Monday, July 20, 2015

It must be MONDAY 'cause I have more.... Hankie Keepers...

Hello, nice to see you, did you have a nice weekend...???
Although it was very humid here this weekend...I did manage to stroll in our garden in
the wee hours and take some pics of more Hankie Keepers..

I  dug deep into a couple of boxes of just red and whites...( all in Christmas themes)
Turns out my Nanny had some gems that she collected through the decades and one of my sweet
 friends who is an estate dealer dropped off a very large box filled with more hankie heaven...

I managed to get some on the line yesterday..
I have enough to fill this line say a few more times.....

A big reason why it is necessary to make them into something....
And besides what good are they in a box when I can share them with YOU! 

There were a lot of blues in this one and mix match of say a bit of everything...
They look so nice on a line don't they? 

This is what they look like once they are pressed and lightly starched...
I also repainted my hankie holder..thought the pure white would make the
Hankies stand out even more....

this was used for the lining...
  This one I used for the outside of this Hankie Keeper... 
Note the edges.....I just turned that down and it made for a really sweet accent on the front...

And this one was used to make another, I will show tomorrow....

Ohhhh my goodness, I was in smiles all morning...wait till you 
see what she crochet till MIDNIGHT lol..

Our snowball Hydrangeas are still in full bloom and with all the rain we have had
and sunshine, they have weathered so well...
Our lawn keeps growing, this was right before David cut it...
I don't mow anymore....I was FIRED! lol

This was an elm tree that caught ELM disease last summer and 
even with having a TREE doctor over here was no way to save it
so we turned it into a BIRD CONDO...
Note we have NO VACANCY... 

Our feathered friends seem quite at HOME! 

As I am with them....

I have many meetings to tend today,
all of the large orders were mailed out on Saturday
and today, so for all those who joined the 
YOU are changing many LIVES for the BETTER!

Your stories fill us with so much appreciation that 
we decided to move forward with this business...

YOU make it all worthwhile....

YOU matter...

( my cup and muffin will be loaded after I take a pic...
I did this before I went to bed last night..) 


  1. Love the Christmas hankies. So festive. It was hot here all weekend, so stayed in to sew. Been eating my Muffins and feeling better every day. Thank you. Hope you are having a great day.

    1. I know I hear you Mary..it was so hot this weekend for us too...very humid so I thought snow and cool nights ....and stitched christmas hankie keepers lol

  2. ahhhh, the Christmas one! So pretty too! I love the accent you added to it. Red and white is always a stunning combo. Your hankie collection is the envy of us all....just look at those beauties hanging in your gorgeous yard. Your hydrangeas look amazing by the way! x

    1. You are so right..the edges on the hankies give so much detail....and red and white...I never get tired of this combo...ever....and yes our gardens...well they are flourishing ....and some flowers need replacing...so off to the garden center this week...

  3. So many pretty hankies love this one.

    1. glad you do...you have such great taste..wink..

  4. que belo !!
    amos essas coisas de outro tempo.



  5. The Christmas hankies really have potential and are just gorgeous.

    We were away fishing over the weekend - a great weekend, indeed.

    1. ahhh fishing, the only thing I was fishing for was a cool spot in our home lol.
      hankies hared not to like all the seasons....they are such treasures..

  6. A crochet kitty!!! Oh my!
    The little Christmas purse is so cute!!
    You are on fire, Missie Samm.
    I know you are enjoying your beautiful garden, I love your garden, very manageable.
    This is sad, hubbs and I have hired gardeners. Our yard is so nice, but I just do not have time. I do not want my hubbs doing everything.
    Today I left my mum and dad to their own devices.... and went to play with my baby.
    She is so cute and adorable. She is just like my younger baby: never sleeps, always looking around lol.
    Poor Christina, She says I do not know what to do with this baby!! I sing to her. haha
    I hope you have a great week.

    1. Oh the hankie keepers are a treat to make ...the kitty, well I am in love......
      nice to have some help in gardening...we had some at the beginning of the season, but can manage it all now...
      enjoy your sweet gem....how lucky she chose all of you to be cared for.

  7. This is my favorite of all Samm - you know how I love red! And those hydrangeas, oh my aren't they gorgeous. I have three baby ones, blue of course since that's the tradition in the south. Have a great week! blessings, marlene

    1. I think it is a fav among many those colours and Christmas theme no less...love that you love it too....and yes our hydrangeas no matter the colour or lack of are a sight to behold...x

  8. The Christmas hankies are so beautiful! Love all related to Christmas :)
    Have a nice day, dear Samm!

    1. I think doing something Christmas theme helps to coll me down. lol.. nice to see you pretty lady

  9. Another beauty. Love the tiny poinsettias on the tucked in hankie. And love the edge you folded over to create interest. So darling. I love your yard. I wish I could have turned some of the trees I have lost (drought in Texas) into bird condos. But unfortunately most were not stable and had to come all the way down. Green grass.....ah how I miss you. :)

    1. HI Mary Ann, dont' you love it...very nice in fact...maybe that is why they did edgings lol
      anyway...sad you don't have grass...I guess we take it for granted that we do have it to care for....our world is so unbalanced..makes me so sad...

  10. Oh it was in the nineties here this week end but much cooler today in the 70's . Your Holiday Hankies are beautiful!! Are you selling these Hankie Keepers Samm? If so where? Your Gardens are as Gorgeous as ever, and you know I am an avid Crocheter but not with those teeny tiny needles. What I crochet calls for the Larger sizes. I would probably need a 5 strength Reader to handle a little crochet project like trim etc.

    Have a Beautiful Day!!
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. HI Nancy, nice to see you and sounds cooler YEAHHHHH I was not thinking of selling any...what have you in mind? and thanks for your sweet note...we do love our gardends..

  11. Hi Samm I have been enjoying your blog. It has been so long since I been over here I see so much has changed. I am in love with the Hanky keepers I have been searching for some hankies to give it a try in making a few . No luck so far but I will continue to search. I also see that you are giving crocheting a try. I can remember back in my days of Junior high school I use to make vest out of granny squares and so many blankets. Back then it was so much fun later on I went back into it again when I started working and had long bus rides to and from it was something to do to pass away the time. It is also very hot here trying to keep cool. Have a great day tomorrow (((hugs))) Cheryl

    1. HI Cheryl, hankies, go on ebay take a peak at vintage lots or woman's hankies there are many to gather....I have enough now for quite a few projects, so I don't think I will be needing anymore for awhile..and crochet..well i am heading out for my ebay class today....I just need to understand the stitches...I got the tension down now...ohhh I so remember seeing granny squares everywhere

  12. Sei incredibilmente brava!!! Ti ammiro tanto

    Un abbraccio


  13. Wonderful Christmas hankies! I remember my grandmother's!

  14. beautiful. Where do you find all your hankies?


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