Sunday, June 21, 2015


It certainly has been a couple weeks of EMOTIONAL EVENTS,
I don't think I have ever shed so many tears of JOY...
We live in a very small town filled with the most amazing PEOPLE...
and many of these PEOPLE are found at our local food market that we call

WEllll, our small town opened a brand NEW FOODLAND,
This photo of them cutting the ribbon is the beautiful family
of Mike ( owners), his wife Erin, his sweet girls, Molly and Ella.
 They are just a delight, a wonderful asset to our community.
( some very special people and friends of mine are in the background..Hi sweet EV!)

Cutting of the Ribbon was at 9:00am this past Friday....
My very dear friend Jo and I  were there for the ceremonies, we were 20- 21 customers
to enter our NEW MARKET...! 

I cannot tell you how thrilling it is to be part of something
that changes our lives everyday....Much of the fresh fruit and vegetables
are from local farmers too!

Want to join me on a tour?
 See the clock, Jo and I were in there for almost 1 hour and half.....wink.
there was a lot of hugging, crying and kissing.....xxx
  After our visit, we went to our OLD FOODLAND, and there was a feeling of NOSTALGIA saying goodbye to the CHARCOAL that filled the carts...I was there on Thursday, and the aisles were almost cleaned up... With a touch of sadness, I wiped my tear on the window and said "THANK YOU for the memories"..... ( that is my hair shadow in the window) lol

Ok, back to OUR NEW STORE....of course YOU know me well enough, I had to see the floral department....SEE that Yellow truck....well it is home with me...I am going to repaint it....I CAN HEAR YOU....yes RED.....( will show pics of before and after once completed)
 NO disappointment here, this area is massive, YOU can be sure I will be bringing home bouquets often....

I am not much of a sweet eater but really LOOK AT OUR BAKE SHOP....
I did note some LEMON TARTS..... I LOVE SOUR AND TART things..
did you know they actually send a message to your brain that says
"I AM FULL" just a tidbit from this Registered Nutritionist ( me, Mdm Samm)

It really is so beautiful, just brings tears to anyone who has a SWEET TOOTH...
Again, these photos were taken only 5 minutes of the GRAND OPENING!

This was at the front of the store FOODLAND cupcakes...
WE did not savour one, however I was impressed....

Our New DELI department...love all the VINTAGE SIGNS....

And no this is not ME, I bet she won't be happy to see I got her backside...?
but she was wearing a check blouse...LIKE HER! lol

Here is my sweet JO, in my fav department....Organics..!
Look at that delicious carpet at her feet...REALLLLLLY the details
were all noted...

And here is by all PASSION IN ME, my favourite AREA, the PRODUCE department...
this is 10X larger than what we had before...YEAHHHHHHHHHHH !

Now tell me, isn't this just glorious...I Just KNOW JOHN's Team
were busy all hours making it look so beautiful...
Thanks JOHN, he is a magnificent asset to PRODUCE! 

NOW JO, "what are you doing here" this is not OUR FAV department..
SUGAR AISLE....( cereal) she started her laughing..and my oh my
does she have an infectious laugh.....
"Let's get out of this area, before someone sees us" lol

Another aisle you won't ever see me in....
POP...and cupcakes...but it is nice and clean and orderly! 

Our shoppers start very young here...I adored this young LADYBUG
with her cart of grapes and you know she is thinking "what else do I need?"

Now this is a section I will enjoy, not so much GLUTEN FREE products
which have no flavour, but there is some lovely organic grains and tea here....

OHHHHHH Tyler, one of my favourite PEOPLE, he is such a sweet man,
and quite talented....that is his drawing of the car in the old store....

Each time I am in Foodland, you can hear him " Mdm Samm's here"
Today he gave me a HUG, really touched my heart. He is not a touchy guy
at all, but even my SWEET TYLER was overwhelmed at our NEW BEGINNINGS"

 I will  miss seeing him here, he was easier to find....wink...HI TYLER 

Ohhh I just loved this TRUCK  too...what a great PLANTER...
NO, I did not buy this ....

What was once my favourite thing to eat BREAD.....
occasionally we will treat ourselves to some WW baquettes...

Ohhhh another favourite MEAT specialist....KIM...
she is just a dolllll....SAMMMMMMMMM, 
she says, I am so HAPPY......
YOU could feel that....

I LOVE THIS SIGN in the new store....
However as every chapter must be turned in life....
There is no one below to help....because they are all at the NEW FOODLAND.

them with me...they fill many BAGS of GROCERIES....


Here is Jo checking out with one of our FAV check out ladies...HI LYNN, she is always a delight,
working well under pressure...there were many glitches the very first couple of hours..but we know
she handled each one with TLC....

As we were leaving the store...there was MICHAEL...
gosh I adore this man...he has been with Foodland for decades
a tremendous ASSET to this company and to all those
who are lucky to embrace his JOIE DE VIVRE .
We had to spin the wheel,  I won a FRISBEE, JO
and pen and pad....
Another LOVELY MEMORY to hold in our hearts...
Thanks sweet man we will see you real soon! 

Wellllllll, again my eyes are welling with tears.....
It certainly has been an emotional time  these past few days...

Thank YOU, all you special people at FOODLAND,
YOU all ROCK MY WORLD and make it so much SWEETER..

p.s THIS Friday I will be sharing MORE GOOD NEWS
and YOU CAN BET more TEARS! 

P.S. if ever you go to your Market/grocery store
and you blog about it...I WOULD LOVE TO SEE where you SHOP..
anywhere in the world...would that not be a TREAT....
you see different products, prices...

SOOOOO if you do carry your camera and share...I will let others know too!


  1. What an interesting post. Grocery stores can be so much fun to visit! It is fun to see all sorts of new and unusual products.It is nice too when everyone is so helpful and friendly.

    1. I would love to see other groceries stores that YOU go to...imagine we all would be in awe of different products around the world...WE really have a delightful crew here..

  2. Hi Samm Your photos more than do the store justice. It is nice to see it from anothers' perspective. I love that you have captured some of my favorite fellow employees. Together they have more than a hundred years of experience, and yes, they are always smiling. So glad your could join us on our special day.

    1. Ahhh Ev, we both were thrilled to be part of this...btw, we were back there again today...needed to pick up some fresh veggies...Mike was still in his suit lol...

  3. Samm, your new store looks amazing. You know, you have such a wonderful take on life. The things many of us take for granted, like a grocery store, is such a big part of our life, as it supplies the things for our very survival. This is a beautiful presentation of your new store. It is such fun to see you highlight this event. What a testament of your character that you find so much joy in every little thing around you. How cute of Jo to be your model, looks like you two had a blast. Thank you for sharing this event. I love the post, you are an incredible example of HEART sweet lady. xx

    1. Ahhh you just make me tear....I have to say this past year, every moment is an event in our lives...I suppose we have to have a few scares in life to realize how fortunate we really are for all the little things, even a grocery store opening....wink..

  4. How nice to see your country, once again. This store reminds me of our recent trip to Canada :) I miss Canada, the Pentecostal Church in Montreal, my mom and my sis (but they will go to us, soon).
    God bless you, my friend !!!

    1. HI Gosia...ahhh I have been to that church, it was not far from my family home....nice to see you ...

  5. This was fun. Thanks for sharing!

  6. I sure hope Foodland makes it to the West Coast of Canada...looks like a lot of fun!

    1. Ahh Paulette it has everything we would ever want and much more...

  7. It looks amazing - quite different from the last store. Enjoy the new shopping experience.

    1. Oh yes Mary...it was still that country feeling store..but it was pretty dark...but the people were pure sunshine...

  8. Hello Samm,
    the Foodland store...is a dream.
    Congratulations on your new Foodland.
    I wish very many customers

    The Bake Shop...is a dream *smile*
    I love sweets.
    Why I do not live in Canada..a great Shop !!
    So a big store there is not with us in northern Germany.
    Many greetings

    1. ahhhh Swaani, I would love to see what your stores look like in Northern Germany..
      we are thrilled with our new market...that is for sure..

  9. Yay Foodland
    I have never heard of them, but my hubbs says they are in Michigan. Is that correct?
    I love a nice clean store. and bright, I like light.
    This is so great to have a nice store full of quality nourishment, so you can gather it all up and take it home and consume it :-D
    Thanks for sharing this fun event.
    here in The Broadlands, 35 miles west of the Cesspool better known as Washington DC, we have a grocery store and a nail salon on almost every corner.
    We have a Safeway one mile from my house. I NEVER shop there. It is a lousy strore. Then we have two Harris Teeter stores one mile each in other directions, they have the worst prices on the planet.
    Grocery stores in important. You want a good one. I drive to Wegmans, or sometimes the local Giant since they compete with each other and strive to have the best produce.

    1. Now Rosemary b here, I am not sure if they are in Michigan, can’t say I have ever been there...I think we all realize how lucky we really are....I am in heaven, we have been there every day since it opened...and it is open 24/7, I have a notion to go in the middle of the night..just to say I did ...lol...or not ...

  10. Wow! That looks like an amazing new store - how lovely. We go to the smallest grocery story in our town - but it is all because of the people in it.

    1. HI Karen, it is always about the people....love to see yours in your country..

  11. What a fun and happy day for you and Jo! It was sew good to see Tyler's smiling face in the new Foodland.

    1. ahhh he is a delight Judy...it would not be the same without him...

  12. You are such a softie dear Samm. My husband does most of shopping but I miss just walking around and seeing all the things. We just had a new Sobey open and it was so beautiful. When we moved back from St. Louis our stores were so dull but they are definitely catching up. Hugs and blessings

    1. ahhhhh Sandra...I suppose I have a touch of nostalgia when it comes to our very nice small town......we both do the shopping here...and I will tell you David loves shopping. so it will be a thrill for him when I ask him to drop by on his way home lol

  13. Samm I just had to smile at this post! I think we women, being the gatherers of the hunters and gatherers history of our species, have a special love for markets. After all, they mean we can "gather" everything we need in one spot! You have an especially wonderful new market. I was in WalMart here late this afternoon and it's nice, but not nearly as nice as your new Foodland. And please tell your friend Jo that she is simply gorgeous - that smile just lights her up! blessings, marlene

  14. I could not agree more Marlene...there are weeks, where I am in supermarkets almost every day ...YOU get to know people, in fact I laugh, because I know the People at Foodland more than I know my neighbors...Oh and JO, her smile is gorgeous but I will tell you it is her LAUGH that is magical...she will love the compliment...

  15. From JO, my friend who is not a blogger....lol

    I didn't know you took so many photos of me while we were shopping. It was lots of fun!

    You are an awesome hostess! Your beauty is inside and outside and projected in your surroundings. The house and white flower gardens provided a wonderful respite, ...an oasis. Thanks again for an especially wonderful visit.
    Love Peace and Happiness,

  16. It's always fun getting a new community shopping place! Your Foodland looks like a great place to shop !


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