Friday, May 15, 2015

Squirrel! RED, BLACK and WHITE Ahead.....

Have you ever seen UP, that wonderful animation about...

  1. Carl Fredricksen (Ed Asner), a 78-year-old balloon salesman, is about to fulfill a lifelong dream. Tying thousands of balloons to his house, he flies away to the South American wilderness. But curmudgeonly Carl's worst nightmare comes true when he discovers a little boy named Russell is a stowaway aboard the balloon-powered house.  Wellll there is this DOG, they call him DUG, he is full of energy and talks ( like a human) ... he gets a bit sidetracked when he sees an IMAGINATIVE Squirrel ....WELLLLLLL that is me when I see something IN RED, BLACK and WHITE......

Not surprising I would have a RED door....well it has been Black, Taupe, Orange and even Robins Egg...but RED seems to suit me best... WEll it was time for a new wreath... I like to change them over the summer so this is what I came up with.....Of course somewhere there had to be a GINGHAM one...Again RBD's gingham...Is there really any other?   So I designed 3 of them with materials I had on hand and some burlap that was just waiting to be made into bows... Now which one is on my door presently - is anyone's guess ?


And then last week I went to an auction picked this lamp up for $4 or $5.00
cannot remember exactly...but I saw potential....
I really needed a small lamp for our kitchen window sill.

So I painted it all black with a flat black paint....Now painting over a ceramic
glaze can be a challenge, so I took my finger and rubbed white ELMERS glue
all over the cup, waited till dry, sanded it off with a fine sandpaper, I then sprayed it 
with some Flat Black from Tremclad...great paint if you ask me...
Came out perfectly..

And then the shade...welllllll, it had to have a gingham shade, so I took
the same Elmers glue brushed it all over the shade and cut out a pattern
for the shade in yes you guessed GINGHAM from RBD and just laid
it on and VOILA..... my perfect lamp suitable for my kitchen window sill..
And those glass jars are all of my FAV teas that were a perfect birthday gift....
There is a Cranberry Pomegranate, a love Anytime Tea that has almond in it
and a lovely Chai that is to absolutely DIE for...

I am going to keep taking photos of them so she will know when 
they need refilling...wink...


I needed some groceries ( today) which was yesterday when you read this...
And I did that successfully and I was about to go straight home
when I saw our local Antique shop lady with a sign NEW STUFF...
So I went in......Of course.....

LOOK at what I found ...this amazing IRON knotted chair, that just beckoned to
come home with me.... ( I believe they were called ice cream parlour chairs, this one is a tall one)

I did not even hesitate ....I was not home 10 minutes, ( put away all the groceries)
and went looking for my  quart of TREMBLED paint, FIRE ENGINE RED, 
and brush....could not find one....Soooooo, I took one of my makeup brushes..
needed a new one anyway and gave it, its first coat..

It will likely need another but it needs 24 hours between ...Sooooo
I will give it another coat tomorrow ...
And then I will place a beautiful Boston l FERN in the SEAT area...
Did you see it's twisted feet? 

Will show more later this week as we complete our very large outdoor project! 


this one I did in taupes and reds and CASHMERE for Sumatra, who can 
always be found close by.... She is quite large, I enlarged it 100% 
and I think she is beautiful. 


Our all white garden is turning from greens...
possibly next week it will be in full bloom...
We finally have buds ....and at the end are my WHITE lilacs..they are pretty...
they just opened this morning...
All those tall bushes are viburnums and there are some trees too..they are in the forefront..
WElll by next weekend they will be in full bloom..
YOu can see all the light green balls...those will all be white..
YOU won't be able to get me off our deck....

This is the back of our yard...most of the trees still just have buds..within a week YOU will
not be able to see anything but a wall of GREEN....
and lots of white at the back...we have many shrubs and trees and annuals that will
be popping up...
We always have something red in our garden...that chair in the corner is one
David made a few years ago...gives you an idea how vast our forest is..


Sumatra responds to that word too..she gave me this look..."WHERE IS THE SQUIRREL?"
she makes me laugh so much....
WE are such a team....

I think that does it for me...there are no more SQUIRRELS, at least at the moment that are going to keep me from our next task...more on that real soon..

Our deck has been power-washed, we will be re-staining it all in a different colour, we have a pergola being built and I will be sewing the fabric for the topper with grommets ....lot's of sewing this weekend... by Tuesday all of our soil will be turned and new top soil and mulch will be added and then I can plant all of my seedlings too...so the next 4 days it will be a SQUIRREL of activity..


Looking for inspiration from some pretty amazing ladies.

Oksana has a list of them

Vinka has a lovely gathering too.


  1. Hi Samm!
    Lovely wreathes! Love them all!
    Beautiful pictures and your cat is gourgeous!
    Have a nice creative weekend!


  2. Very nice pictures of all these things "after" :) And your cat is SO Lovely I really love her!=)

  3. Love your wreaths and all your recycling items. Your teas sound delicious too - I'm a great fan of different teas.

  4. Oh, that little lamp with the gingham shade turned out so cute! Thanks for the tips on painting on ceramics, too :)

    Sumatra is one gorgeous kitty!

  5. Feliz fin de semana y abrazos ticos.

  6. Samm so lovely pics!! Sumatra is luxurious Beauty! Love her!
    Lamp is very nice!wonderful idea with chair!
    Have a nice time!
    Aliona Bots

  7. I couldn't possibly pick a favorite wreath Samm...but I can say I'm in love with that lamp! I think when I get home I must try to put gingham on a lampshade I have. :) You have a busy weekend coming...be safe and have fun! blessings, marlene

  8. Your wreaths...hard choice, but being spring, I would pick the green. I don't think you could go wrong with any of them. The lamp is the cutest thing ever, so tiny! I will be on the look out for one of those, that is just too cute. Your chair, well, I love the idea of your fern in it. Your garden already looks beautiful. I can't wait to see it come alive with your white blooms... it is easy to get pulled into a new project when you are surrounded by such potential. Thank you for all of the painting tips. Enjoy your weekend Samm!

  9. Such a lovely space you have surrounded with greenery and the soon to bloom white everywhere! Touches of red really pop and I love all you do with paint and fabric and imagination and vision! Enjoy your weekend and I shall look forward to your big reveal...Creative Bliss Dear.

  10. UP is one of our favorite movies! And how fun that we are both working on chair planters... though mine is being made from a wooden chair that had been left on the curb a few doors down from us. Wishing you a wonderful long weekend of fun!

  11. Great post! I have a wonderful little lamp that will soon wear a gingham shade!

  12. Sweet and beautiful photos from the life of Madame Samm! I'd be lucky to make one wreath, but you made three...love it!

  13. Your yard is looking so lush!

  14. Все венки прекрасны! И весь пост очень интересный! Браво!!!

  15. Such an eye candy posting. One photo lovelier than the next. Can't wait to see the end result of the soda fountain chair.

  16. UP is one of my favorite movies ... kinda like a goal to attain one day :) ... the wreaths on your door remind me of one of the very first posts you did when this blog was in its beginning days of "Stash" ... love your red door ! You always have the most lovely taste and decor!! Hugs and luv...

  17. UP is one of my favorite movies ... kinda like a goal to attain one day :) ... the wreaths on your door remind me of one of the very first posts you did when this blog was in its beginning days of "Stash" ... love your red door ! You always have the most lovely taste and decor!! Hugs and luv...

  18. Beauty surrounds you Samm. You inspire me to see the world around me with new eyes. Enjoy your weekend,

  19. I LOVE that movie!
    I also love your wreaths! Very nice!

  20. Love your red door. That's what I'm leaning toward on my next one. The wreaths are wonderful. Can't wait to see the next project.

  21. The lamp is adorable and I like the idea of repainting it. I'll have to keep that in mind if I come across any great finds this summer. And I love the chair too. What a great use for it.

  22. The gingham lamp is just so cute! You did a wonderful job on it. Love your cross-stitch -- beautiful!
    Thank you so much for linking up with the Handmade Café Link Party, and your lovely comments!


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