Saturday, April 4, 2015

French Cafe Decor with Studio e Peppered Cotton!

( this collection is called peppered cottons fancies)

WE are very pleased ( my beloved loves it) it is very welcoming
with a touch of class ,  feminine accents and a richness that makes
 any man feel comfortable.

The white lace is compliments of my Nanny's bed skirts..
I have a few of them so I took them apart and added about 8 inches
of Peppered Cotton to lengthen it a bit. I sewed it like a pillow case,
no stitches, invisible seams....

In fact none of these panels have any visible stitches....they are heavy enough
they drape perfectly..

I placed them on swing rods, so we can open the window wider if needed
and I can pull out the rods to close them panels in more...

 I have a few more RED accents to add....will do that later this week...

I already found my seat in the corner and watched my birds this morning
with my cup of coffee to begin my day...

I wanted a kitchen  valence to match but this time I flipped the white on the top,
so any splashes will not stain my window treatment...
I had enough lace from my French Door Window Treatments to add
to this valence too...

Isn't it pretty...with our stainless steel appliances, it really blends in well...?

A little peak of my Coffee CUPS in the corner, all matched per shelf...

Ohhhhh and this beautiful pillow is a gift from a sweet lady who knows
our word is ALWAYS. When I opened it up, I was filled with emotion
that is hard to describe......DAISIES, gingham, my beloved holding me in his arms..
with ALWAYS beautifully hand embroidered...wellll can I say, this is something
I will cherish for many precious moments, today, tomorrow, ALWAYS! 

It fits perfectly on my window bench, a reminder that there is so much
love to cherish....

We are now off to run some errands and get ready
for a weekend of EASTER moments..

May you all have a blessed weekend....
I will be doing some stitching on my April Paper Lady too! 


  1. Just gorgeous! A Blessed Easter to you both!

  2. The curtains turned out beautiful.The pillow is gorgeous and so special, as well.Your setting is so inviting. Enjoy. Happy Easter to you and David.

  3. You sure know how to make a room inviting! Looks beautiful! Enjoy your holiday with your loved ones.

  4. Ahhhhh...... such a sweet spot to share with hubby. Love the pillow.....what a treasure!

  5. It all looks so inviting and warm. I like how you added the check to the top of the lace. What a sweet spot! And the pillow is so lovely. Enjoy your weekend. Happy Easter.

  6. Beautiful new window treatments...and it perfect for you! Have a wonderful Easter.

  7. Ahhhh, those curtains turned out beautifully Samm! I love the check, and the white just sets them off. Love your kitchen curtain too, so pretty. It coordinates so well. You have created a perfect spot to enjoy a nice cuppa. Enjoy your Easter weekend. xx~Cori

  8. Sew soothing....birdies, coffee, and your beloved...PRICELESS ...ALWAYS. Happy Easter!

  9. You have a wonderful sense of style. I love the effect. Enjoy the fruits of your labor....

  10. Beautiful decor to live and sew in! That pillow is so special- congrats to that special friend of yours who made it!

  11. Absolutely perfect--your kitchen is looking so lovely :)

  12. That`s one good looking window! (in fact, two windows)))
    The pillow makes a really nice accent.

  13. Samm it's just beautiful and so you! I love the plaid paired with the white lace and the touches of red - very striking. And that pillow - well you're right, it's amazing. What a sweet reminder of your loved one. Praying your Easter is filled with joy and laughter! blessings, marlene

  14. Your curtains are oh sew beautiful! Your gifted pillow is perfect. Happy Easter to you and David.

  15. Your curtains turned out great! I wish I had not copped out and bought store curtains for my living room, they are very lacking.

  16. Samm, they are perfect! Very professionaly done :) I like gingham ♥

  17. The curtains are gorgeous! and that pillow! wow! I love that and I know you will treasure it forever.

  18. Love it all...Happy Easter!!!

  19. Crisp and comfy at the same time, How do you do it?
    Love and prayers this Easter morning.

  20. It looks so inviting and beautiful! I love that pillow...such a sweet gift of love. I'm sure your Easter morning has been full of love and memories.

  21. The window treatments are wonderful! thank for stopping by my blog...adding you also!

  22. Happy Easter Samm. Love your window decor.

  23. Oh ah! I love your black and white curtains - they look absolutely stunning!
    What a lovely gift to receive ;o)
    Hugs xx

  24. Happy easter...enretar!!


  25. What a beautiful home you have! Your curtains are lovely and the pillow your friend made is the perfect accompaniment. She obviously knows your tastes well! So happy to have found your blog. Happy Easter to you and yours xx

  26. You've been busy while I've been gone! 0I love the new curtains! How wonderful that you've used your grandmother's lace in them! They are beautiful!

  27. Beautiful curtains. I love that you were able to incorporate something from your Nanny in them. How special that makes them. That pillow is so gorgeous. It is perfect in that spot.

  28. Ooh! Lovely décor! We were fortunate to have lovely autumn sun every day of the Easter Holidays at the beach - only did a little bit of stitching - patterns by Nana company. Glad your Easter was lovely too. Adore the Always pillow!!


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