year. I do he same thing. I will email you now...

    1. we are just sentimental holiday saps lol yes it is a merry day with you in it lol

  6. Oh my I love your ornies! A mouse in the toaster. What a way to remember that! LOL.

    1. you would think i dont need a reminder would you.......lol

  7. I would love to join in. I live in Australia. Is that ok?

    1. sweet pea, do you have a blog? do you have anyone in Oz, who can play along?

    2. p.s that sounds like a wonderful idea....glad to have helped with an idea wink..

  8. I would so like to join in....have I missed the chance?

    1. gosh yes and no lol.....we will keep adding till next week and let everyone know who your partner is....we will have everyone make up a quick note. of likes, colours and hobbies...

  9. I would love to join in.... Needles Pins and Dragonflies (blog) living in Arizona USA

  10. it will be a merry day with Gracie too...more details next week..

  11. I am a little late reading this post, is it all settled? I would love to join in if not. I love having a variety of ornaments.

    1. will send more details on Friday, we are over 212 at the moment...trying to keep even numbers lol

  12. I have been reading your blog. I am deeply sorry of the loss you had to bear with your T- Cup & Sumatra. We as Parent Keepers are very fortunate to show our love as well as receive and to keep this love as they leave and keep our love as well.
    I have a question on your button Pins? May I ask did you get shank buttons and add glue as you put a round head long pin through them? I love this idea. Would like to try to make some, if I am not infringing on anyones idea. And I would love to join the exchange on Christmas ornaments next yr if I may. Just let me know what i need to do to join,Please and thank you. Your and inspiration and your attitude is remarkable and uplifting... I to have lost Babies and I know our loved ones are having a time of their lives right at this moment. Hugs and thank you,, Merry Christmas

    1. HI Kendra...Yes this year is a difficult one without them but the riot boys have added so much love to our home...like they were really mean to be here...
      now the buttons pins. Yes Shank buttons and long pins does the trick, look for 2 inch pins, and just glue them together... I have made quite a few..re: ornmanent exchange, I don't do blog hops anymore...I just exchange ornaments with one person, and we make these balls, will have an update soon on that...I am waiting for a new camera that had expired far too young lol. To parent keepers which sounds like you are...blessings ..x


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