Thursday, July 16, 2015

A squeeze of Orange in this HANKIE KEEPER on day 4..

Today we needed a bit of a squeeze of ORANGE....
I gathered some sweet ORANGE hankies in my collection..
and this is what I came up with...

This is Cori's from yesterday, take a peak at all the sweet details she added..

I was so inspired by her coral colours I just had to find something similar...
BUT I had nothing that close but I did have some ORANGES...

What is wonderful about making these HANKIE KEEPERS is you will
never have 2 the same....it is rare to find 2 identical hankies...

Isn't she pretty like she is going on a road trip..

So besides Cori's inspiring Hankie Keeper...I dug through my box of mixed
colours of greens and oranges and found these...
The one on the end ( your right) is what I made mine out of ..
the 4th one is the lining and the second to your left is what I tucked into the wee 
orange delight of a H.K. ( hankie keeper) 

I have more  ORANGE hankies on their way, so I will be able to make more ORANGE 
ones...they bring such a succulent KISS of delight! 

Again I am making up all of my Christmas gifts these next couple of weeks...
I think this is such a sentimental and feminine gift..... I love making them...each
one as pretty as the next....

Here is how I made the cover....choose a scalloped edge fold it down
and when you are cutting it - the results is a one of a kind front ...
I added some self covered buttons from the wee pieces left over...
Every bit is used...
                                 Here is the Pattern if you want to make one or two or three lol

and then I went to my Coffee Corner in my kitchen and chose a co-ordinated cup to go with My Muffin to lose breakfast.....Do check out MUFFINTOLOSE for the post on Cheez Whiz...I spoke
to the Food Scientist yesterday....He was responsible for the formula in the 50's but  not the AXLE grease that he calls it today....He is a delight of a man....

I have a full day today, crew are coming in again
to get some orders out asap....

Join us on the muffin crusade, you will wonder why it took you so long....

Let's stop CRAVINGS and fill our bodies with yes ladies
half a muffin for 4 hours...

YOU are worth every bite! 

  YOU Matter...

p.s Question for you CROCHET peeps..
what is the very best Crochet hook and what sizes should I be looking
at if I want to do edgings for hankies or small toys....?

I am ready...

NOTE for those who have received their Muffin to LOSE starter PACK...

If you are ready for a 10 pack you will get 10% off your first BOX, 
20% off the total for the second BOX you order
and 30% off for your third box.

This is off the total cost of 1 case of MUFFIN TO LOSE  MIX. 
( which will last you one MONTH) or 2 months if you are a female only eating them
for 120 meals...
I will Refund you asap as your order is placed! 


  1. You'll need small steel crochet hooks for the edging on hankies. The size needed will depend on the size of crochet thread. If you're using size 10 crochet cotton thread, you'll need a 1.5 mm hook (though my favorite is a 1.75 mm) For very delicate hankies you might want to use a finer crochet cotton size 20 and you would use maybe a 1.00 mm or even smaller.

    I've actually discovered that I also like making crocheted edgings from embroidery floss or perle cotton because they come in a much larger variety of colors.

    For the small crocheted toys like the ones Cori is making, I'm going to assume that she's using either a sport weight or worst weight yarn. Most patterns will tell you what type of yarn to use and the size of hook that you'll need. Likely a 3 mm and up for those again depending on the weight of the yarn you're using.

    I've been crocheting since I was a young girl so shoot me an e-mail if you have any questions you think I might be able to help with.

    1. what a sweet lady you are...well I just came back from purchasing a slew of hooks, some books and scheduled classes are confirmed..in the meantime i will practice lol...Cori is not saying a peep, she has 30 plus years on me for experience..guess she thinks I will be making cats and fish tomorrow wink .lol

  2. Yet again....another complete beauty. I am in love with these covered buttons Samm! I love the way you used the hankie edge, it looks like an adorable little ruffle. My new favorite! I will crochet you a little goldfish to go in it....lol! I wish I had some orange hankies....not many of them around here....but that is soon to change. I can't wait to see what you dream up for tomorrow! It seems we were both on an embellishment tangent yesterday...now how does that happen? You don't even hint as to what you are doing....to my dismay...lol. It is getting comical how coincidental our creative process is. Also... can't thank you enough for these amazing muffins. I CANNOT LIVE without them! Thank you, thank you, thank you!

    1. Ohhh scares me too....I am not even giving you a hint for tomorrows...lol.
      and yes a golfish..that is what I need....but I SO LOVE MY CAT, have her in my car on the dashboard, she is so purrrrfect there... and yes embellishes love them...found some cute idea for tomorrows..but I have to go over the bridge to pick up some ......lol

  3. Oh sew pretty. Can't wait to see what you come up with once you have a crochet hook in hand!

    1. HI Ev....well I got my tools of the trade today...I will figure this out ...lol

  4. Oh this Hankie Keeper is so refreshing!! Just Love it! and Loved your Muffin this morning too!! Yum Yum!!
    Thank~you so much for sharing such delicacies with us!!
    Huggs, Nancy

    1. Ahhh sweetness all around Nancy...beginning with your note thank you ..

  5. I am in love with every single hanky purse you are creating. Each one sew very pretty. I must get some hankies, supplies and your pattern. These are uber cute and I love each you and Cori are showing. Creative Hanky Bliss...

    1. Oh Sherry...I think I have been bit by the hankie keeper dust fairy...I am loving each and every one of them too...and such a nice way to use up my hankies..much better than being in a box....tomorrows is wellllllll I think they are your colours..

  6. These are just adorable. Very dainty. Can't wait to see your crochet. I have been teaching my kiddos all I know. I agree with Super Mom. For your practice, I would suggest using a size G hook. Good Luck!!

    1. thanks for the tidbit a g hook is what size? it will be awhile I am sure before I get anywhere near what you girls create lol

    2. A G hook is 4.25mm. I would also use a sports weight size 4 yarn. Nothing way fancy, like Red Heart plain jane yarn in a medium color tone. The medium color makes it a lot easier to see your stitches.

  7. Lovely Samm you have done it again. I have been tempted to make a Tammy from hankies. As I could´t find any here in Sweden I have ordered some from ebay. They come from China and I have to wait some weeks before I could start. Have a lovely weekend

    1. HI sweet lady...how nice to see you and hear you are going to make a hankie keeper...oh yes they are addictive lol....but will make such sentimental loving gifts..

  8. Again your newest hankie keeper is adorable. I am loving every color as you snow it. I don't know which is my favorite yet. My new favorite flower is the blue forget-me-knot. Alaska's state flower. I am baking my Muffin's to lose right now, have my coffee cup ready to start the day. What an inspiration you are.

    1. I am with you Mary..I cannot possibly choose a fav yet..as each day I love that one before me lol.
      ahhhh wait till you see todays? Good to join you this am with my muffin...a great way to begin a day....

  9. Very nice Samm, love the hankies!!

    1. thanks you so much for your sweet note

  10. Been off line for two days and look at the beauties you have made up!!!! Each one gets prettier, if that is even possible. I hope when you have a bunch done you will group them and take a picture for us. I would love all that color together. Yummy.

    1. Yes I took a pic of all of them on Friday, look at that post and when I finish them all, I will take a pic again...love that idea too...

  11. I wish I had all of my grandmother's hankies. She had a dresser full of them.
    The hankie keepers are pretty


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