Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Another Hankie Keeper ---still in a Christmas Theme!

Seems are our whole nation is under a heat wave, although you would never believe
that here as we have very cool temperatures this morning...I sat outside with a knitted
reading shawl this morning it was so cool, more like a fall morning...

I am heading out for a class in CROCHET so I need to begin as I begin 
each day with my my MUFFIN TO LOSE with Butter and cup of joe...
As I will be out most of the day, I will bring my other half of muffin...
Again, no surprise to me, but maybe still to most of you
who just cannot believe that this will fill you up...
it does otherwise I would still not be eating them...
nor would the thousands of you who are trying them...

Speaking of HOT, I want to keep cool
so I am still making Christmas theme Hankie keepers this week. 

Doesn't this look like a Christmas morning, all these
Christmas hankies....which by the way for those
who are seeking them, EBAY is your best chance..
LOOK for the BUY NOW ones...sometimes there are such
deals to be had, I never pay more than $2.00 each unless it is 
a vintage one that I want to use to tuck into my hankie keepers...
I will go as high as $10.00 but I don't do that often...

I have quite a few now, so I won't be bidding or seeking 
anymore for awhile...My girlfriends, 2 of them in the estate auction business..
brought  over 3 boxes total of hankies...

I am going to put some on the line before I go, the winds are so high
they will be dry in an hour...

I found this vintage cup and square saucer years ago.....I chose it this morning as
it seemed a perfect match....

Here they are together...I have quite a few reds and whites so I will be making more of these with different hankies for the rest of the week and certainly practising some crochet stitches...

Update from this morning....before I go off to class...

Sumatra was under the weather these past few days, but today she is herself again.
She has allergic conjunctivitis which resulted in a VET visit and now she has an appt
for some dental work...We were not going to go there, but  as we got a second opinion,
we decided to go ahead...She is my constant companion and  as her KEEPER we are 
solely responsible to give her a good LIFE...

I am most certainly coming back as a CAT....lol
and I have to find a KEEPER like me lol

This is what she was looking at...turned out some strong winds came through waving my garden
flag like a sail.....

 So I washed some BLUE hankies and got them on the line....everyone of these are in blue hues...
some are so exquisite I can hardly wait to make them into hankie keepers for our blue lovers out there...

David and I are heading out this evening to hear an author about the Dorito Effect...what food flavorings are doing to our foods... will share that tomorrow...

In The Dorito Effect, Mark Schatzker  will be speaking on  the approach to the nation's number-one public health crisis has gotten it wrong. The epidemics of obesity, heart disease, and diabetes are not tied to the overabundance of fat or carbs. Instead we have been led astray by the growing divide between flavor - the tastes we crave - and the underlying nutrition.

Check out Muffintolose.com tomorrow....it will be like you were there with us.. WE are going to have a 30% sale till Saturday..( on starter kits) . We really are trying to do our part too...sharing what we know because when you know better you do better! 

YOU matter! 


  1. Another beautiful one Samm. There's just something about red.... :) blessings, marlene

  2. maybe it has something to do with our ages...lol we grew up on those colors, nearly everything was red and white, dishes, t-towels, blankets...it reminds us of HOME

  3. Replies
    1. Thank you Anna...always a treat to see you..I am working to make a heart like yours..

  4. Magnificent blue line.... your keepers are so pretty.

    1. thank you Gracie, your sweet note chases away the blues

  5. All those blue hankies are beautiful. Your hankie keepers seem to get more beautiful each day.

    1. thank you Mary....they are special indeed...

  6. I really love those hankie bags, Samm. You are doing an amazing job with all of them. Perhaps we will see a revival of hankies again.

    1. I wondered that Mary, I don't think they will though...I don't think people have the time to design them anymore....although I would certainly line up for some....

  7. Another beauty! It looks so pretty in that green setting. I love the picture of them together. That red and white is a stunning combo. The plate and cup are just my style, I love red accents, but your blue hankies steal my heart away....so many beauties! How are you going to choose? I love your OCD...matching clothes pins in rows...lol. The reason we can't find pretty hankies...well, they are all at your house! They look amazing in your yard. Best wishes to sweet Sumatra. You are such a good mommy. x

    1. and yes you would note that ....the coloured pins all in a row....our neighbors often remark on that too...they find me quite amusing per say lol. and yes those blues..I knew you would love them...
      ohhhh there are many hankies out there....I think I have just a few..wink

  8. Lovely! Your cat is gorgeous!
    Have a nice week,

  9. you too Olga....we are all enjoying the summer even when we are not well....Cat that is....I am fine lol

  10. Your Christmas theme is addictive. I stopped at the second hand store and bought another stuffed snowman ornament. I think maybe he should have a hankie for a scarf! Love the reds, and looking forward to see what you come up with in blue.

  11. Thankfully Sumatra is part of your loving family and she will be in purrfect health once again. I adore each of your Hanky Keepers. Blues are my Heartthrob so that dancing line is BLISSto these eyes. Creative Bliss Dear...

    1. HI Sherry, she certainly is.., she is even better tonight...and the hankie keeps. well in blue I can tell you they will have you dancing...lol... you always make me smile

  12. HI Ev, what is wrong that we are thinking of Christmas already...lol you bought a snowman...I actually been seeing Christmas things out already ...I just can't do that yet lol

  13. What a beautiful sight! Your Christmas Hankie keepers are just gorgeous, and those beautiful hankies on the line are a stunning thing to behold! I may just come sneak some. LOL
    Wondering today how sweet Sumatra is doing, and hoping all went well. xoxo

    1. IAM MISSING SOME...WERE YOU OVER HERE LOL ..... Sumatra is doing better, but her surgery is moved up till aug 10....x

  14. How sweet - hanging on the line and waving in the breeze!
    Poor Sumatra. I'm so glad she will soon be feeling better. These little felines become our babies in so many ways.There's something so calming about having a sweet cat purring in your lap.
    I'll have to check out the Dorito effect!

    1. it would be nice if she was a lap cat...only when we were at the vets....otherwise she is a side cat...always by my side.


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