Sunday, May 17, 2015

Paper Ladies for JUNE....Mother Nature INSPIRED.

Summer is peaking it's pretty head in our garden...
Each day the fresh scent of WHITE Lilacs permeates every cell in my body...
I am so inspired by the hues of greens and the whites...hard not to be in love
with the innocence and beauty that Mother Natures blesses us with...

So my  JUNE PAPER Ladies  is inspired by what is in my view these days...
I am doing something totally different with her. I had some pretty hankies
from my Nanny and this one I believe could be over 90 years old and still
today has a freshness and style of grace....
I have starched her a bit so that is why the clips are on her hem...

I began her today after some chores were NOT DONE, but 
it gets so hot it was time to sit back and stitch awhile...

I am so enjoying bringing all these Paper LADIES to life each month..
I am looking forward to see what Cori will do with this one..
I bet she will be out looking for some HANKIES real soon. 

Our bushes of lilacs- we have a couple of them in our garden, are not entirely in full bloom
but their sweet scent....I get intoxicated by the sweetness....

They are such a beautiful and delicate bush! 

Our fern is basking in the morning sun only...they really prefer the shade...
and he gets plenty of this after 10 : am ....He is beautiful....

WE have some exciting things happening in our very small town, A NEW FOODLAND
will be opening in a couple weeks, much much larger than our older one
and for someone who loves FRESH everything, you can bet I will be one
of the first to grace this new site in town...

These lilies of the valley were a gift from a lady who I adore from Foodland...
She will be pleased to see they are spreading their gracious white bells 
in my garden.... For all our May birthday ladies...this is our FLOWER of the month! 

And yes Sumatra loves gardening too...she has been a great help...she sits where I am
to pull all the weeds...This is a snow cover....some little petals that also have a very
light scent..I think that is why Sumatra sits here...she often returns
in our home smelling of these flowers...
 A close up of my lilacs...there are still some buds just waiting to reveal their beauty...maybe tomorrow... I am patient...

One of our summer projects was building a PERGOLA....my job has been to cut and sew
the waves for the covering...A huge undertaking...2 full days....we have completed
one side....We will tackle the other side next weekend.

David and a sweet friend helped us to build the frame....I sewed all the grommets
onto the pleats....This fabric is 100 inches wide and so far we have completed
14 feet of our deck.... I have sewed almost 30 feet of fabric seams....

This is the view I took on top of an 8 foot ladder...BRAVE I WAS...
not really, I am terrified of heights...but MY MAN needed me so I was there..wink..

 I will post more pics as our garden explodes this week....tomorrow we are gardening some more...
WE have lots to plant before the sun kisses our bodies all over....I am ready with my sun hat and gorgeous ruffled new gloves... Will take a pic of them later...

Hope you are enjoying the view and you are also INSPIRED to create something to remind
you that each season brings such beauty to behold....I am loving our summer so far... I am relishing every sweet moment...


  1. Love the shots of the garden coming into full bloom. So much work on the pergola - well done you!
    Think that snow cover is so pretty and delicate. Looking forward to Miss June and her new skirt.

  2. Sumatra is perfect in her garden of green and white. How delightful that you are using one of your Nanny's hankies for June Lady's skirt. A new Foodland and a new Pergola is beyond exciting. I am amazed at how many yards of heavy wide fabric you have sewn for the covering. It looks fabulous and you will enjoy it all the more for laboring to build it yourselves. Creative Outdoor Bliss...

  3. I love seeing your beautiful garden and such a sweet kitty.

  4. Where can we buy the design? It is darling...


  5. Samm I love that you're using a hanky - I have many that I've collected over the years and always love seeing a new way to use them. I used to have some lilies of the valley in another place we lived and they were favorites - I hated moving away and leaving them! And one of the flowers I love the most is lilacs but we can't grow them where I live - it just gets too hot for them. What a great picture of Sumatra. :) Your pergola is coming along nicely....I know you're tired but I'm sure it's a good tired. I had a quiet weekend and did no work at all. :) blessings, marlene

  6. Samm, you garden is stunning! And I love your June Lady's skirt (or dress?) so much! You made it just in amazing way.

  7. Hi Samm!
    Your post is inspirational and lovely as always! Great pics and I'm waiting for new lady - she is beautiful!
    Have a nice week!

    1. YOu are suppose to be on a holiday ...thank you for popping in Olga...always nice to see you ..

    2. Oh I am) just have some time to read my favorite blogs)
      Love from Adler,

  8. This lady will be so interesting and that skirt she is wearing - just beautiful.
    Wonderful pictures of all those white flowers in your garden.

  9. Your garden is looking more beautiful each day! Your pergola cover is interesting. I am trying to find ideas for one and thought I saw one that had wood louvers that opened and closed, but might have been dreaming, lol! Miss June is lovely.

  10. Piękna pani w cudnej spódnicy. Pozdrawiam serdecznie:)

  11. So beautiful lady!!! So cute and airy!

    1. HI Olga...nice to see you, leave an email next visit so I can reply..you are a no reply blogger..

  12. Beautiful June lady , enjoy your garden.

  13. Replies
    1. Hello pretty lady, nice to see you, if you drop in again, please leave your email so I can reply....thank you ... your projects are beautiful ..

  14. Lovely lady and her skirt is beautiful.
    Wonderful photos of your garden.

    1. seems we both are inspired..your garden pics are always beautiful....could not reply as not email was in your comment..

  15. Даме очень подходит юбка, очень интересно, какой она получится в итоге.
    Ваш сад просто потрясающий! У нас сирень только начинает распускаться, но вовсю цветут яблони, пьянящий аромат!

  16. How very lovely! Beautiful look for a summer day :)

  17. How very lovely! Beautiful look for a summer day :)

  18. Lilacs are one of my favorite spring flowers. On my morning walk, just before I turn the corner to come home, I walk into a "wall" of scent and then as I turn the corner, that home has a huge lilac bush. It has become the best part of my walk!

    Your yard is going to be beautiful this summer and you'll enjoy having that pergola to retreat to the shade.

  19. Your garden is always so beautiful as are your creations. I absolutely LOVE the idea of using your pretty hankies for the skirt. I have so many that were my grandmother's...I need to figure out a way to disply them instead of hiding them in a drawer. You are THE most creative person I know! Have a great week, Samm. :)

  20. Your June girl is so pretty Samm! Now, how to go about doing THAT in applique....hmmmmm. I love your pretty garden pictures, looks like it is blooming with life already! I love lilies of the valley, they are a favorite. Their delicate little blooms in the sea of green leaves are just pure perfection. I am so excited for you getting a NEW store! I sometimes take that for granted living in this new community surrounded by new everything.....but it is so nice! You are so inspiring you know, not many would take on such a big project like an awning! It is quite amazing to watch you embrace each challenge and create such beautiful things. Your talents are mind boggling sweet lady! xx

  21. What a special treat to incorporate your Nanny's hankie into this beautiful Paper Lady. She looks beautiful! It looks like a tremendous undertaking to create the porch cover...wow! I'm glad you didn't fall off the ladder!

  22. I love your June lady and how creative of you to use Nanny's hanky . I love white lilac's, my hubby brought me some yesterday so I could enjoy the beautiful fragerence . You always amaze me in the projects you take on. Hugs and blessings Sandra

  23. Beautiful photos Samm. I can almost smell your garden from here. Love lilacs and lily of the valley. Very brave lady, the view from that ladder makes me dizzy, but the added shade will be so worthwhile.

  24. This beautiful and reuse your garden ...a paradise ....glo

  25. Your Paper Lady this month is going to be gorgeous, just like her sisters!
    Your flowers are beautiful! I can smell their sweet scents from here!

  26. Just catching up here, Samm, after being away......I LOVE her. Her skirt is perfectly charming.

  27. Your flowers are always so beautiful and clever Sumatra, scenting her fur... You're very brave not just for the ladder but also for tackling all that fabric!


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