Wednesday, August 5, 2015

Do you need more CROCHET inspiration..something here for everyone..!

MOUTH DROP ... yep that is me when I saw this ...
it comes from an out of date Japanese Book, but I found it ..
I ordered it and someday, someone I know who is decades ahead of me
hint begins with C .... like Crochet will make two ... one for me and one for her 
wink ...
Is not it adorable ... I call it a caplet, not sure what anyone else would call it ...
but I do know I can not do this YET lol ....

Ohhhhhhh I love my GF, more HANKIES found themselves to my door the other
day and I acquired a couple new ones on my own ... so this morning, I put them on the line ...
A perfect HANKIE DAY ...

another book out of print, that I was able to locate..such cute edgings ..
now this I may be able to tackle soon ...

This one..not anytime soon ... Could have been T-CUP
when we could not find it her the other day and she realized she was LOST .... lol

I found lady who makes them......her characters are brilliant..

why can not I get this straight ... pansies? petunias? 
WEll a couple of days ago..they got diseased in hours ...
they are in the compost now .... glad I took a pic of them the day before ..

I just fell in love with her ... kinda LIKE A PAPER LADY 

She is so pretty with her tutu ... now if 
I could make this ...

I adore her, her red hair, her muffin, her shoes, her face ....

Pasta Salad is on our menu this evening ..
interested..link here for recipe ..

I have had plenty of time today to get supper ready ..
and now the rest of the day, I am going to practise making a crochet ball ..
because if I can do that ... I will be able to do anything lol ..
except the caplet .... do not think I will attempt that any time soon ...

YOU matter! 


  1. I have seen the artist who created the Crazy Cat work before. Amazing isn't it? The lady in Red and the little girl's are great too. You find the best stuff on the internet. Thanks for the recipe. Looks good for the hot weather we are having.

    1. I know I just love funny art....and she is most certainly an artist with a great sense of humour...and I come across most of it by accent ...and we just had supper..it was excellent

  2. Same that cape let is stunning....I would so love to have one just like it! I'm always so cold, even in church, so that would be perfect! Blessings, Marlene

    1. Well I ordered the book...i had to get it through one of those underground markets lol...
      but I wanted it badly...maybe we can commission that lady with a C name....lol I have sent it to her....wink.

  3. The caplet is really gorgeous and looks like it would be a wonderful winter addition. Love those edgings too! There was so much crochet goodness in this post.

    1. would yours be yellow Mary..I want mine in a light grey...would go well with my eyes....I think that other lady will make a powder blue? I am loving crochet...still playing...

  4. Oh my goodness.... I can not believe how many beautiful crocheted things you are finding! Love those edgings... how different are they from the normal crocheted edging you see?
    Can't wait to see you crochet the next paper lady!!! :o)
    Hugs xx

    1. Hi Noni...it will be awhile before I can do a paper lady in crochet...but I love your confidence in me lol. as far as all the other goodies...I am just happy to hold a crochet hook and yarn and make anything at this point...lol

  5. You do find the most interesting and fun projects. The capelet is stunning but to me it looks like it is knitted. Those cats are uber funny and she is quite the artist. Sorry to see your dark violas took a turn for the worst. Summer Smiles...

    1. I thought so too Sherry. but the whole book is crochet…I wrote to her asking that same question…
      and those cats…gosh this lady is good..x

  6. Oh,... I really feel sorry I can't do crocheted things... but there are so many inspiration, that may be I'll try one day... who knows?
    Thank you anyway,

    1. Olga I so understand...I just took this up a couple weeks ago, never ever did I think I would do crochet....and you are right..who knows lol...

  7. Sooooo much pretty in this post. That capelet is to die for, so pretty, and so YOU! Hope I can read Japanese...lol. What a perfect hankie day, they look so pretty in the sunshine. You find the most unique crochet projects Samm. I am so excited to see what you make with your new found talent! xx

    1. I hope you can read Japanese too..Sherry said it could be knitting...I am not sure, because the whole book said crochet projects...oh oh ....surely we will figure it out...I am excited ..there seems to be so many more adorable projects to crochet as to knitting..

  8. Lots of great inspiration here! That little girl really speaks to me! She is adorable!!!

    1. I am with you Linda....I want to make her ...

  9. Oh what great photos..
    Your "spooky" cute cat is great ;o)
    The Lady is wonderful..
    Every time I look to get me here. There are always
    so many beautiful to see.
    Many greetings

    1. here to inspire...always nice to see you Swaani..x


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