Monday, May 4, 2015

Sundays are for.....

Hello caring friends...

OHHHHHHH my goodness, Cori made a doll out of clay...
MORE PICS....I can hardly believe she made this whole thing...
WHere IS MY CLAY??????

What a busy weekend, I stitched a lot, I shopped a lot all the while
my beloved was training for a Cancer Ride in June....
My heart swells at his motivation to continue standing...or rather
riding...He fills me with so much love....it is hard not to have it spilling into
so many other things....xx

I began stitching my MOTHERS DAY Celebration...TWICE....
One in yellows and the other in TAUPES...

I just was not too happy about the one on top, so I will be adding her to a TAMMY BAG...
and this one below, will be for a new stool I purchased at an antique store on the 

Now the last time I worked on a lamp, I forgot to take pics of the before...
WElllllll this gem I found at an Auction yesterday, Today I am going to figure
out how to paint on a glazed surface....I want to do her in gingham for a kitchen window..
She stands but 8 inches tall...perfect for a window sill...

Speaking of sills, this is some of my Cosmos that are almost 1 foot tall...
although our weather is much warmer, still not warm enough to plant in our gardens
for a couple more weeks....I can hardly wait to get in the garden...
Today I have to order 2 yards of triple mix....Next weekend, we work all of our beds....

Ohhh Look what I came across yesterday...I asked HIM, not sure he has a name...
but I wanted to brush him....he was so matted....lol. 
I think his expressions says it all...
I think he was more upset about his cramped quarters...can't blame him a bit...

This was a picture perfect BARN I drove by...all that RED and white against the blue
sky and  very green grass, welllllll I just love it....

And Magnolias were in bloom everywhere.....they are so lovely...

This one in beautiful white blossoms...the smell was intoxicating..

This one has to be 3 stories tall...beautiful...

This one my favourite, you can see, it was already dropped its petals...
I wanted to gather them in a basket just to keep their smell lingering about.....

I so love spring...soon my garden will be filled with blossoms..
Seems where we live on the escarpment, it is cooler than the valley,
so everything is budding slowly...

I have some errands to do today, so it is catch up after a busy weekend..
Hope you all continue to fill your days with happiness..


  1. Flowering Magnolia incredibly beautiful - I fully share your enthusiasm!
    Fluffy cat embroidery detail on the very charm :)

  2. Oh, I truly enjoyed seeing a bit of your world.

  3. Your embroidery is very nice, but I love also the other pictures with the trees!

  4. Lovely pictures of Spring. Thank you for sharing
    The magnolias are blooming here and even if it is cold outside the wonderful northern light is here with longer days.

  5. Samm, you make me laugh! Your clay is on it's way! Meanwhile, look at all of this beautiful stitching. Ahhh I just love your girls, they are going to be so adorable, especially on a Tammy bag! That would make such a lovely gift for mother. You always have the best ideas.

    Those trees - well they are just gorgeous. It's about time spring finds you! xx

  6. Great stitching that you are doing.
    Magnolia trees are the most beautiful trees for me, such beaututiful signs of spring.

  7. I love that lamp, so adorable. What a perfect canvas!

  8. Hi Samm!
    Your pics are adorable as always! The lady is going to be very beautiful!


  9. The doll is adorable Samm and so is your Mother's Day stitching. I confess the yellow is my favorite....but you know how I love yellow! And the spring blooms just make me want to be outside! blessings, marlene

  10. That pin cushion lady is so beautiful! How inspiring! Yes, where's my clay too?
    Your spring pictures are refreshing! I am missing my spring. It was 100 degrees in the California valley where I am babysitting! It will be hot in Texas when I return next week and time already go pick apricots! I want to slow down time this time of year.

  11. Es preciosa la muñeca de arcilla.Bss apretaos!!!

  12. Η κούκλα είναι καταπληκτική και το κέντημά σας επίσης !!!!!
    Οι φωτογραφίες με τα δέντρεα πανέμορφες !!!!11
    Καλή εβδομάδα !!!!

  13. Beautiful pictures! Love your Mothers' Day stitchery with the cute fuzzy kitty.

  14. Very beautiful pics!!!spring time the best time!!! Doll and her skirt is fantastic!!! Embroidery so nice ,especially cat!:-):-):-)

  15. Samm, your stitchery is beautiful! This picture is full of love...and Mother's Day is full of love :) Magnolias are gorgeous!

  16. Beautiful pictures. Thanks for the share. The magnolia trees in the south are much different than yours. Both are just a lovely, just different looking.

  17. Oh yes......spring has finally arrived in all of its glory there. Go out and enjoy it!

  18. You two ladies are completely out-of-control with the most clever and attractive May Ladies. Your half-doll pin cushions are sew much fun. I am catching up from being gone once again. I feel like Dorothy and Toto caught up in the tornado and I just want to click my red glitter shoes and be home! May Lady Bliss...

  19. Wow! Everything's so beautiful!

  20. Me encanta!!!
    Se le ve muy española.
    Saludos desde Tenerife.


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