Wednesday, August 19, 2015

Yes WASHCLOTHS, not dishcloths...........................

This past few days I have felt like GOLDILOCKS, trying to find some comfort or rather
an understanding of crochet pattern of crochet....
I can often look at something and through trial and error can finally come up with something that resembles the original... WELLLLLLL this time not so....
Cori came to my rescue, and voila...the beige one there is what it is supposed to look like.

Thanks Cori....I was missing a whole row....lol
Now I will just have to make a few more so I feel that connection...wink..

OHHHH the gingham cup has another washcloth, not DISHCLOTH...
I don't think they would suit me for my dishes as I prefer thin ones that I always have soaking  in a bowl in the double sink bowl with soap and bleach ...I have always had my dish cloths soaking, I hate
the smell of mold, so this works for me...

These WASHCLOTHS I have been making are made from cotton yarns..
about 36-40 stitches depending on the yarn and I make them square ( approx 10 inches)
I find them perfect for my face and washing my body, they suds up wonderfully..
I can't imagine not using them now and wish I had known about them 
years ago...
So today, I am going to make more coasters. Even David liked them...
and a couple more washcloths for our powder room downstairs..

This is across from my office...I think it needs some washcloths to match..YES? lol

Sumatra is not 100% still laying low with a UTI...meanwhile T-cup here is oblivious to it all preferring to sleep in her tower....David got this shot late yesterday, I just love her nose and her paw wrapped around her face...When we were with the vet, she told us she knew 2 owners of cats that were 26 and 37 years old...Here we are thinking T-cup at 15 is on borrowed time only to be told she is very healthy and could live many more years...

T-cup  is much like the colours of this braided rug I made for our bedroom a few years ago..
It is all hand braided and stitched using Italian Cashmere wool... I still have quite
a bit of wool, about 200-300 yards,  all colours....I think it is time to sell it off, I don't think 
I will be making any more of these....this one is over 10 feet long...weighs--- wellll a lot ...lol

I have lot's of plans this fall and winter, will be cleaning up all the fabrics and notions
that I know I will never use in this lifetime...

One of the nicest things about FALL......more time to do the things I  love....
which is now Crochet and perhaps some knitting...
and yarns I have quite a bit of that from years ago....
even enough to share...


  1. That picture of T-cup looks like a postcard, such a beautiful picture. Your braided rug is so pretty...I wouldn't normally pick those colors (my husband would though.) I am so in love with this color combo, and I don't know why, but it just works! You have such an eye for color Samm.

    So glad I could help you with the coaster...although I just realized looking at yours, I was doing it wrong too....lol! Between the two of us, I think we have it figured out....we have both made enough mistakes to learn from each other.....lol. Yours looks perfect Samm, and the washcloth, well, who doesn't love red and white? It is gorgeous! Love your Goldilocks reference, ahhhh, you are so funny. x

    1. Funny you say that...because David wanted these colours for our bedroom , which is in blacks, butter yellow and taupe....I tried to match it with this braided rug....
      And my coasters, well now they are perfect...and the washcloth is red white and black...looks very nice with the scalloped edges which I am now completing...the next combo one....welll I am not sure...maybe pastels....see what I got in my hard stash...lol

  2. Кот обалденный! Долгих лет жизни ему!

  3. You are always coming up with so many pretty things. Your washcloths are so pretty. I use "Suger and Cream" cotton to make mine. Variegated and some are single colors. It is neat that you can look at a finished design and figure how it is made. You are so creative. Give Sumatra some hugs from me. T Cup looks so cute in that picture. Loved the picture the other day of Sumatra looking out the window.
    Have a great day.

    1. I have used that too Mary....and then I find some baby yarns that seem to be perfect...too...I had ordered some yarn that was dyed but it turned out it was not even enough to make a doily..and very costly...that is going back ...over 100.00 for less than 500 yds....lol
      I thought it was 500 GMS not yds... and cats are still not 100% we had so much planned this week, but we are here for them xx

  4. If I decided I wanted to knit something fun for two little girls and I'm quite new to knitting and crocheting, what would your recommend? I've made scarves. ..they aren't into hats too much. Do you think perhaps some cute little hand warmers would be too much for a beginner who doesn't know how to read a pattern?

    1. Hi Wendy...knitted or crochet, wrist warmers are very easy to make....measure their hands, that is how many rows and sew it with yarn and add ruffles or ribbons or even buttons..now that you dont need a pattern, I used to make them all the time..

  5. I like the red circle ones. They are super cute.
    I think you do a very neat and sweet job. They look perfect.
    I am glad that T-Cuppy is doing okay. She is a Princess and they need special attention for many many many days because of this trauma that she endured.
    I have read somewhere that Maine Coon Puddin's do live very long lives.
    My sweet old Cornish Rex babies lived 17 and 18 years. I loved them so much
    Pierro is 8 next month, and Miles is 5 I think. Pierro is very delicate and get IBD. He also gets little licking itchy patches that get raw. I have to put Genesis lotion on them. Then he has to wear a hand made collar I make from old sweat shirts. They are cosy.
    I love all of the projects to share, Missie Samm.
    Today I played with my baby, Sarah all day. She gets mad if you put her down hahahahaha. Now I am home. I am going to sew and watch murders on tv with hubbs.
    Love always, dear♥️

    1. HI RosemaryBhere.....lol I aways smile when I write that...and yes red are so pleasing aren't they? Well we just returned yet again from our VETs....Sumatra had to have another IV treatment and she is scheduled for another in the morning....She is a bit better today but still not herself...our VET has been wonderful to say the least... Sad when any of our pets are not 100%....Tomorrow will determine if we can get away for our mini invasion... enjoy your wee one...she must be a gem for you

  6. That picture of t-cup is adorable! And yes, love the coasters! But the braided rug, well that stole my heart. :) blessings, marlene

    1. She has her moments, she does not like getting her photos done like Sumatra...And I was not sure you knew I did braided rugs....One year I made 6 of them, sold 5 , kept one..they are not easy to make but so worth it in many ways, you never have to ever worry about them wearing out lol...

  7. Your T-cup is tops in the cute department.. Great photo. Love your doilies. Your creativity is thriving. Have a nice relaxing week with the kitties.

    1. HI Ev, this pic is one of our fav's for sure...we have hundreds of them...we could do a gallery full. lol relaxing it has not been...but we are all together and that is fine with us.

  8. Everything here is always so beautiful and sweet T cup, I would love to snuggle with her and Sumantra!! I didn't know Cats lived so long, so you have many more wonderful years, but like us they probably do slow down. Well wait a minute...I should have said me not you. You just keep on going like the Energizer bunny!! Will you be listing your Coaster Pattern somewhere for us to buy?? Would Love to have it, love those pretty scallops!!
    Have a Wonderful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. HI Nancy, I have convinced Cori to share the pattern, we are just finishing it up...it has every step in photos and pattern instructions....I could not read it well, so I just copied it from the photo and then Cori showed the pics and I was able to do it much faster and perfectly... So sit still it will be ready very soon...wink...Energy bunny...lol well not that I have not heard that one before lol

    2. Thank~You so much Madame, I think they are a perfect last minute Gift, Stocking Stuffer, etc!!
      Enjoy this beautiful Day!!
      Huggs, Nancy

  9. Hej from Sweden

    Thanks for visiting my site,
    I love your site , it will give me lot of inspiration

    Greetings Johanna

    1. Ohhh Joanna, you fill me with inspiration too...

  10. Your washcloths are nothing like the ones my mom used to make. Hers were so simple and she never took any gorgeous photos like yours. Very inspiring! Love that pic of T-Cup.


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