Monday, April 6, 2015

If they have HOLES, they must be X stitched and a Paper Ladies/April Update

We had a tender sweet EASTER, filled with memories
and a few KISSES....My beloved filled this gorgeous new LARGE coffee
cup with kisses.  Even though I am not as passionate about chocolate
as he is....it still filled my heart with warmth...

I spent some time repotting all of my seedlings into new pots...They fill every 
room in our home...many WHITE plants that will find themselves into our garden
this summer. In the meantime, another sweet bouquet was all we needed to remind
A summer that will be filled with many white FLOWERS.....

( before I forget...I thought this would be ideal....I set each pot into a plastic bag, 
this keeps the dirt and staining my window sill, and keeps them from drying out....) 

Now I did get a couple of bunnies by LINDT that has those sweet red ribbon' with bells
on them...WElll Sumatra took a shine to it and for a couple of minutes
kept her busy ....She is so funny...She loves to sit with me on my 
lounger, it is very long so we can both sit on it comfortably.
-so she usually cuddles up on the end there...
She seems to prefer watching me than television...

As soon as I mentioned her name, she looked right at me.....she so melts my heart....lol

OHHHHH and something else I tackled .....IT HAS HOLES...
so it needed some x stitches..

see the impression ....? They are the ones who make those IRONS I love so much...

Welllll I decided to stitch some wee flowers, called
FORGET ME NOT on them...
I have an extra shoe, so I am going to do some DAISIES on that one...

Stay tuned for MOTHERS day...They will be donating their NEWEST DESIGN..
( more later)  for some lucky LADY...

And speaking of Ladies....here is what I have done so far on my PAPER LADIES
for APRIL....I actually got more done on her since yesterday afternoon..

MORE pics later.. on her...


Mary has the schedule there...


  1. Always a smile to be found here..your title..LOL! You have such great ideas, from the bags to the pretty iron shoe, wow. Your April lady is turning out just beautiful! I must get busy on mine. xx

  2. Neat idea with plastic bags! And the iron shoe is just beyond pretty))

  3. Looks like there will be tons of blooms in your garden soon. Love the iron thing and love the Paper Ladies

  4. Your all white blooming garden will be so stunning. Sumatra is beautiful and so very sweet. Lovely stitching that you do sew well. I adore your Cross Stitched iron protection plate...too fun! Creative Stitching Bliss...

  5. Your plants are looking good. Great idea with the plastic bags. The iron shoe plate is so cute. Love what you did to it. Can't wait to see the next one. April lady is beautiful. What a busy lady.

  6. It sounds like a wonderful Easter for you. I love seeing all of your seedlings ready to burst forth for the upcoming garden.

    I can't believe you stitched that iron sole!!! You must have dots in your eyes all of the time. ;-) The May lady looks gorgeous.

  7. You are a hoot! I'm thinking you might need an intervention since you seem to have lost control of your cross-stitching!!! Actually, the iron shoe plate is too cute to use. Love your newest "lady" and her checks (gingham)!!

  8. What a wonderful holiday was you! I'll wait for a greeting from your garden, because so many seedlings prepared! Fascinated by your cat !!!! Mustache ... look ... It's something ...
    Crosses on the iron ... Oooh .... I fainted ....)))
    And the new lady .... adorable !!!!

  9. Another great post , I love having a fellow seed grower don't we just love our plants.
    Wow what a great cover for your iron , I need one fast to hide my burn marks ha.
    Love April lady I must stitch this one for my friend who would love it . Many thanks for your wonderful ideas hugs.

  10. Very cute iron cover, what a great idea!
    I love the coffee cup from your beloved, what a sweet and thoughtful gift.
    Your home is beautiful xx

  11. Nice flowers and nice embroideries!
    Have a nice day!

  12. la cover per il ferro da stiro favolosa! E Lady aprile meravigliosa

  13. Your seedlings make me want to get into the garden and do some work!
    Your paper lady is looking beautiful!

  14. What a lovely post. Your iron shoe is so sweet.

  15. Beautiful Lady, beautiful cat, and soon-to-be beautiful plants. Great post.

  16. What a pretty Iron cover and I love your lady,gorgeous colours.

  17. Oh, you'll have a beautiful garden this summer with all those seedlings ready to plant, Samm. Great idea with the plastic bags, too!

    Your kitty is so elegant--I can see why she is such a love :)

  18. Samm you have a perfect place for your seedlings - I bet they love it there! And Sumatra, could anyone be more content than that cat! How fun that you cross stitched your iron's sole plate cover...only you would think of that! blessings, marlene

  19. SQEEEEEEEEE!!!!!! I love that iron foot!!!!!!! OMGoodness! I DO LOVE THEM!!!!!
    And that lovely little kitty...she's so purrrr-fect!
    enjoy your day today with your sweeties...

  20. Well, I would like to SQUEEK like Lana as well, but my kiddies would get frightened, LOL!
    Your Lady is gorgeous, she really might become my favourite up to now.... smile
    Love you!

  21. Crazy - I love your stitching on the iron shoe - what a wonderful idea !!
    Greetings Marion xx

  22. Oh! I love the new mug! and filled with kisses...yum! You're plants look like they are ready for the outdoors, soon we'll hopefully see the pictures of them in all their glory. Love how you are working up April's lady. She's lovely.

  23. Preciosas las plantas, divino el gato y ese bordado está quedando fantastico.
    Besos desde España

  24. Watch out, if you develop holes, Madame Samm will decorate you, lol! Lady April is stunning.

  25. Oh my goodness.... anything with holes had better watch out!! What a great idea though :o)
    I love your kitty! Our boys like the Lindt bells too... but they don't get to play with them very often as a certain puppy dog steals them and I am terrified she will choke on it!
    Can't wait to see more of your pretty April lady :o)
    Happy Easter
    Hugs xx

  26. Love all your plants, good idea about the baggie! We have cats so no plants inside for me- boohoo! Can't plant them outside because hubby says if we can't EAT it, we're not wasting water on it! Oh well, my thumbs are brown anyway. Beautiful CAT!

  27. you have a very cozy and nice blog! And the cat is a real looker !!! Thank you for your visit and comment on my blog. Tatiana.

  28. You will have a wonderful garden this summer when all these seedlings will have become flowers.
    So great, your iron show, I have never heard of such a thing. And wonderful progress on the April lady.

  29. Amo las flores y las plantas ya tenemos algo en común..Tus trabajos divinos cada uno de ellos en sus diversas técnicas

    Con cariño

  30. Your window area is looking like my house every spring. lol I'll be getting started with my seeds in the next few days. Trying hard to fit it in. Love what your doing with the paper ladies. I think I'm going to give floss coloring a try. I'm not sure mine will look as great as yours. Your definitely creative! ;-)


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