Friday, April 10, 2015

It is pouring Paper Ladies and you will need an UMBRELLA. ( sneak Peak MAY Paper LADIES)

 Update as of Friday, that is this morning...

I know I say this for every PAPER LADY I have stitched..
but really she is my FAV to date....
I could not wait to start colouring her with FLOSS
last evening...
I always begin with their face, I actually stitched her lips
first, then she came to life....She will be in my colours for sure..

I decided to do some petit point x stitches to look like polka dots 
on her dress...it will be filled with flowers on her hem...wait and see...

YOU just know Cori is peddling FAST as she is completing
her April Lady.... April Pattern will be ready this weekend...

There is no doubt I will have this MAY lady done in a couple of days...

I have some errands to run today, so I will bid you a lovely weekend! 

Look at those details.... I think I should have made more of 
her dress to cover her legs lol

Spring always has me busier than usual, with repotting seedlings, 
and window treatments and some canning of a new batch  of marinara sauce,
I finally did get my APRIL Paper LADY completed! 
Her last stitches were done last evening....

She came out prettier than I imagined...
In our Paper Ladies, we provide you with many tips on how
to colour with floss.  It is far easier than you can imagine...

in applique.... I have seen sneak peaks, and her APRIL LADIES are so

I always begin with her face as that inspires me for colours of her
ensemble. This lady wanted to be in hues of oranges and blues...
From her face and hat, I began working on her dress, leaving 
her shawl to the very end. I settled on outlining her
and softening her shawl ( tips in the pattern) 
Pattern be available by this WEEKEND! 

My floss of choice is PRESENCIA, the floss is rich in colours
and is a dream to work with.....I am tracing out my MAY PAPER LADY today...
She is a my fav as this is my Birthday month....so you can expect her 
to be suited in my colours wink...

It has been raining here almost all week, so I needed my umbrella..
And of course it is GINGHAM...

I completed my pattern 
on how to design your own 
umbrella using your own frame...

It has every step outlined so you too can make your own umbrella
for rain or shading.

43 coloured PHOTOS. ( easy to follow for everyone)

So once I completed that....
I had some canning to do....Even in the spring I CAN because I can...wink..
Don't you just love this cute timer...compliments from a very special lady!

I make marinara sauce at least 4 times a year. I can always get tomatoes, 
and the staples needed to can a few jars. They can be used for spaghetti sauce, 
meat sauce and even a base for lasagna. ( which I will be doing this weekend) 
At least a bottle of a nice Sauvignon Wine is added as it simmers for 24 hours.

My sauce is so thick a heavy wooden spoon will stand straight up!

 NOW I need to FOCUS, on a few other things...LIKE tracing out my
  MAY April Lady and 
another pattern design for our CHALK TALK...

It is SPRING what can I say....I am springing into action! 


  1. You do keep yourself busy... LOL!! Sauce with wine in it! It sounds devine!

  2. The Shower Lady is BEAUTIFUL, Samm, love all the details and her flowers on the dress!!!

  3. Wow....you are such a busy lady, you are on a roll! Focus...well, I don't think you have that problem with that..*wink. I am a different story...but you already know that! Your April lady looks beautiful. YOU so inspire me with your colors and stitching bliss. Your umbrella....OHHHH the possibilites! I want to applique some stuff on that.....BUT I have to focus on catching up with you! April will be featured tomorrow for me. Your sauce....well I am sure that is just amazing, it's making me hungry, better break for lunch!

  4. She is DIVINE!!!!!!!!! I never saw that fringe coming on the bottom of her dress!!!! and that umbrella and her SHOES!!! Happy VINTAGE DANCE going on over here!!!!!
    and that sauce....OH my.... I love that you've show me that you can really LIVE life if you prioritize...hummmmm....good stuff goin' on in here!!!!!

  5. I do love to can but if it doesn't stop raining and lets the ground dry we may not have a garden this year

  6. Your April lady is gorgeous!

  7. Your April lady is gorgeous!

  8. The April Lady is very beautiful! I like your works very much!

  9. Samm you were right - I love April! She has such a devil-may-care attitude. :) The bows on her shoes are my fave! blessings, marlene

  10. Those jars full of goodness are gorgeous! I, too, can though not in the spring. I did once make my strawberry freezer jam using boughten strawberries. It was just not the same as home-grown berries - so little flavor. Good thing to know and I've not done that since then. Love your April lady - the addition of the umbrella is just perfect for the season - Cori is a super designer.

  11. You get more done in a day than I even think is possible. April Umbrella Lady is gorgeous. Creative Bliss...

  12. You're springing into action? Honey, you've been springing for as long as I've been following you. : ) Yet another beautifully stitched lady. I'll be over this weekend for some of that lasagne. ; )

  13. Miz April is fantastic! Love the checked umbrella and of course that yummy sauce!

  14. I love your apple lady timer. adorable!

  15. April is beautiful! Love the timer. As you Spring into action we are falling back into cooler weather. Sitting on sofa in sewing room with Miss H, the dog and me - lovely!

  16. You have been busy! I love how this lady turned out. Tonight it has been raining, and there are tornado watches out. Everyone keeping an eye on the weather. Spring is arriving. Good idea to keep focused. The sauce sounds so good. Good idea for this weekend. Again, love your ladies. April is beautiful.

  17. Awww Samm she is gorgeous! I love everything you do - so inspiring, beautiful, unusual!♥

  18. April is a real beautiful lady .
    Also love your timer just my style .
    You are a busy lady , the sauce looks wonderful , hugs.

  19. Such a busy lady you are. I wish I had some energy for these things. Your paper lady is beautiful. I love her dress. Glad you are getting rain and not snow. My brother in Vermont got 4 inches of new snow Wednesday night and he is tired of winter. Have a lovely weekend.

  20. Once again a lovely lady!!
    Oh!! I would love to get my hands on your sauce recipe!! Always looking for a good canning recipe!!

  21. I so want to retire so that I have the time to do all these things!!
    I love your April lady... and Cori's looks gorgeous too - will have to go and visit in a minute :o)
    What a beautiful umbrella.... there is something about black and white gingham..
    Spring is such a beautiful time of the year - enjoy!
    Hugs xx

  22. Your lady is just stunning. You guys are both doing an amazing job with these gals.

  23. What a great post...I love it!!!!

  24. your ladies are really beautiful, elegant and sensual! I love them! I wish you good continuation, see you soon, in order to admire more of your creations.
    kisses, Dona

  25. Just when I think you couldn't possibly make a prettier piece you pop up here with one even more lovely. Sweet!

  26. Wonderful ladies! And very nice photo!

  27. Hi Samm! Lovely Ladies! I just admire!
    Have nice week!
    from www.artinmess.ru

  28. Loving the hair of Marvellous Miss May!

  29. You have been so busy!!! Yum! Now, I have not made marinara sauce, but I just might have to do that!
    Your lady is looking lovely, and Cori's is beautiful as well!

  30. Both versions are absolutely beautiful!! The details are amazing.

  31. Beautiful, as always! Your sauce sounds amazing!

  32. Your paper ladies are beautiful! The stitching is superb! :) x


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