Monday, May 11, 2015

A special weekend not soon forgotten... search CLOUD 9, HELICOPTER CHAIR....

It really started on Friday when this 
as helicopter chair , cloud 9...
arrived". For someone who  loves the outdoors and gardening but not
the sun, protection is key for me and my family knows that.

And before you all start writing in where to find one of your very own,
they come in teal, beige, yellow, orange, a purple one too...
with a perfect size umbrella to match....

Patience is possibly not one of my vest virtues, 
so I took it all out of the box, even when David instructed 
me to "wait till I get home".....
It took me a couple of hours and with a socket wrench and allen key
and rubber hammer, I put it all together....The hardest part
as I built it in my kitchen -was getting it outside
on my deck fully assembled...
Now that was a site...I am only 5 feet tall
and managing a long helicopter assembly..
WElllllll, let's just say when there is a will there is a way!

AND it did not end there...David  also sent along for a combined celebration
he got me a matching window stand for my Geraniums as they are very hearty
for our south east exposure and they continue to flower all summer long...
It holds two very large pots so I don't even mess the soft RED container..

Saturday, we went to the garden centre and picked up even more white
flowering plants that can be in containers. We are cautious about
planting all my seedlings till this weekend, but containers are safe...
So our deck is full of hanging plants and flowering pots...

I LOVE SUMMER and it has arrived..

Sunday Morning, I could finally relax and that I did...
David made me my breakfast of whole wheat muffin and soft boiled
egg, coffee and juice and with the morning sun just peaking over the horizon
it made for a perfect setting...

WE lounged outside until the sun became too hot....
But I did return in the evening...

and stitched till the sun said goodbye..

First trip to Garden Centre, for some WHITE containers
of Geraniums, pansies, bacopas, euros and petunias...all continue to flower all summer long.

as long as they are fed bi-monthly our deck at least will be in constant 
white buds and flowers...

Our garden is just about ready to emerge in a sea of white..perhaps this weekend...the buds
are coming along just fine... more pics of our ALL white garden later this week...

I did get some other things done too.... Time management is certainly being tested even for
me at this time of year...

She came out so pretty in a print from RED ROOSTER FABRICS.
They have such great colour DOTS...

Today I will be busy getting quotes for materials for our next adventure....With a long weekend
coming up, "WE" are going to build our largest project to date...stay tuned....OMG....I am excited...
I did say this was going to be a summer we would never forget....we are on target..

Hope this all finds you TWIRLING with excitement at the possibilities of SUMMER....
I think I am going to lounge for a couple of hours in my new LOUNGER....come and join me....

In the meantime, you just know I will be making some ruffles for my umbrella too!~


  1. Samm this is just so beautiful! Of course I love the chair and the flower stand but just the thought of lounging on the deck is heavenly. :) I'm off to work but thinking of that time on the deck coming in just a few weeks! blessings, marlene

  2. Everything is very nice!
    kisses from Italy

  3. Awww Samm I love your new Tammy! This yellow color, ruffles on top and beautiful stitchery...You inspire me again! :)

  4. That has got to be the most beautiful "me" place ever! It looks heavenly with all those flowers!

    1. Whoops! Forgot to say how gorgeous the Tammy Bag is...sweet!

  5. I am drooling over your Deck!! That chair is heavenly, me too NO Sun. So will need to investigate your new lounger. Oh I was just picturing you hauling that monster out to the deck, but that would be me too, if there is a will there is a way!! The Tammy Bag is oh sew sweet!! Have a Wonderful Day Samm!!
    Huggs, Nancy

  6. Ahhh it looks like you have your perfect spot all set up to enjoy the outdoors. It looks wonderful!

  7. Samm, it's lovely! Now, you can work outdoors - that is very good for the health!
    Flowers look amazing!

  8. That chair is so cool. Somehow I can see you lounging in it. Great idea. The Tammy Bag came out darling. Love the yellow. Sounds like you had a great day. Continue enjoying your week.

  9. Samm, you have created such a beautiful spot to stitch and enjoy the garden. I love the red additions to your sea of white, the flowers are just as pretty as they can be. Sounds like you had a lovely day, and your projects are divine. I love the Tammy, cute as can be as always....love that little ruffle!!!

  10. Wow looks so inviting , enjoy your Summer hugs.

  11. Очень красивые цветы и работы!

  12. Mmmm ... What is your cozy place! And peerless new job! Such playful yellow polka dots, love it!

  13. You have created such a cosy little corner! Enjoy your new chair and those beautiful flowers! Your Tammy bag is adorable!

  14. Oh what beautiful flowers - I love all white too.
    And the lounge chair - how perfect!! If I liked being out doors I'd get one but I'm not a fan of 'sitting' outside. I love sitting in our screen room so it's basically that minus the bugs...
    And the Tammy bag...beautiful!

  15. Now that's pretty cool! I know you'll have many wonderful hours in that chair. no doubt with a laptop in your lap!

  16. Cloud 9 is just that and perfect for a lazy day! Time to get my deck set up. Love your newest Tammy.

  17. It sounds like you had a wonderful Mother's Day stitching in your new lounge chair. And your newest stitching... I like how you've taken the same pattern that you used in the Tammy Bag pictured below it and switched it up with new colors. Love the red bow on the cat in this one.

    Your Tammy Bag turned out gorgeous! The yellow ruffles add just that right extra touch.

    I'd love to have you come link up this post in today's Stitchery Link Party so that others can see too.

  18. Lots of lovely things here, especially those gorgeous pots of flowers

  19. Looks like a wonderful place to sit and stitch. Is it like getting in and out of a hammock? White blooms are very fresh and pretty. Love your Yellow Polka Dot Tammy Bag! A new project in the works for Summer...I'll be staying tuned in. Creative Lounging Bliss...

  20. Oh yes, I have sat in one of these. It is like sitting on a cloud.
    Can you imagine putting one of those in your sewing room?
    Okay, maybe one day when I have a screened in porch facing south.
    Your garden looks wonderful and I love the white everywhere, just like SNOW
    My garden is red and purple and blue.
    And pink and white.
    I love that Tammy Bag. That would make a sweet gift for a friend. Someone that does not sew, fill it with coffee candies.
    Your stitching is pretty, you are very good. all of these creations will be enjoyed for generations
    Love always❤️

  21. Ha! Wonderful chair - lounge away in your summer - it's been raining here on this side of the world - all day! The stitchery looks so pretty made into a Tammy bag.

  22. Your bag is very beautiful !!:) your lounge setting looks wonderful !!

  23. I NEED one of those chairs. It would motivate me to go lounge in my backyard more often. Love your Tammy bag and the stitchery. I wish I have the patience to sit and stitch.

  24. What an inviting outdoor room. I love the mixture of rustic and modern with a little touch of gingham.. Enjoy!

  25. Very comfortable chaise longue, beautiful flowers and embroidery and a wonderful purse. I liked it very much.

  26. Well, I'm behind in the times again. Your not showing up in my blog reading list??? That's a first.
    Love your new chair. It looks so comfy! Your garden is starting to look gorgeous. And that mystery project???? I'm wondering away. ;-)


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