Friday, May 8, 2015

Making Time, YOU can get more out of your 24 hours...

How I MAKE TIME! -Part 1 and PART 2 will follow along with part 3 

The one question I get more often then anything else..." Do you sleep?" which translates to  "how do you get so much done?"  Let me share you this....


1st    I sleep on average  8 -9 hours every night!
2nd     I get everything done by this...

MY Timer , allow me to share...
( which btw is on its way to Oregon, more on that later)
I have a back up!

22 years ago I was sent to a 1 week training course, cost my company  $11,000  to send me..
I was not pleased because in those days, I really thought I knew everything... 
I thought my time would be more effective in the field!
Little did I know then, I really knew nothing, I  still don't.

Life is about learning and serving others,
 if any of you missed that memo. 
Let me refresh it for you today!

I laugh when I get questions in my inbox, where you live, do you have more hours in the day
then we do in Uk, Germany, Netherlands, U.S.A, New Zealand, Japan, Canada.....?

NO, I have 24 hours in my day..IN fact I don't think I would be wrong in sharing
with you that I probably have less productive  hours 
in the day than most of you who only sleep 5-7 hours...

I will share with you, I do not WASTE time on the LITTLE THINGS!
My philosophy is-- deal with it, mourn it, and get over it!
I allow myself 24 hours to stew...while being very busy of course..

Back to this course I was sent on...there were exactly 100 who attended.
All were chosen from different companies who were at the top of their game!

I tried to measure up to my companies expense in making sure
I put my best foot forward..I listened carefully.....

What our speaker was talking about was--- a TIMER
I had one...yeah...I think I even let out a "Yeeeees, I have one"...lol

 It was from that moment on for 6 more days, 
the speaker of the house who's name was PAUL
used me as his barometer to measure his audience
attention. Let me tell you WE all held onto every word
he spoke. We were not allowed to tape anything,
but we did all have pencils and pens and pads..
( the day, when we all did that, you know- write)  I remember still
today, watching around all the notes people were taking.
I took few...I watched PAUL, I listened, I was
mesmerized by his ability to keep my attention ...

for 22 years I have followed this regimen!


1. I never ever drink any sugar drinks, that is fruit juices or pop.


Because even though Paul was not a nutritionist
I wasn't either then, he knew this.

Sugar affects our brain for about 30 minutes.
According to the Journal of Gerontology, a study
revealed that mice took 30 minutes to complete
a simple maze after being injected with glucose..'
( this is what is in pop and  in most fruit drinks)

In humans it was measured by easy math.
FEW could do them when they drank a POP.

That was enough for me, I never drink pop, unless
I am sick, I have some ginger ale. And I think the placebo
affect takes over, as I was given this as a child. We all were!

Conclusion: If you drink say 4 pops a day on average more or less.
YOU Have LOST 2 hours...YOU are just there, you really
are not on task,  you are occupying space, think about it!

2.  The night before jot down 3 things you want to complete...
JUST 3 for the next day.


I remember this like yesterday, Paul said, 
" if you don't have a plan, you will
be part of someone else's"
We all looked at each other...gives us more....

I am slow on the uptake when it comes to jokes, 
I usually have to have it broken down lol..
but this made perfect sense to me..Does it to you?

I still PLAN on completing 3 things every day...
Now I am talking about hard things...
Give yourself a break...

Here is an example.

Call 1 person, and tell them how much you appreciate them -  ( 31 min) TIMER

Prepare a meal in the morning for the evening, prep everything, cut veggies, 
marinate meat, dry or wet, put everything on the counter  ready to go- ( 27min) TIMER

Clean your bathroom thoroughly ( only 1 bathroom) ( 23 min) TIMER

This was mine last night.

Write this post  ( 1 hr 11 min) TIMER

Send Sam,  info pck for special project (5 min) TIMER

Empty out sewing room ( 1 hr 7 min) TIMER
( I did complete this in 23 minute intervals...

Conclusion. If you did this everyday, you would be able to balance your life
better. I think it was  Carrie who asked " is this going to take self- discipline?"
I would say the only thing that will take some discipline is writing
down your 3 things. ( 3 minutes) TIMER. 

Think about this, have you ever heard?.....

"If you want something you never had, 
you must be willing to do 
something you have never done!"

 22 years ago....I had never done these 2 steps. ...
But I was willing to give it a try...
and 22 years later, I am still doing them.

YOU all have been asking, whether it be verbally, a written note
or thought..." HOW in BEEP does she do it" lol

I am sharing with you how....

I don't want you to carry a TIMER with you every minute of the day,
but it is a very good idea to have one handy...

Google them, they are everywhere...

NOW listen I did not make up the 24 hours in a day...BUT IF I did you can be
sure I would add at least 2 more hours JUST FOR ME....lol
Just think how much more I could get done...

What will you accomplish next time we visit...?

( part 2 will follow next week) 


  1. Bravo Samm!Well done! I admire your strong will and spirit! I'd have thrown timer in rubbish bin))

  2. Thanks for a great post! Love the idea of writing down 3 things to do for the next day. I know from personal experience that I do better at finishing my projects when I write it down as opposed to making a mental note. Have a great weekend and Happy Mother's Day!

  3. sure sounds like some good words of wisdom and worth some thought and maybe even some practice.... might not even be that hard to do once you get started.

  4. I'm a great list maker Samm, but I've never tried the timer. I'll add that to my shopping list. :) blessings, marlene

  5. That is an awesome advice! Dear Samm, thank you for sharing your experience! I will definitely try the three-things list strategy))

  6. Great ideas and ways to make your time work! I did do three things today that I had been putting off. Now if I can pull it off again tomorrow, LOL!

  7. Excellent information, Samm. Thanks for sharing.

  8. I can't seem to get anything done. These are wonderful information. Thanks :-)

  9. Thanj you! This was very enlightning!
    I will use the timer today!
    esthersipatchandquilt at yahoo dot com

  10. Great post,very enlightening.

  11. So interesting. Thank you for sharing it with us. I always make a list of the things I have to do the next days. If something isn't on the list, I probably will forget it. When I go to bed, I can actually look at the list and find out that I have done something.

  12. I learned from my mom to make lists for everything. One of the best feelings is to cross things off the list as they get completed! Thank you Samm, for sharing those positive words of wisdom! Have a wonderful Mother's Day!

  13. What a neat post. I look forward to learning more from you.

  14. This is a great article thank you!AriadnefromGreece!

  15. Encouraging to know that there are other kindred sleepers who need 8-9 hours and can still achieve. For seven days, I shall try the Just 3. Unclear if I need to time my task or finish task before timer dings. Looking forward to Part 2.

  16. Using a timer is one of the techniques that marketing expert Jeff Walker recommends to help a person focus on accomplishing specific tasks each day.

    When I wanted to finish the first draft of my novel, I didn't use a timer but what I did was set a specific word count that I had to achieve each day. I could write more if I was on a roll, but I didn't write less. I stuck to it until I'd accomplished that number of words (with breaks when needed to refresh or refocus.) One of the other things I learned through a process of trial and error during that time was to set realistic goals each day.

  17. Hi Samm!
    Your post is lovely today! I sometimes get lost in time, especially at work, as I work from 9-5 regime, so I don't have a lot of time for my family, creative works, and so on. For now my goal is to complete at least one creative work every week. And I do my best. But I really like your way very much! It's like a small tasks and you do everything, and you are a success! That's great!
    Have a creative weekend!


  18. I used to get a whole lot more done on a daily, weekly and monthly bases because I was self employed and had to... Now I am not and have taken a few very lazy years off.
    I have decided I need to get more accomplished on a regular bases and you might have just kicked started it.
    While I can not quite wrap my head around the timer part ( It might happen, just give me time)(lol) (I think that's a joke) The listing of 3 things the day before feels right and going to start with that and think about the timer... Thank you for the post.

  19. I really enjoyed this post! My days just seem to slip away without getting anything accomplished. I'll definitely try listing three things to do each day. Thank you...

  20. always have a plan.
    follow the plan.
    know how to deviate from the plan if something comes up
    I am my own task master. Every now and then I veer off for a while (just had two teeth REMOVED - BIG ones)
    Taking care of mom and dad forced me to really make a plan and many times there are surprises.
    I make lists. I have lists of my lists.
    I like routine,
    Gosh, this is good advice.
    I hope you are doing well keeping busy. Why are you emptying out your sewing room?
    Happy Mother's Day from the USA

  21. What a great post! Thank you so much for sharing, and Happy Mother's Day from Montreal, Canada. :)

  22. Thank you Madamm Samm for sharing your knowledge and life experience. I am finding this very interesting and definitely worth my time to try. I am fully aware that I do waste too much time in a day and I shall never be able to get it back. I also know I am a complete sugar addicted junkie. I can learn new tricks even at this happy age. Blessings and Happy Mother's Day to you Dear...

  23. Samm, thank you for this useful information! I read a book recently about time management for creative people and it is said that timer is needed! Just as you wrote in this post :) Author of this book says that a person can concentrate on anything and work with 100% effectiveness for 45 minutes only and suggests to work 45 minutes (with timer) and than take a break for 15 minutes. 15 mins is enough to wash the floor, or dish, or do any other thing we don't like to do :)

  24. Thank~You for this wonderful Post!

    Happy Mothers Day my wonderful friend!!

    Huggs, Nancy

  25. It is certainly food for thought and I remember reading about this before but never followed it up. Now I know it is the answer. I do write a list to help me achieve things but there is always more list left than accomplished. Setting that timer may just get me through. Thank you Samm.

  26. Good morning Sam,
    thanks for a great post..
    It's wonderful !!
    Have a nice week
    Many greetings

  27. Thanks so much for sharing! And sure it makes sence. I think I need more of a plan. So many thing get lost otherwise. So glad you refreshed my brain with it. Sometimes we know and still don't do it.... You know, I started years ago to make a weekly menue plan every sunday and to do the shopping for it on monday. This way I never have to think about menues during the week. I am still able to skip or change, but I always know what is at home and my brain is free for other things which saves me so much time. It is time for more plans now, lol!
    Hugs Martina

  28. Thank you! I'm ready for some changes in my time management. Off to find my timer. Thank you for revisiting this; I need it.


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