Tuesday, April 28, 2015

Introducing MAY Paper Ladies and Patterns available soon for 1/2 doll, sneak peak.

There is no mistaken, these colours for MAY Paper Ladies are my colours...
RED, BLACK, White a touch of GREEN too..

She is absolutely my FAV to date. She is ME to a T. 

This pattern requires ONLY 6 PRESENCIA FLOSS,
we also included conversion page, so you can match
with another popular floss..

I just happen to love PRESENCIA, 
In fact, this pattern was the easiest to colour with floss...
Each step is included...
And if red, black, white and touch a green
is not your colour...just follow my colours
and substitute yours...
( 2 variegated) 
how to blush her cheeks, make her flowers...

If you are leaning towards Embroidery, Applique or Colouring with Floss
and Cross Stitching this pattern will have everything in it....

We include many coloured photos too...

At the end of the year I will be showing you what I have done
with all of my Paper Ladies...
Cori will be doing the same.....
Showing you what to do with them all.! 

Or Maybe you will be just making one for your BIRTHDAY MONTH...
Wait till you see our JUNE one....we are ahead of ourselves now..
So we can concentrate on some other new projects to show you soon. 

Another Photo of mine with my favourite gingham cup.
Doesn't she go well with Gingham?

So our spring to summer collection so far...
just missing JUNE....she is coming soon enough..
Don't want to rush our summer too quickly..
My buds are not even opened yet...

And our next pattern available by end of this week..
Will be how to make Paper Ladies Pin Cushions...

We will include 3 ways to design each one...
they all have 3 different bases that can be found locally....
We will also include many links where you can find these
ladies and all their different names they can be found under...

All included in the pattern, it has many many many photos...
YOU will get exactly the same results...

A OOAK ( one of a kind) PIN DOLL CUSHION>..

I am working on yet another 1/2 lady today...
Busy ruffling.....ohhhhhhhh and is she a beauty...


  1. Oh my goodness... you ladies are doing just a fantastic job designing these Painted Ladies. I'm looking forward to the pattern for the pin cushions!

  2. May is beautiful .
    I had a dress just like this when I was 16 , brings back some good times for me when I use to go dancing with friends.

  3. I can't wait to make one (or more) of these. They remind me of the bed dolls my mom made when I was little. These half ladies are so pretty. I'm not good with ruffles though. I think I'm going to have to get a ruffle foot for my sewing machine. (You've been slowly winning me over on ruffles.) lol

  4. Samm, your lady is just beautiful! I have loved her from the get go in YOUR colors! She is just as pretty as can be, and yes, that gingham really goes well. The variegated floss....on my it does wonders on those roses, they are so pretty! You know why I have to have two...... lol.... it's because you refuse to give me yours! I never know what colors you are going to come up with. It's always a surprise and always just as pretty as ever. You inspire me, I have to have a matching set....xx

  5. Wow! Magic lady! She charms! I would love to wear this flower at the same time airy dress !!! Very, very nice!

  6. Just lovely lady! Love flovers and colors! Beautiful!

  7. At last I could write to you, dear Samm!
    Your girl simply tremendous! These cheeks, this front sight are capable to make conceited to anyone!
    With love, Tonja, Russia.

    1. you are so sweet....from one stitcher to another you INSPIRE Me....thanks for your note..xx

  8. May is stunning! I see you sneaked (or is it snuck) in another Pin Cushion Doll, sew sweet!

  9. Ms. May is gorgeous. She looks like Marilyn Monroe.

  10. Replies
    1. Hello Elena. always a treat to see you....I think I got the right email but in case I did not...wanted you to know, I saw you wink

  11. She is gorgeous and sassy and fabulous! Creative Stitching Bliss...

  12. sono sempre più belle, un giorno ci svelerai il segreto di come si fa a ricamare così bene

  13. Samm, she is so cute! I think I can feel rose fragnance right through my computer :) And yes, she does go well with your gingham cup ))))

  14. Replies
    1. thank you sweet lady, I could not reply as you are a no reply blogger..next time just leave an email so I will reply each time.

  15. these ladies are beautifulxx

  16. Such elegance in your ladies...love them!

  17. You girls are busy with your "Ladies" ! Love the new half doll pin cushions!

  18. May is so darling--you and Cori are so creative, Samm :)

  19. Precioso tu Blog me encanta y me quedo por a qui esta figura es muy bonita me encanta los colores

  20. I am very behind with blog reading but I am just loving these ladies!! Beautiful!

  21. Oh I am in love! Your May lady is just gorgeous :o)
    Loving the colour way.... Red, black, white is such a wonderful combination and the hint of green is a lovely finish! Perfect :o)
    Can't wait to see what you do for June... every month these ladies get prettier and prettier!
    Hugs xx

  22. Your May Lady is quite pretty, featuring my favorite colors too! :-) Red, white and black. They go so well together. No wonder she caught my eyes in the Handmade Café link party. And the appliqué version is as pretty.

  23. Your lady is beautiful, beautiful, beautiful!!!!


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