Sunday, April 12, 2015

Need a coffee lamp? In a Latte THEME?

It has been a rather busy week, with meetings, deadlines
and lot's of cups of JOE.

Tomorrow there is a collection of coffee and tea drinkers
who will be showing their projects
with Have a Latte fabric collection...

Cheers to JOAN! 

I was able to complete my project today...
here is what I decided to work on.... I found this lovely lamp
years ago at a Hospital Auction....she seemed a rather inviting
piece that needed some covering....

Here were my choices...now which one did I work on?

What is your favourite?

See you soon, 


  1. I'm guessing yours is the middle one, the one with the coffee cups on the shade. she also has a nice 'throw' over her shoulder...

  2. So which one did you do? Got mine done, and photographed today. Yea. They all look wonderful.

  3. Looking forward to everyones' special brew.

  4. Love the cream...I'm guessing you made the second from the left...they are all wonderful!!

  5. thanks for setting this Latte session up. I can't waiit to see who comes up with what

  6. I think you chose the red one.

  7. Yes i would also say the red one or maybe number 3 ! have a fun day.

  8. I think it's the red one. I saw about this blog hop on Marlene's (stitchinbythelake) blog and found it interesting. I am not a participant but I have seen last few posts and they are inspiring:) May be I can try participating after few months. Until then, I will just draw inspiration and learn sewing.

  9. They are all so nice! But I think the last brown is my favorite!
    Hugs, Olga

  10. Too many pretty choices ... hmmmmmmmm ... I'll pick red. Looking forward to seeing your new stylish creation ... :) Pat

  11. I think you did all of them! ;-) Too cute!

  12. They are all perfect, but it would be hard to decide. I will keep my choice a secret and will have to wait until your day to see if I was right, lol!

  13. Knowing you, I'm guessing you made ALL of them! :)

  14. My favourites are the red one and the middle one.

  15. Did I miss something. I have always watched this blog and it was a quilting blog. It seems to be a stitchery blog now. Has it changed or am I just confused.

  16. They are all great combinations, but my favorite is the middle picture.

  17. Well I think you made all five in order to photo them. Which one did you keep? Now I shall have to come back to find out. Cuppa Bliss...

  18. ( for Susan) I love that you saw the possibilities in that lamp. I rather lean toward the middle one, but they are all so creative.

    Sorry I can't comment on your blog. Blogger doesn't let me leave comments using embedded comment boxes. I look often, though!

    Susan in E. TN

  19. Knowing you I have to agree what others said you probably did them all. But another part said maybe number five but what do I know .lol hugs

  20. What a great idea for your beautiful lady lamp!
    I love the red fabric, but I must admit that I keep getting drawn to the middle picture :o)
    If you have more than one lamp you probably did them all but I am hoping the middle one or the red one was the final finish :o)
    Having said that - all that range of fabric is beautiful :o)
    Hugs xx

  21. Too many lovely fabrics to guess!

  22. Going with the third one. Just popped a bit more to me. But all are lovely.

  23. Just got back from a little road trip/wedding trip and had to check in. Wi-F- is spotty at best in various campgrounds so I'll have to catch up in between loads of wash and unpacking. My efforts for the Latte Hop were simple at best but getting ready for our somewhat lengthy road trip commanded most of my attention.

    Oh, those lamps so delicious, you might say they are the Cream in My Coffee!!
    Will chat more later
    Gmama Jane
    ICHP wink...

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  25. I misspelled CENTER..but they are all fabulous, I'm thinking maybe you made them all? fabulous dahling..teehee


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