Friday, July 3, 2015

Muffin tops can be ADORABLE , and JULY Paper Lady UPDATE

WE are back on schedule....I was up before the sun rose...some beautiful OWLs
kept hooting this morning- both of our cats wanted to be outside to greet them...

So I guess it was time to wake up....I baked some MUFFIN TO LOSE muffins
last evening in these wonderful MUFFIN TOP molds....
of course they are only MENS PANTS, so I thought why not 
make a mini apron for the LADIES....
Now before you laugh, what MUFFIN TOP lady would be caught without a cute apron..?

How to get rid of them... I am talking MUFFIN TOPS..

And you think all I have time these days is run a MUFFIN business...

Welllllll not so, I even had time to complete my JULY PAPER LADY

This photo was taken in my studio and then I thought of our lovely daisies
that have sprung up and took her outside...
Made from a VINTAGE HANKIE that belonged to my Nanny...

I certainly challenged Cori on this one....and you know something
she did not surprise me at all on what her talented fingers came up with..

This was taken just as the sun was rising to kiss our daisies this am..
What a lovely day it will be ....
SUMMER here is still a  bit chilly, we had dew everywhere this morning.
I was in my nightie outside in the wet grass taking this photo
but OHHHH so worth it...

Now I am off to begin my day with ....
MY daily PICK ME UP...

I made some very tiny MUFFIN To LOSE BITS last evening..
2 tiny ones and my coffee will be the perfect start to my day
and will keep me full for 4 hours...



  1. Samm, that muffin in pants made me smile =D July Ladies turned out beatiful!

    1. They so made me smile when I fist saw them..it took me a week to find them...but well worth the effort...and JULY lady she is lovely isn’t she/

  2. Samm you have the most wonderful ability to make everything candy for the eyes and appetites! I love your muffin top but I especially the little muffins - and I even have a pan like that so I'll be trying it out. :) I was able yesterday to very carefully eat a muffin for breakfast. This oral surgery has kicked my behind this time though so it was back to mashed potatoes for lunch. I'm making my list of things to take back to the mission next week: muffin mix, muffin pan, molasses. Yep, that's all I'll need. Well, of course, I'll add my stitching! And your paper lady - adorable as usual! blessings, marlene

    1. Yes mini minis ...this way you can have 2..and they are equivalent to half a muffin...
      NO eating yet..now that will help in any muffin tops lol. Glad you have a goal....x

  3. Still smiling over the little apron.... only you. :) The paper ladies are gorgeous! Love both of them. You gals rock.

    1. WEll if I could have added ruffles upon ruffles and gingham you know I would have lol

  4. Your day sounds divine...fresh daisies with dewy moisture, mini muffins and now with tiny aprons, and beautiful paper ladies to stitch. Blissful Dear...
    We did have a lightning and thunder storm that resulted in 30 seconds of the slightest water drops. I immediately danced and begged for real rain but I must have scared the rain Gods off as we got nothing more.

    1. Now that is just not right Sherry..no real rain...so unbalanced, we have so much our garden is over growing..wish we could share our abundance with you ..

  5. Your lady is gorgeous. I just love those colors you used.

    Your muffin pans are ever so sweet too.

    1. she is pretty isn't she..nice to see you Mary...

  6. Loving your muffin tops!!
    and your July lady is just beautiful :o)
    Hugs xx

    1. Thanks Noni...muffin tops never looked so lovely lol

  7. beautiful lady embroidered, handkerchief used , ingenious.glo

  8. Those muffin baking cups are adorable!! Love the little embroidered apron! They made me smile!

    Your July Paper Lady is beautiful!

  9. they are darling aren't they? thanks for the cheer lol


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