Monday, May 18, 2015

Summer ...has arrived....

I have waited all summer for my COSMOS to brighten up our garden..
Each time I came home I would whisper " can't wait to see you"....

and yes they have finally opened up....and will keep
flowering till late fall....

This was right after a downpour...they were acting as umbrellas
for those underneath....isn't that sweet? 

I forget what these are called...I am sure someone will recognize them..
but they have flowered all summer...
As you might remember, our garden only has white blossoms....

Ohhh and look at this sweet pear.....kinda looks like a sweet shapely bottom...
or a heart upside down....Gosh I love what sweet miracles present themselves to us
every day....all we need is to take notice...

A neighbouring field not far from us...I just love the colours....and I think some
fairies were visiting wink....

Ohhh don't you just love cattle....? I do....and whenever it is going to rain, 
we note they are lying on the ground....all of them were when we arrived..
but perhaps felt embarrassed, and some began to get up lol

Ohhhh apple trees all around us have been flourishing..it has been a great summer
for our growers....

I am working on this quilt for the summer....all hand quilted...I finally have 
some time to dedicate to it...and our winds.......and I was going to show you..but it seems
the north west wind, had other plans lol...

One of my favourite things to see on our lines....our sheets...
we have many sets and all of them floral...I am happy
David does not mind at all....especially when we snuggle under them 
after being outside on the line all day... the smell welllllll there is nothing like it....

and what is SUMMER without seeing some pics of our sweet felines..
they have been enjoying the travels and the summer immensely...
Although at times I think we simply wear them out...

Sumatra rarely is this quiet...if you look closely, her eyes are open....or 
squinting at me....and yet she does not move....hoping for yet another 
authentic shot...

David was just coming in, when T-Cup got up to be stroked..she loves him so much....

Ohhh squirrels again getting her attention...I just love her profile....
and Sumatra's eyes...like a cloudless sky.....you can just fall into them...

In our travels....I came across this glorious winter cottage....
don't you just love it....I want to make one for our mantle....David is pretty good
with woodwork....soooo maybe this Christmas....

And yes this is solid steel....on top of welding shop....i was so impressed...

And for those who drop by from all over the world...I thought this would make
you smile...$4.99 Canadian is what you can expect for a breakfast special...
How much would yours cost in your area?

Enjoying every moment, relishing all the memories of this summer


  1. Samm, I am really GLAD to have been 10 days at Mallorca, we had heat, sun and the sea... Summer has not really arrived to Switzerland this year, LOTS of rain, cold winds..... and now, by the end of August, where usually we are supposed to swimm in the lake and enjoy summertime, we are already wearing woolen socks, sweaters and some of the trees are trying to wear already their autumn collection...... weird.
    At least the cosmo flowers showed you their beauty....

  2. Wow such a sweet post with lots of sweet pictures
    I love the sweet kitty so much..Maloo is saying hi and waving her paw
    Enjoy my dear
    Hugs x

  3. Lovely pictures!! Sumatra reminds me of my sons cat ...a beautiful creature. she ended up with dwarfism and cancer...only a year old, ,miss her.

  4. Thank~you for the tour, your pictures are gorgeous as always!! I agree with Vickie that first Image would make a lovely Home Decor Print, especially in my Farmhouse Decor. Love the little Cottage, so nice to have a handy hubby isn't it, need little trees for your project just hollar~ Kisses for Kitties, and Huggs for you!

  5. Love reading your post. The little flower you didn't know is a dahlia.

    Robin in Washington State

  6. What beautiful photos! Your flowers certainly still say "summer" to me!
    T-Cup and Sumatra are such gorgeous kitties. You captured their little personalities in your pictures!
    There are several places around us that server delicious, inexpensive breakfasts! We found a little cafe just last week and tried it out before church on Sunday. Delicious food although the ambiance was a little lacking! :)

  7. Hi there! our breakfast is around 5 or 6$US, nice pictures!
    Abrazos desde Costa Rica!

  8. Beautiful cats. For a good breakfast deal here, probably $6.99 or more. We are in rich oil country and it tells by the prices here

  9. Such pretty flowers! I always love the cosmos. Are the others dahlias? Your photos are all so gorgeous as are the felines. I had to chuckle at your vision of the pear. It does indeed look like that.

  10. Once again your pictures are priceless. Your garden is beautiful and kitties are so sweet. You do capture their personalities so well. I though upside down heart right away when I saw the pear! Have a beautiful day.

  11. Your garden and landscape views are spectacular. Summer is waning and our weather is very Fall like this month. TeaCup and Sumatra are beautiful kitties. To some pears represent abundance. Your description is very appropraite. Blissful Blessings...

  12. Your flowers are beautiful. (The full white ones are called Dahlias.) We are still having summer, in fact we are told that this week and next are to be the hottest so far. Being hot is not that bad...it is the humidity that I wish would leave.

    Oh, Our breakfast specials down here are 3 eggs, grits, sausage, bacon, or ham, and biscuit for $ 5.99. (I myself, don't care for the grits.)

  13. Love your photos! It's always a pleasure to stroll through your blog posts to see flowers, kitties, and other lovely things. :O)

  14. The photos are beautiful. It is hot, hot, hot here in Oklahoma. The thermometer is hovering around 100 degrees F. The heat index is around 105. The temperature is still 87 at 10 PM. We do not expect a break in the heat until at least Wednesday or Thursday next week. Children are being put on school buses with bottles of water after school due to the heat. Outside play has been suspended when the temperature/heat index are at certain points.
    I had a trip of a lifetime for me. In early August, I went on a "quilt tour" to England - my first time off North America. My paternal grandfather was born in England and came to the US by himself when he was 17 to escape from his father. It was quilters from America, Canada, and Australia. We were there 10 days. We saw quilts at the American Museum in Britain in Bath. There happened to be a special exhibit of Kaffe Fasset in a separate building. We really didn't see that many quilts. However, we did end our tour at the Festival of Quilts in Birmingham. There were over 300 vendors. I did not buy any fabric. Most of the fabric was American fabric and much more expensive there than here. There were some outstanding quilts at the festival. I could not find the prize winning quilts. I'm hoping that when we get the emails of the folks on the trip that someone will have pictures of the them. I met Amy Butler at a booth there. That was my big claim to fame at the festival. Bonnie Hunter was on the tour with us.

  15. Oh I miss line dried sheets!! There is NOTHING better!!

  16. Your pictures always make me smile. I just don't want the summer to end...

  17. Today, it seems our summer is slipping away. A cool day with rain and I have noticed that the leaves have a little fall color in them. Love spending a moment with you in your yard and around . :)

  18. Beautiful pictures of summer. It sadly is coming to an end. I love it when the kids are back in school but I hate it because it means summer is over!

  19. Oh such glorious pictures you have shared with all of us. Thank you so much for brightening my day. And I would want a cottage like that too. I can't wait to see the version that David makes for you.

  20. It is lovely seeing nice green grass and beautiful flowers. California is so short of water and everything thinks it is late Fall. Enjoy your travels!

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  22. Gorgeous photos of your sweet kitties!

  23. Lovely wandering around with you this morning...


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