Wednesday, May 13, 2015

Making time PART 2 OHHHHH you will have even more time for say.....

How I make time part 2... 

Ahhh- you are back you must have some TIME to spare...
This is good..because today we will be talking- how our brains work..
Yes you heard me....it is 4:00 pm EST
many of those who share this time with me,
are almost out of time for the day....

OUR brains are slowing down... sew I will be quick lol.

Sew let's recap from our last visit..

1. NEVER drink anything sweetened with sugar or artificial sweeteners
our bodies do not know the difference.
( you will waste more time wondering what you did with your day)
( note fresh juice that is natural is fine as long as you limit it to only 4 oz)
such as pineapple juice or fresh apple juice...

Ahhh I see some hands up in the air.... leave your comments below...

2. The night before ( 2 hours before bed) jot down 3 things
you want to complete. JUST 3 for your next day....
( if you do it right before bed, you won't be able to sleep,
tooooo much information) 

Part 2 begins now.....are you all here?

What did you notice? Those who omitted sugared drinks...?
Did you find you had more time. Of course you did... YOU FOUND time
about 2 hours MORE EACH DAY....wow- heh....(  French / Canadian in me) 

Those who jotted down their 3 things for the next day, did you 
accomplish them? ( Did you use your timer?)  Do you have one now?

Tell me- what did you find out about yourself in 
this little experiment? ( comment below)

Ohhh I pray you did  your homework...? lol

WEll- here are the next 3 steps for you to consider...

#3. Whatever activity or chore you performed and whatever time
you set for yourself- do this again, BUT do it in half the time.
AND this time, do some preparation. 

Take for instance. I like to clean my personal bathroom, from 
top to bottom. The first time it did take me about 23 minutes.
The next time, I had my bucket, sponges, smart cloths, 
and new carpet and towels to lay out.. I did all this 
before I set the timer...AND I did it the night
before, took me less than 5 minutes to do that.

The next day when I was ready to clean my bathroom,
I noted everything was ready for me except the timer..
This time I set it for only 11 minutes. I got it done
with a few seconds to spare...It was some
workout, but I found in preparing in advance
I actually had more time! My bathroom was spotless!

( Lesson here, we waste time in not preparing for things we do not want to do.)
What can you do to shave 1/2 your time the next time you do your activity.
ohhhh the extra few minutes, I sat outside and drank my coffee! 

# 4. OUR brains can only handle about
 23 minutes of  any activity at any one time.
( it then begins to wander)

This is true, being I am still in school and now only a  Part time student after all these
years and I study constantly-I have learned the secrets
how to study and retain information.
But first I had to study the brain.
Without going into how the nerve impulses and which
parts of our brain does what, let me simplify this...

Which is why I plan on 3 activities about 5 days out of my week
and they are always 23 minutes in length.  And I get at least
15 things completely done every week!

( I don't expect you all to do this every day, just when 
you want to be productive and complete tasks you may
be putting off) 

Take YESTERDAY, this is what my day looked like...

I have a new venture that has been in the plans for months,
so I had to design a new logo, arrange some meetings
with suppliers, get quotes for shipping materials and
schedule the rest of my week around deliveries that are arriving...

So...timer is set for  23 minutes. take some photos, work on  designs...timer goes off...STOP, 
then I went to my kitchen  unloaded my dishwasher, took out my mop that was
ready has I had the night before added soap, washed all of my floors, put everything
away....23 minutes......STOP, back to my office and worked on more changes in my design
. STOP...well you know I carried on like
this for 3 hours.  This was my morning.

My other task was to complete my agenda for a board meeting that I am chair person for,
do up all the financials and confirm time and dates with members.  I set my timer for you guessed-
23 minutes. STOPPED, got supper ready, I took out a head of romaine lettuce, washed
it laid it out on paper towels to dry, made some caesar dressing from scratch, apple cider, mayo
garlic, lot's of garlic, oil ...set aside in refrigerator to marinate, brown a chicken breast
cut into strips, set aside for Caesar, cut a baguette ready to be toasted, make lunches for tomorrow.
STOPPED at 23 minutes..YES you are catching on...
answered some emails., made a couple calls...STOPPED
DH comes home..." Ahhh smells like you have been cooking
all day" ...."YEP, all day long" shhh our secret! 

YOU all have heard...

if you want something donegive it to a busy person."

Have you ever asked HOW they do it!
This is how, they know how to use their TIME effectively!

I feel very fortunate that I learned this
22 years ago and I just know PAUL
would be smiling at me and urging 
me to get to the next one....


#5 This is the most important one. ONE I do practice every day. 

 If you have young children, wear ear plugs...
not really. lol But don't have the TV on. Turn off any music. Do what 
I do.  When I am with the grand kids.. We do these
23 minute workouts...they can scream, run, do any activity , play
drums, play their music...but when the timer goes off
WHEN ? at 23 minutes..YES, oh you are good...

WE have 23 minutes of quiet time...we can only whisper
and only if it is really necessary.. I put out puzzles, 
crayons to draw, books to read....and yes it works...
no electronics of any sort..during this time...

Now for those with no kids at home....

The reason our society is sooooooo 
stressed, is we are constantly TUNED into
something. YOU will be much more productive
in silence. Try it the next time you have to do 
something, do it in silence for 23 minutes.

Shut off your tv, your phone, your iPod, your radio,

your computer....YES shut it all off for 3 hours

each day. YOU can do this. I know you can.

I am giving you the tools!
MY tools. This is how I get sew much done!

Again without going into what  and how the MEDIA
actually gets into your brain- and has you craving things,
wanting things, shopping for things.....

YOU know my background is Marketing right...?
I know how to get anyone off track....

BUT I would like to keep YOU all on track....

Sew- here is your exercise for the next week...
that is if you want to continue....?
Love to hear your success?  I want to hear
how this little experiment worked in your house..
By sharing, you will learn from one another. 

I will also share how eating well, like my 
darling timer above...
Note the apples in her arms......

Anyway, as I was saying, I will share with you
how certain foods can keep you alert, thinking better,
and calmer....

YEP, I can, I will, I do...
I am pleased to have spent my TIME with you..



  1. Wow! You are a font of information. I am so pleased that I do many of these things already. :)

  2. What an interesting series of posts! I am definitely going to try your tips, Samm!

  3. Samm, I will definitely try to do what you suggest! Thank you for your tips :)

  4. Well, Thank You Madamm Samm Dear! After lesson one I got a lot more done and am very happy with myself. Now I shall forge ahead and practice lesson two. First I shall need to read this great information a few more times...in fact I shall print it out for constant reference. I do know I can achieve sew much more in my days and it is so wonderful that you are sharing your knowledge. Blessings...

  5. This is such a great post, and I can testify that it really does work. Since I stopped the sugary drinks about 3 months ago, I can accomplish so much more with that tip alone! I love the little breaks from a task, I think it does a body good to get up and move, so the timer is a great idea to keep me on track. I can't wait to put a check on that long list of to do's. It really makes me feel so much more productive. Thank you Samm.

  6. Thank you for this series, it has arrived just at the right moment in my life. I need to "start over" and find a method to use my time more effectively because inefficiency is getting me down... I don't drink sugared drinks so that's already a good start! Thank you again.

  7. Thank you for this series, it has arrived just at the right moment in my life. I need to "start over" and find a method to use my time more effectively because inefficiency is getting me down... I don't drink sugared drinks so that's already a good start! Thank you again.

  8. Спасибо за полезные советы! Очень интересно!

  9. Love it.
    I do most of the things you are doing
    We live a very busy life but have got our lives and jobs down to a fine art , now we are both retired we still do the same things we are both very busy with different things , but we find OUR time through out the day . Friends say we don't know where you find the time for all your stitching and keeping your
    garden in order ! We all have 24 hour's in the day it is what you do with them. We get more done now than we ever did it's fun.

  10. Oh I love reading this!I do some of the things. But haven't got a timer yet. I hate the tic tac sound! I am trying to persuade my hubby to shut the TV or radio down. I thought the voices of children in the morning had made me sensitive to sounds but it's true. I cannot concentrate when the radio or TV is on!AriadnefromGreece!

  11. Samm thank you for your regrets!!!they are very interesting!

  12. Interesting. I tried the 23 minute timer this morning and it kept me focused on tidying up the fancy dress box. What do you do when the task will take more than 23 minutes?

  13. 23 minutes works fine with me. I sure get a lot of reading done, real books, lol! Today's big 3 were, haircut, laundry and folding clothes. The minutes saved were spent visiting an ill friend, well did spend extra there, but I figured that didn't count.

  14. I love when I do your suggestion of 23 minutes on a timer. I get so much done knowing that thing is going to ding soon!

  15. Okay I am going to try this, although I can say that I have had a very productive week this week!!!! It was one of those weeks when everything just worked well, including me!!!!! But I will try your 23 minute rule. Although I am not so sure about the quiet time! I work from home and where we live I don't see or hear a soul all day until everyone starts to come back from work/school. To be honest unless I have the TV on it feels very spooky and although I have my wonderful dog, Treacle, here with me, it can still be too quiet. Thanks for all the tips. Hugs, Susie x

  16. Good morning Mdm Samm. Well I did give it a go this past week and I feel that I did get some extras done and really felt good about getting them done. I did not set the timer as I was unsure what to set it for , I just did the job that needed to get done. I will try using the timer this week and see how it goes. Thanks sew much for sharing your knowledge and giving us that nudge that we sometimes need.
    enjoy your coffee outside today :0)

  17. I have learned that I try to do too much and then I get scattered. I found that it is hard to pick only 3 items to do the next day. I have a hundred things I want to accomplish. It is helping me to prioritize though. When I set a timer, I do move faster. I gave up sugar drinks years ago because of the reasons you stated. Keep the time mgmt tips coming. Every little bit helps.


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